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13th March 2018

We are so excited to announce the launch of our latest wallpapers in the Kimmy & Bear x Think Co collection. Email with your dimensions for orders and queries.

Kimmy & Bear x Think Co Clouds




Kimmy & Bear x Think Co Mountains


Kimmy & Bear x Think Co Stars 



Kimmy & Bear x Think Co Woodland


And don’t forget about our other favourites:

Kimmy & Bear x Think Co Trees 




Kimmy & Bear x Think Co Forest




1st December 2017

We’ve worked with Chloe on a few projects lately and have loved getting to know her. She is mama to almost 2 year old Ava.

Tell us one of your favourite things about being a mother. 

Anytime her little hand grips mine in a tight hold while we walk.

What is one piece of parenting advice you heard and tried to follow as a mother.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.


Tell us one of your favourite memories of parenthood so far.

When Ava realised she was Ava. She kept pointing to herself again and again saying Ava, Ava! She was so happy to be her own person in the world.

What if your idea of the perfect way to spend a day with your little one? 

In nature, swimming.




What are your favourite books to read to your babe?

Dr Suess is always on rotation as well as a collection of vintage Beatrix Potter books that belonged to my step mother as a child.

Do you have any family rituals?

My husband gets up every weekday morning with Ava and makes himself a coffee, Ava a baby chino and me a cup of tea. Ava climbs into bed with me and we drink our beverages whilst reading stories in bed.

What one thing we will never catch you doing as a mama?

Saying “I’ll never….” because I’ve done everything I thought I would never do as a mom.


What is the biggest surprise to you about having children?

How clever they are and their ability to teach you. I feel like she teaches me far more than I teach her.


What do you love most about your husband being a dad? 

Aw man, EVERYTHING!? Seeing them develop their own relationship that’s separate from me is pretty special. I shoot over weekends so they spend a lot of time together and it really shows.

Follow Chloe on Instagram here.



9th October 2017
Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 2.58.23 PM

We have been huge fans of Flynn Jaxon since they started and their new summer collection has not disappointed. We love it. Their fabrics are amazingly soft and super comfy and the items always fit well. Here are some of our favourite pieces:

Sleeved baby vest – in black and grey. (It’s so hard to find babygros in black so these are a win!)


Pink harems (I bought these for Francie Sugar).


They also come in navy, grey and black.

Infinity scarf


The onsie. This is just amazing!


The Romper – these are probably our favourite product. Super soft and easy to pull on. The twins live in theirs in summer. (again so many other prints and colours are available).

DSC_7415_1512x DSC_8341_1512x

Make sure you have a look at their website for all they products. Their shorties and track tops are great too.



5th October 2017

Lovely Stella lives in Noordhoek, Cape Town with her husband Robin and 2 kids, Noah (aged 2.5 years) and Kaia (aged 9 months). She is a stay at home mama with dreams of selling a few baby products, which she is currently designing – we can’t wait to see them.


Favourite product for babies/kids and why?

