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27th November 2017

We went on our first road trip with Francie last weekend. We headed to a farm in Limpopo, which was about 5 hours away. I was so nervous about the long drive with Francie. She isn’t the best in the car. Since we have a “no screen” policy I created loads of fun road trip activities for our journey. Here they, in case you are prepping for the holidays too. I also ordered this activity tray which was perfect for activities and snacks in the car, I’d really recommend it.

1. Velcro Coloured Sticks

Francie spied these on my desk this week and I know that she is already curious! I bought these coloured ice cream sticks at my local stationary store and then stuck velcro on them. The coloured sticks are great because not only can she stick them together, but also sort them into colours and patterns.


2. Lacing!

A new, fun activity which Francie is loving at the moment. We have a hand me down version from our cousins but here are three options which look great:

Melissa & Doug Farm Lace & Trace

Alex Lacing One, Two, Tie My Shoe

Viga Wooden Transportation Lacing Blocks


3. Activity Books (I picked this selection from Exclusive Books)


4. Crazy Clay 

I recently discovered Crazy Clay at our weekly Mom and Me and we both loved it! It’s a fantastic mix between Play Doh and Presstick. This was a huge hit and she played with it for ages. The great thing about it is that is that you can keep reinventing activities. First, she played with the clay on it’s own, then using paper to create artwork with the clay and in the end I even gave her little things to stick in the clay.


5. Magnetic Drawing Board

I got one from Baby City for only R60. Francie hadn’t had one of these before and she totally loved it, it was a hit.


6. Button Trees

Trust me, this is worth making! Francie absolutely loved making these trees and it kept her busy for so long that I didn’t end up using all the activities that I packed. She loved threading the buttons and then on the way home, she enjoyed taking them off too.


Looking for some other busy bags? See some other ideas here.



10th April 2017

Lately I have made some great busy bags/activities for Francie. I pack these activities away and bring them out when we need something new to do together or when we go on holiday and need some quiet, fun activities for the plane etc.

Here are some of my favourite free printables that I have found online (thanks Pinterest!) Simply print, laminate and cut/bind.

Shapes activity book 


Animal Puzzles 



Silhouette Matching Game



Stick the stickers

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.07.20 PM

I posted this idea on Instagram and wow! You all loved it. Here it is again for those who missed it-this is a great fine motor skill/ hand-eye coordination activity.

All I did was draw funny shapes on a card and put big dots where she must put the stickers. I cut the stickers into small strips so it’s a super easy “do and throw away” task.

Don’t forget this Animal Matching Box which is also great.


Colour/Peg matching



I love hardwares and I especially love the paint sample cards so I was so excited when I spotted this great way to use them on Pinterest. If you want to make this activity make sure that you get two of each card so that you can cut one up to make the matching peg. Francie is a little young to decipher the different tones but the twins have loved mastering this one.

Printable roads



I love these and have printed a whole lot and laminated them. The cars Francie Sugar has are these Melissa & Doug ones but any cars would be great.

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