My five top tips for flying with babies

9th July 2014
My twins at 8 months, packing for a holiday

The first time my husband and I flew with our twin babes they were six months old and we were delayed on the airplane for two hours before our two hour flight to CT. During those four hours, I had to feed them a solid lunch, breast feed them and let them have a nap. Luckily we had had another set of hands to help in the form of my sister (also known as super aunt and twin whisperer). Since then we have flown twice more and, while extra hands are always a help when it comes to twins, these are a few other simple tips which have helped me make flying with babies a relatively pain-free experience.

1. Carry your little in a wrap. I find this less cumbersome than a pram at an airport, it leaves both your hands free, you can move quickly and your babe doesn’t have to miss a nap.2. Breastfeed your babe upon take off and landing as the sucking helps their ears adjust. Alternatively use a dummy during these times.

3. If you have to feed your baby on the flight, make sure everything can be thrown away. I take store- bought baby food as the container can be discarded, disposable bibs, and a few sheets of paper towel for wiping up. I also tuck a plastic bag in the lunch box so when you’re done you can pop everything into the plastic bag and throw it away on the plane, avoiding dirty things in your nappy bag when you arrive.

4. Keep a few toys in your travel bag just for the airplane. The novelty will be a welcome distraction. Straws and plastic spoons also work so grab a few for your bag when buying refreshments before boarding.

5. Keep calm when your baby cries by blocking out other travellers. Just focus on consoling your babe and don’t stress over the noise she’s making for everyone else. She will eventually stop crying and the plane will eventually land.

Have you travelled a lot with your babe? I hope to take mine on many more trips all over the world. What are your tips for flying with babies?

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