  • The Bugaboo Donkey stroller. I love Bugaboo period. An amazing brand where design and practicality go hand in hand. This product is so well thought out and is a life saver when it comes to carting around two kids. Although its on the bulkier side, we’ve even traveled across the world with it.
  • The 360 Ergobaby carrier. Definitely our most used baby item by far. It is so comfortable to use and doesn’t hurt my shoulders or lower back like other carriers sometimes do. My babes have spent hours upon hours in it. I use it for running errands, for naps, for settling when baby is irate, for traveling on planes, for traveling period, for beach walks, coffee runs, you name it. I even use it for hiking! I love this carrier so much. Like, so much.
  • A snot sucker. Ours is the NoseFrida from Fridababy but I’m sure a few brands make them. Little lifesavers for those unavoidable snotty noses.
  • The Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib by the Guava Family. After the Ergobaby, this is by far our most used baby item and also one of our most favourite. We travel a lot and no matter where we go, this travel crib comes with us everywhere (like the name!!). It is super light and the size of a carry on. It can be set up and folded down in a matter of seconds, and most importantly, our kids sleep amazingly in it. Cannot fault it.
  • The Baby Bjoern bouncer. The design of this bouncer just speaks to babies. I’ve heard from many mamas that this bouncer is always a hit with their kids and I couldn’t agree more.
  • Bonds Wondersuits. Probably one of my all-time favourite baby products. Such a simple design yet so few brands manage to combine comfortable, soft, zip up sleep suits with stylish and sweet designs. Bonds manage to do this. My 2.5 year old toddler still wears them at night and I don’t think either of my babes have ever owned a different brand of pyjamas!
  • The Pure Beginnings organic bamboo baby wipes. I have travelled all over the world with my kids and hence bought wipes and diapers and creams and baby snacks literally all over the world. These wipes are my all-time favourite. They are so soft, moist enough (but not too moist!), they aren’t too thin, nor too thick, and most importantly, they smell amazing. Oh and they are biodegradable. They are seriously perfect.
  • The Swaddle UP sleep suits from Love to Dream. Oh how I love these! My second babe slept in hers from birth up until nearly 6 months! They gives babies wriggle wrong, whilst still hugging and cocooning them tight for safety and comfort. Really love these.
  • There are many sound machine out there and I’m sure lots of them are really great. I’ve only tried the My Baby Sound Spa by Homedics and used it religiously every nap and night time sleep for both my babies. I definitely think it helped them sleep soundly. I used the ocean sound, but there is a white noise option, as well as heart beat or lullaby option too.


How has your style changed since becoming a mom?

If showers are a luxury with a newborn, then you can bet that getting dressed are too! In the first few months I undoubtedly live in stretchy yoga pants and breastfeeding singlets. The same ones on repeat. Very uninspiring, but really all that matters at that point is that your clothes are washable and comfortable. Eventually, around the 4 month post partum mark, life and body shape seem to return to normal-ish again for me. That is when the jeans become a regular choice again and I start switching up breastfeeding singlets with tshirts – how adventurous of me!

Now that I am a Mama of two, my style prioritizes comfort above anything else. I love my comfortable jeans, black leggings (Lululemon wunderunder leggings for life!), casual t-shirts, sneakers, UGG boots and flip flops. My style has also become more simple and basic, with less sass and less fuss. I love that. I don’t worry whether my wardrobe has enough colour in it, I simply buy what makes me happy. The greys, the blacks, and the whites are my staples. I buy less but I ensure that what I buy is higher quality and more comfortable.

Best gift you have received for your baby and for you child?

A link to a sound track called ‘Sounds for Silence.’ Six tracks of different sound rhythms and noises that are soothing and relaxing for babies. One would never think them to be, just like one wouldn’t think white noise to be soothing for babies, but this soundtrack is absolute magic in what it does for calming newborns. I have the soundtrack on my phone and used it so much for both Noah and Kaia as little ones, pretty much from day one. The person that developed this soundtrack is called Harry Zehnwirth and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Favourite book to read to your children?

Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox and The Very Itchy Bear by Nick Bland

Do you have any family rituals?

We create Birthday Tables when it is someone’s birthday. It is a tradition I was lucky enough to grow up with and I want to be able to create the same special memories for my children (and my husband!) that I hold dear in my heart. The night before someone’s birthday, I will decorate our dining table with candles, balloons, confetti, a homemade cake, a card and lots of beautifully wrapped presents. We then start the birthday with singing, opening presents and lots of cuddles and kisses.

Another ritual I’ve started since having our kids, is that both my husband and myself will write a letter to our kids on their birthdays. These then get safeguarded in a special place for the years to come. It is something we want to continue doing until they are at least 18 years old, so that they get to one day hold these thoughtful and heartfelt letters as their very own keepsake.

Where is your favourite place to go hang with your children?

We live in Noordhoek and have the most picturesque little farm village down the road from our house. We often stroll there by foot (Kaia in the pram and Noah on his little bicycle) and can easily spend a couple of hours there. They have a sweet little playground (which is enclosed by a fence – so key!), an amazing bakery and deli, an ice creamery, a raw juice bar and the most important, a delicious take away coffee shop. The place ticks all the boxes and just makes us so happy.

