14th December 2015

Week 33: Just as I think I have you all figured out things change! The story of motherhood, isn’t it? This week you decided that you are not so keen on any food except double thick yogurt and avo. I try and disguise pretty much anything I can into either of these two staples but I can’t help but wonder when you will enjoy your chicken, lentils, fish and veggies again. You also developed a new movement which we have named the inch worm. It’s not crawling as your entire body stays flat against the ground as you inch (quickly) towards your desired object. Your inching is usually accompanied but an over excited grunting as you make your way across the room.

On Sunday we christened you. We chose the Catholic Church where your great grandpa and great grandma were founding members and then celebrated in Kimmy and Bear’s garden, feasting under the big Oak tree and listening to live music, surrounded by all the people we love. It was a wonderful day.

1 Peter 3:3-4 “If is not fancy hair, gold jewellery, or fine clothes that should make you beautiful. No, your beauty should come from within you – the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. This beauty will never disappear , and it is worthy very much to God.” 


Week 34: As you mama, you have always known me. I have nursed you and put you to sleep. I have fed you, bathed you, soothed you and played with you. I have been the source of many giggles and heard many cries but this week you suddenly showed others that you choose me. It is a big milestone and it is one I adore. Your soft, tiny hands grip me and you turn into the soft part of my body between my collarbone and chest. You bury your head in there and hold tight. The world can see you would rather be with me in that moment and I love it.

Your inch worm continues, you have sped up substantially and I have now had to block up plug holes, baby proof a few cupboards and protect some dangerous corners. You are able to get anywhere you wish, especially onto my lap within seconds, again a wonderful feeling for me. After a visit to the chiropractor you are now sitting like a super star, legs out and back straight… often looking at me for praise, of course I give it to you continually. This week you also learnt to wave, but only for hello, you don’t seem to find the same excitement for goodbye.

You also discovered the joy of your cousins’ dolls. You shriek with excitement at the sight of them, the same shriek you give your baby cousin, Jack, each time you spy him. We use your tippy cup more and more, it’s too sweet to watch. As you have never had a bottle, to see you suckling away like a calf tugs at heart.


Week 35: Another tooth appeared this week. I could tell it was on it’s way and then suddenly there it was. To be honest Kimmy spotted it before I did. I know the next one is imminent too, I can see it pushing. Poor baby. You have also decided that you, once again, like a variety of food. Thank heavens – I was beginning to wonder if for the rest of your life you’d only eat yogurt or avo. So I am back to chopping, steaming and experimenting with recipes. I love watching you as you taste, or squish in your fingers, something for the first time. You are absolutely loving nectarines and yellow cling peaches (just like your mama). You find pasta strange to eat but it provides entertainment throughout a meal. You prefer mama’s made sweet potato mash to the Woolworths packet one – thank you my baby. You like toast with cream cheese, you not sure about peanut butter. You love water, especially drinking it out of a glass.

Your sleep seems to have fallen into place this week too, you are having a delightful two and a half hour nap over lunch time, which allows me time to be productive or indulge in a nap. And you are waking only once at night, around midnight, I feel like a new person, although now that I only have 1 a night, part of me is already mourning our quiet dark feeds.

Everyone tells me what a happy baby you are. You don’t make us work hard for your smiles, smiling up at me all day. Giggling with excitement as I come into your room each morning to pick you up out of your cot. Thinking peek-a-boo is the most hysterical thing. If you are playing on the carpet on your own and you catch my eye, you grin form ear to ear. But it is not just your mouth that smiles, your entire face shows off your happiness and your eyes truly light up. Sometimes you your smile up at me when you are sucking your thumb or breastfeeding, still feeding but you manage to smile at the same time, it’s cheeky but it’s my best. You are ticklish too, you cannot control your laughter if I pretend to much your bare feet and under your left arm, along your ribs is extremely ticklish. I wonder if these things will change?


Week 36: We’ve had a busy week filled with Christmas parties and birthday celebrations. You seem to have suddenly woken up to the fact that birthday parties are something special and you stare wide-eyed looking at everything from the balloons to the presents but what fascinates you the most are the other children.

All your movements are more developed and I can see that you are moments away from crawling. You get into the perfect position and hover before falling flat as you try to move forward. I know you will get there any moment. You are getting more and more attached to me by the day, constantly nuzzling into my neck, not willing to be passed over to someone new and often looking at me for reassurance when someone plays with you or shows you something. Often you even check whether I am laughing before you crack a smile.

We have been attending a swimming workshop which is a great relief each morning in the hot weather. You seem to love the water and the rhythm of the songs that we sing while swishing you around. You don’t mind getting splashed and all the exercise makes you build up an appetite so when we get home you gobble down your lunch before crashing for the longest nap.

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    Aah..I’m finished! This is so beautiful…xxx
    Thank you for sharing these ever so precious moments

  • Reply Alex 21st December 2015 at 4:04 pm

    Beautiful Ches x

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