1st March 2017


We pride ourselves in organisation but Carla, from Pretty Organised, takes things to a whole new level. Over the next few weeks Carla will be sharing her top tips for how us mamas can get seriously organised. Carla is also mama of 2 year old Nikolaas, so she knows all about organizing a baby’s room for optimum ease and efficiency.

Keep the décor simple and calm

When you arrive home with your little bundle, the nursery is where you will spend most of your time. Feeding, changing and stimulating your baby. When decorating your nursery, keep the décor simple and calm. Invest in a good chair for feeding. Have a small table setup next to the chair with a lamp and a water jug. Make sure when organising your nursery that you keep in mind that in a blink of an eye your baby will be a toddler and the space will need to transform quickly to meet their growing needs.

Changing station

One of the most important areas to organise in the nursery is definitely the changing station. Put together an organised system that is easy for you to use and also to maintain. I found that plastic containers or wire baskets for bum cream, wipes, cotton balls etc. work well. A helpful tip is to fill these up with those items before your little one arrives so you don’t need to worry about running out during the first few weeks.

Keep in mind that you’re going to have to use the changing table at night time as well as during the day, so it’s helpful to have small lamp beside it, preferably the one  beside your feeding chair.

There are usually many necessities in a nursery that can’t easily be hidden away, but that can create clutter. For example, little things like nail clippers and medicine spoons. Store them in cute decorative jars by the changing station.


If you are using a chest of drawers, I would recommend labelling the drawers with  name tags or pictures. For the hanging closet, you can use the same method to divide clothing on hangers.

Nikolaas had a cupboard with a few small drawers. I categorised the clothing according to months with separate drawers for socks, vests and blankets. Once he outgrew clothing I neatly packed it away. After about three to six months I gathered all the clothing together and put it in a Vac Bag.

The Extras

Keep some storage bins in the closet where you store all of the extras and so not to clutter up your space. Here you can put all the clothes that don’t fit, extra nappies and all the toys that your baby is not playing with at the moment. Label all the bins and containers so you can easily see what is in them.

Some tips for older children

Label the closet with days of the week, you can set your child’s clothes out in advance which makes that morning routine run a little smoother.

Storage can be stylish for all ages. You can swop plastic containers for wooden boxes or beautiful baskets as your children grow older.

Click here for tips on how to organise all those toys in your house! 

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