And when Papa has time to hang with us as well, then nothing beats the beach. Especially our local beach here in Noordhoek. Big open space, salty air, tiny sandy toes, and endless opportunities for making the best sand castles.


Favourite meal to give your children?

Pancakes. Because homemade pancakes for us means slow mornings on weekends, filled with family time. Nothing beats those.

Now if pancakes don’t pass as a meal (which I would totally understand), then I would answer with a big slice of lasagna, a lentil curry, a hearty quinoa dish or a plate of homemade spaghetti bolognaise. Basically, any shared meal that my husband and I have at night. Unfortunately, Noah is a toddler and as much as I would love him eating exactly what we eat, he chooses to eat plain pasta or rice, plain or crumbed chicken, and, our saving grace, a wide range of plain cooked veggies like corn, peas, beans, sweet potatoes, cucumber or avocado slices. Thank goodness for those!

What one thing we will never catch you doing as a mama?

I am strict when it comes to safety and politeness. I am a total pushover when it comes to everything else. So with that in mind, you’ll probably catch me doing most things as a mama.

What is the biggest surprise to you about having children?

That parenting was so much easier when I raised my non-existent children hypothetically! I do a lot of things that I always vowed I would never do as a mother. Like using screens to entertain my child, especially when out in public. Oh how wrong I was. Two and a half years and two babies later and convenience wins every time. Or letting my child consume sugar, co-sleep, and thinking that I can handle a public toddler tantrum, or better yet, that my child will never have a full blown public toddler tantrum. How I laugh looking back at those thoughts. But alas, what would life be if there were no surprises, no challenges and no learnings as a result!? So I guess my biggest surprise is that I’ve surprised myself many times over!

Also, the realization that parents definitely do not know all the answers and how all the clichés that you’ve ever heard about motherhood are so utterly true – the lack of sleep, the amount of poop, the juggling, the chaos, and the love – oh the love! There really is nothing quite like it.


What do you love most about your husband being a dad?

How his playfulness has come out! He turns into a child himself when he spends time with Noah and Kaia and I love it.


What one thing do you want to teach your children?

I try to keep our conversations focused on authenticity, humor, kindness, generosity, intelligence and curiosity. These are the traits I want her to cultivate, to look for in a friend.

To love, respect, appreciate, learn and embrace. That’s more than one thing isn’t it? Oh dear. I guess, if it were only one thing I could teach them, it would be to love. Because where there is love, there is life.

I am very generous with my affection because to me, love is one of the most important values of all. It sets the foundation for so many other values in our life – honesty, consideration/empathy, compassion, justice…to name a few. I try to always openly demonstrate my love and affection for the people in my life, whether it is their father, or their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. And I don’t let a day pass (most probably, not even an hour!!), where I do not express my affection for my children by saying I love you, hugging, kissing, squeezing, and cuddling. I hope to always make time for doing special things for each of my children like placing a little note in their lunch boxes, taking them out for a milkshake date, taping a heart to the bathroom mirror or simply giving them a hug for no reason at all.

Best piece of advice you could give moms of two kids. 

The step up from one to two kids was monumental for me. Much more crazy than no kids to one kid, and no one warned me it was going to be so full on! The advice I would give to a soon-to-be-mama of two kids is that the crazy will feel normal soon. The jump from one kid to two is overwhelming and can feel like a lot so remember to take help when you can and remember that you’re not alone. And get baby number two used to doing everything in a baby carrier – my ring sling and Ergobaby were life savers for me!

And also, as clichéd as it sounds, this time, when our kids are so young, passes so quickly. Let yourself feel attached and don’t have any shame in saying that your kids are your life these days. There is a time and a place, especially when they are this young. Let yourself enjoy it.


Stella has a beautiful Instagram feed so make sure you follow her and read her blog too.




19th September 2017


My oldest friend, Kim Rose, is an incredibly talented artist. She has just launched a new line of work creating on customised paintings of children. She sent me a painting of my twin girls and I was completely amazed at how well she captured my girls. It is a very treasured artwork in our home and I am sure my girls will feel like that many years down the line.

