3rd September 2015

Between the three of us we have have tried loads of nursing bras. We’ve never been entirely sold on them but worn them out of necessity until… we discovered the Bamboo Nursing Bras from Yummy Mummy, which are basically the best thing to happen to breastfeeding mamas.


There are so many reasons why it’s he ultimate feeding bra and a must have for any new mama or mama-to-be:

  • They are super super comfy.
  • They are the shape of ‘normal’ bras so they don’t show under clothes or at the neckline. (Before I had my mine I wore another brand and packed to go on holiday – every top I packed showed the nursing bra at the neckline and it was the worst!)
  • These bras have removal cups. This is great because you have the smooth, slightly padded option for a smooth effect or you can take the cups out if you wish.
  • You can easily unclip the bra for quick and easy feeding.
  • They look great – yes, sometime along the line someone (apart form your baby daddy) will see your bra and so best it look decent. These ones look more than decent – you almost wan to show them off.
  • The wide back strap makes these bras extra comfy and as Katie, founder of Yummy Mummy says, “eliminates all back fat”.
  • They are made from bamboo.
  • They have matching panties which is great – just because we are breastfeeding doesn’t mean we want mismatched underwear.

We love bamboo fabric because:

  • It’s super soft and luxurious.
  • It has a natural antibacterial agent that keeps you odor free
  • It absorbs moisture keeping you dry (This is so important when breastfeeding as moist nipples can lead to all sorts of things for example thrush).
  • Bamboo is sustainable
  • It’s hypoallergenic so it’s great for all skin types.
  • No chemicals!


I started off with one one set from Yummy Mummy and I now have 4! The bras come in 2 colours blush and charcoal – I have two of each. They are my best.

Head to Yummy Mummy to get one, trust us you will love it!

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