15th December 2016

Week 32: This week you had your first hair cut. I’ve delayed it as long as possible but we just had to do it, there were a couple scraggly bits and it was starting to resemble a  mullet. It broke my heart. Those soft luscious curls being snipped off although after the cut your shorter style revealed your beautiful dainty neck which too breaks my heart. You were so brave, sitting quietly on my lap as Alice snipped away.


Week 33: Summer days like the ones we are having are the kind of days I want to remember for ever: very little clothes, playtime with buckets of water and cleaning up from mud baths in the sink. We continue to spend time with your cousins, we see them everyday and you are slowly learning how to play their games properly. Although it is completely confusing for you when they change their names, so Anna becomes Honor, Florence becomes Emma and Honor becomes Miss Biacchi (her teacher!) Wiggy, Honor and Jack Jack visit us a couple times a week, after dinner. It’s fun playtime outside where you all chase balls and run around like crazy, we then walk them home through the neighbourhood – when they move house, we will truly miss them.

Jack was christened this week which meant a beautiful celebration under Kimmi and Bear’s old Oak tree.

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Week 34: This week was your biggest role yet: flower girl for Fae at Ulrich and Fae’s wedding. And you nailed it, of course. You loved your dress with it’s giant “bow” which you say and show everyone proudly. You didn’t walk down the aisle, you ran much to the crowds delight and you sat quietly next to me during the ceremony. You played your part for photos, ate french fries for the first time, stayed up way past your bedtime and ate wedding cake for dinner. At about 21.30 you crashed and slept soundly until the next morning.


Week 35: You really did just explode with words this week. I cannot believe what a little chatterbox you are – a constant narration on our life. I love how you use your words to tell us exactly what you want. “Mama done dodoes” first thing in the morning or before bed, “mama milkies now”. The other night when it was time to get out of the bath, you said, “bye water, bye tap, bye fish… bye dis, bye dat” for the things you didn’t know. You haven’t quite worked out the “H” sound yet so it is “and (hand), ug (hug), elp (help) and eavy (heavy)” often resulting in “elp mama eavy”. People have told me that you talk a remarkable amount for your age. I of course think you are genius even when ;dying on the floor but I do think we owe your extensive vocab to spending so much time with your cushions, mimicking their every move. And everything is “ma (my), so ma mama, ma papa, ma mimi, ma poppy, ma bailey, ma Wiggy, ma pram.

You are loving the build up to Christmas, admiring every single Christmas tree that we see with an excited “wow” “more wow mama”. I love your little body perched on my hip as we shop or do chores together. Your head often resting down on my shoulder or your pointing at something with amazement. You loved decorating Kimmy’s Christmas tree – an annual tradition and you were fascinated by all of her exciting Christmas toys.

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