We interviewed Kim to find out a bit more about the Little Rose Collection.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in Newlands, Cape Town with my husband, son, and two dogs. I’m a stay-at-home mom to my 3 year old son, William, and I work part-time as an artist/illustrator. I LOVE my job and the variety of work that I do. I’m a real homebody and love walking on the mountain and  in Kirstenbosch. If I’m not doing the above, I’m probably drinking tea with my nose in a book. 

Tell us about the Little Rose Collection

The Little Rose Collection offers custom-made character artworks for nurseries and children’s rooms. The paintings are nostalgic and aim to capture the simple joys and moments of a childhood filled with wonder. 

It came about quite unexpectedly this year when a friend asked me to create four artworks for her daughter’s nursery. She’d been inspired by art she’d had in her room as a child, vintage french illustrations, childhood memories, beautiful clothing and she had a few reference artworks for me. We worked together in creating four seasonal artworks – she gave me input on clothes and the activities she wanted the character to wear and do. LRC grew from there.

This is a new focus for you as an artist. What inspired you to create this collection?

I loved the process of working with a client to create something uniquely special for their family. My other art requires quite an isolated and insular process (which suits me) but it was great doing something different, more playful and colourful. These days capturing memories or moments of childhood is so easily done with a phone camera. Instead of losing those pictures to a file on your computer I  loved the idea of taking a collection of photos and special moments/toys/outfits to combine them into one or a few paintings. It’s something that you can treasure for a long time – your own child or children as characters of their own life story. I am very much inspired by children’s book illustrators –  like how Christopher Robin’s imagination and toys were captured forever in the beautiful original illustrations from Winnie-the-pooh.

What is a key difference between these artworks and your beautiful botanicals that you are known for?

My process is quite similar. The one difference I can think of is that I create two drawings (a sketch and final drawing) in making a LRC artwork and I always send the sketch to the client for approval before I begin painting (like in any illustration process). Whereas in creating the botanicals my sketch and final artwork are the same thing.

What are the different artwork offerings available?

I currently offer originals only. I mainly create custom-made artworks which can be theme-based, although I do have a few originals for sale on my website that are not commissioned. I would like to offer prints of a set of characters in future (I’m working on it!).

Your customised offering is really special. If some one would like to order one, how does it work?

They would need to contact me via  email, Instagram or Facebook. We’d discuss size,content, colour and any other inspiration for the artwork . I would ask for reference pictures and information on the ‘character’ to be created. The more information given to me, the better. For example if the child has a favourite toy, outfit or activity, or if there is an activity/item/season that is special to your family.

Are there different options to choose from?

Artwork sizes are standard 13 x 13cm however I do make larger sizes if requested.

Do you have tips for choosing the photograph to be painted?

There are two ways to go about it. I can work directly from a photo (if it is a good one – I’d need to approve it). Otherwise I can take bits from a collection of photos and piece them together (this is quite fun actually). If I do work directly from a photo, ideally it should be taken at eye level with the child – not from above –  and in natural light. I also like to include the whole body.

Typically how long does it take?

The whole process usually takes about a week (from contact to sending it off). It does depend on how busy I am. I only work from 8 30 to 12am during the school calendar week, and occasionally on weekends. I can be working on a few pictures at a time though. If the client is quick to send pictures and give feedback on the sketches it definitely helps.

What is the cost of a customised artwork?

For this year 2017 my prices are set as follows: Unframed custom original (13 x 13cm) R750. Framed custom original (SA only – 24,5 x 24,5cm frame size) R1100



We are so excited to be doing a give away with Kim and the Little Rose Collection. You can win the a customised framed artwork of your child. To enter, like Little Rose Collection on Facebook and Instagram, and comment below telling us why you would love to win this prize.

Give away information:

Value of prize -R1200 (shipping included)

Size – artwork 13x13cm frame 24.5×24.5cm

Open to South African residents only

Painting limited to one child

For more information on The Little Rose Collection, and to keep up to date with Kim’s beautiful creations, follow her on:

Instgram: @littlerosecollection and @ellenkimrose

Facebook: @littlerosecollection

Or visit her website:



12th May 2017

Kimmy & Bear Spaces is show casing at Design Joburg this weekend. For more on our Growing Up space, click here.

