23rd November 2015

Yes, I steam, blend, freeze… follow recipes, mush, cut, soften, slice, peel, create finger foods etc etc etc. But lets all just be honest, sometimes one just needs to find an easy, convenient food that comes in a packet. I didn’t want to sacrifice quality or favour for ease and I know that there are many meal options on the market. But Francie Sugar (and therefore I) loves these Pure Organic Mini Meals.

Our favourite flavours are:

  • Apple and Guava puree
  • Beetroot, Apple and Pear puree (I think Francie loves the deep pink colour, I love that she loves beetroot).

Other flavours include: Apple; Pear; Sweet Potatoe and Pear; Butternut, Carrot and Apple


Why I love them:

  • First and foremost Francie loves them.
  • The screw on cap is great as it allows you to easily store them if you don’t use the whole thing in one meal and easy to open when out and about.
  • They are organic – no preservatives, colourants or flavourings and no sugar added.
  • You can get them at BabyCity and Clicks (amongst other places).
  • Proudly South African

If you haven’t tried them I suggest you do.

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