The Design Joburg show is set to become a new focus for exceptional design, quality and inspiration. Design Joburg is the perfect mix of a longstanding favourite local exhibition that highlights the best in the industry paired with the new innovators and emerging talent of South Africa.

Visitors to the show will be part of a unique audience of high end consumers as well as architects, designers, specifiers, developers, as well as multinational companies looking to source directly for their latest projects.

Friday 10am – 6pm

Saturday 10am – 6pm

Sunday 10am – 5pm


Kimmy & Bear Spaces is a three-sisters interior design team working on family spaces – from nurseries, to playrooms, from art rooms and family gathering areas, to lounges and bedrooms. We believe in creating a sense of joy; we believe that how one feels in a room is of utmost importance; and we believe that what you do in a space is as important as what the space looks like. Our aim, through design, is to make the ordinary extraordinary as we redefine family spaces in the home.

For information or queries please contact



15th March 2017

As your babes get older, they get more and more difficult to photograph as they are always on the move. We asked super star photographer Robyn Davie for her top tips for photographing toddlers:

Be prepared to get moving – toddlers (when awake) are always on the move – get on your feet and follow them!


Get down on their level. Yip, on your hands and knees, as close to the ground as possible. This is super fun for close-ups, and for seeing the world from their angle.


Fill the whole frame with the little munchkin. An attention grabbing pic excludes the background, and pulls all the attention onto your baba!


Let them be kids! Smiling for the camera is lovely, but let’s see some funny faces 🙂


Capture the every day moments. Yip, a posed pic when everyone is dressed up in their Sunday best is gorgeous, but I love the tiny in-between moments – the early morning deliciousness of a just-woken-up baba, the toddler who thinks bath time is as fun as pool time, and the quiet concentration of a little one completely absorbed in a moment of play.


Follow Robyn on Instagram and book a photo session with her – we all know mamas need more pics of themselves and their babes.



1st March 2017


We pride ourselves in organisation but Carla, from Pretty Organised, takes things to a whole new level. Over the next few weeks Carla will be sharing her top tips for how us mamas can get seriously organised. Carla is also mama of 2 year old Nikolaas, so she knows all about organizing a baby’s room for optimum ease and efficiency.

Keep the décor simple and calm

When you arrive home with your little bundle, the nursery is where you will spend most of your time. Feeding, changing and stimulating your baby. When decorating your nursery, keep the décor simple and calm. Invest in a good chair for feeding. Have a small table setup next to the chair with a lamp and a water jug. Make sure when organising your nursery that you keep in mind that in a blink of an eye your baby will be a toddler and the space will need to transform quickly to meet their growing needs.

Changing station

One of the most important areas to organise in the nursery is definitely the changing station. Put together an organised system that is easy for you to use and also to maintain. I found that plastic containers or wire baskets for bum cream, wipes, cotton balls etc. work well. A helpful tip is to fill these up with those items before your little one arrives so you don’t need to worry about running out during the first few weeks.

Keep in mind that you’re going to have to use the changing table at night time as well as during the day, so it’s helpful to have small lamp beside it, preferably the one  beside your feeding chair.

There are usually many necessities in a nursery that can’t easily be hidden away, but that can create clutter. For example, little things like nail clippers and medicine spoons. Store them in cute decorative jars by the changing station.


If you are using a chest of drawers, I would recommend labelling the drawers with  name tags or pictures. For the hanging closet, you can use the same method to divide clothing on hangers.

Nikolaas had a cupboard with a few small drawers. I categorised the clothing according to months with separate drawers for socks, vests and blankets. Once he outgrew clothing I neatly packed it away. After about three to six months I gathered all the clothing together and put it in a Vac Bag.

The Extras

Keep some storage bins in the closet where you store all of the extras and so not to clutter up your space. Here you can put all the clothes that don’t fit, extra nappies and all the toys that your baby is not playing with at the moment. Label all the bins and containers so you can easily see what is in them.

Some tips for older children

Label the closet with days of the week, you can set your child’s clothes out in advance which makes that morning routine run a little smoother.

Storage can be stylish for all ages. You can swop plastic containers for wooden boxes or beautiful baskets as your children grow older.

Click here for tips on how to organise all those toys in your house! 



27th February 2017
Bailey Schneider 16 Weeks Pregnant Maternity Shoot 11

We all know radio and TV personality Bailey Schneider so we were super excited to hear that she is a fan of Kimmy & Bear and even more excited to share her meet the bump story with you – we can tell her little boy is surrounded by so much love and family.

Bailey lives with her husband, Socrates Georgiades (Sox) in Cape Town, she is 22 weeks pregnant.

Is this your first pregnancy?

It is! I’ve been keeping a Pregnancy Journal with my whole experience, the funny things that have happened, the milestones and so on, so that I can give it to Baby G one day.

Are you finding out the gender of your baby?

We couldn’t wait to find out the gender and at our 12 week scan on 22 December, Baby G didn’t want to show us. Kept crossing legs or turning away. On 6 Jan, I was in hospital for a night for severe dehydration from vomiting from a migraine and when we had a scan to check that baby was OK, we were able to find out that Baby G is a little boy! So exciting!

Tell us one thing you can’t live without while pregnant and why not?

I cannot live without my Granny Goose Cuddle-up Pregnancy Pillow and visits to my Chiropractor. I have a bad back ordinarily, but with the pregnancy, I’ve been feeling the aches and pains even more.

What is your favourite beauty product while pregnant and why do you love it so much?

The full Mama Mio range, like the Tummy Rub Oil, the Boob Tube and so on. There are certain oils/creams/products you cannot use when you’re pregnant and that’s why I love this range, because it’s especially made for pregnancy, so you know you’re safe. It’s also so luxurious and a chance for me to pamper myself at home.

What is your favorite food or are you having any cravings while pregnant?

In the beginning, I couldn’t get enough fish and olives. The minute I started taking Omega vitamins, the fish craving subsided, although every now and then I feel like it. I’ve had cravings for fresh oranges, glasses of milk, the cliched pickles, popcorn, carbs and sweet things- which has been hard for me since I follow a LCHF lifestyle. However, I haven’t not had – I’ve just tried to be control of the portions. I’ve also had a weird craving for McDonalds McChicken – something I haven’t had in 4 years. I find the cravings come and go.

What preggy books or apps are you using?

I am loving the What to Expect When You’re Expecting (WTEWYE) Book (latest edition) and Baby Sense/Pregnancy Sense. I’ve also got the apps: Pregnancy+ and the WTEWYE app. I’ve downloaded Baby Centre and The Bump apps too, but I go to the other 2 first for weekly updates on Baby G’s growth.

How would you describe your pregnancy style and where do you shop for preggy clothes?

I am loving the pregnancy experience because I don’t have to hold in my tummy anymore. haha! I’m finding I’m wearing tighter dresses, which I wouldn’t have worn ordinarily, but now I am proud to show off my bump. My husband actually spoiled me with a whole bunch of Maternity clothing from MeaMama – I was so impressed with his style and choice! I have also been wearing maxi dresses that are a size bigger from Poetry, Freddy Jeans have incredible maternity jeans, Cherry Melon has lovely leggings, LABEL Collection has a beautiful Maternity section, as does  Mama Meah. Cotton On has comfortable workout maternity wear. I sound like I’ve bought a lot of maternity wear, but I’ve bought a few staples and I’m mixing and matching with my ordinary clothes (well, the ones that still fit.)

Bailey Schneider Emoji Dress and Adidas Sneakers Maternity shoot 8

What’s your exercise regime at the moment? And how has it changed with your pregnancy?

I have always done Pilates at BUC Fitness , so I’ve continued with that and my instructor, Jess, has adapted the class to a Pregnancy Pilates class. I do Preggy Pilates twice a week and on the other days I try to get in a Promenade walk of 4-5kms. I’m grateful that I have been give the all clear to exercise, and while I’m definitely not overdoing it, I always feel so much better once I have exercised.

Have you decided on a birth plan, are you going natural or having a caesar?

I have had a complication with my pregnancy. I was actually meant to go for an operation to remove a rather large Fibroid, however, I found out I was pregnant just before the operation, so we cancelled it. As a result, the Fibroid has grown thanks to the hormones, it’s caused me quite a bit of pain and I’ve been advised that if I attempt Natural Birth, I may rupture my Uterus. The safest option for me is a C-section and being safe and keeping both of us healthy is the best birthing plan for me.

In preparation for your baby what are your most over whelming thoughts/ worries/concerns?

Gosh, I’m going to be 100% honest and vulnerable here. I never realized I liked to control things so much. I have definitely learned that pregnancy and motherhood is out of your control and I’ve had to let go of certain plans or ideas. I’m still learning to surrender, to be honest. I also had a laugh with my husband the other day. We are fully aware (and also not even close to truly knowing) how life as we know it is going to change. I’ve had feelings of being beyond excited to meet our little guy – especially because we have hoped, wished and prayed for a healthy baby, to little fears of: “There’s no turning back. I’m not ready!” Another thing that I’ve worried about, and I hope it’s normal, is trying to figure out how to be a Mom and continue with my career. For 16 years I’ve been the brand “Bailey Schneider” on Radio and TV and my career has been my baby. I am an all-or-nothing type of person, so I’ve been worried about juggling both. How can I be an “All” Mom and give “all” to my career too? Again, it’s about surrendering and knowing that everything is as it should be. My husband is always my voice of reason and the reality is, we won’t know anything until our little boy is here. One day at a time. I really hope it is a normal feeling, because I’ve felt guilty for even feeling this way.

How did you tell your husband you were pregnant? And when did you break the news to friends and family?

We had been trying for a baby, from the day we got married – we had also said we would try for a year, without pressure. I’m so grateful that it only took us 7 months. The operation to remove that Fibroid was coming up and it was the one month, I wasn’t expecting to become pregnant (see what happens when I surrendered – I’m learning.) I was 4 days late, which annoyed me because I didn’t want to be on my period, whilst in hospital. I had said to my husband that if, by the end of my radio show the following day I still hadn’t got my period, I’d buy a digital pregnancy test. That evening, we had dinner and I took the test, not really expecting a positive, because I knew I had the operation the following week. Well, it was a complete surprise (the irony – from all the previous months of hope and expectation) when the test showed: Pregnant 2-3, meaning I was 4 weeks pregnant. We both burst into happy tears, we kept hugging each other, then we sort of laughed hysterically at each other like mad people. It was such an amazing moment. I had blood tests the following morning, which confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. We cancelled the operation. It was serendipity too. My Mom and Dad live in Johannesburg and my sister and BIL live in London. I always imagined that I’d have to tell them via Skype. However, that Friday, I was scheduled to fly up to Johannesburg for a friends wedding that weekend. My sister and BIL happened to also be flying in from London for a visit, so I was actually able to tell them all in person. It was incredibly special and there was loads of excitement as it’s the first baby in our immediate family.

I told my best friend Karolina the next day when we met for coffee (erm, decaf) in JHB and a few others. BUT, because I had a few scares in the first trimester and the Fibroid caused me a lot of pain, we decided to wait for the full 12 weeks and assessment. The scan was on the 22 December, and once we were given the all clear, we made a Christmas Day announcement publicly! It was incredibly special.

Bailey Schneider 16 Weeks Pregnant Maternity Shoot 9

Dream babymoon destination?

Mauritius or somewhere local, like, the sleepy fishing town Paternoster.

What is the best pregnancy advice you have received?

Everyone keeps scaring us by telling us to sleep and enjoy watching series and movies now because you won’t be doing that for a very long time. I’ve been resting as much as possible and not feeling guilty when I have a day on the couch, even when the weather is beautiful outside. The other best advice I’ve received is to get off Google (scary place) and to choose a few close mom friends I trust and chat to them for advice. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas and it’s not that it isn’t right, it just might not be right for you. It can be very overwhelming and with the amount of knowledge available today, people tend to lean on that, instead of trusting our own maternal instincts.


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24th February 2017

Happy weekend. Here is Joburg we are in for more rain – we’ve had cold rainy weather this whole week so we’ve been doing some serious crafts, painting, house making and even shows… rainy days are long when you are a mum. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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