Favourite books to read to your unborn baby

2nd February 2015

I am a huge fan of talking, singing and reading to my baby, even though he/she isn’t born yet. I often sing to it before I go to sleep and my husband chats to it every night. Tina Otte, our antenatal class instructor – who has seen all three us us leading up to our babies, is a huge fan of reading to one’s baby before it’s born, she explains, “by taking time out of everyday to talk, read and sing to your baby, you will enable him/her to get to know the two of you long before he/she is born… If certain stories or songs become part of your pregnancy routine, then this is something you can use to your advantage after the birth… Studies have shown that newborns are soothed by hearing the same stories and songs they were used to listening to in the womb.” Isn’t that amazing?

I sing “Hush Little Baby” to my baby and here are my favourite books to read to it.

1. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. A cliched choice I know but who can resist the “to the moon and back” line.

2. Just Like You by Jan Fearnley. This Little Mouse sees how much other animals love their babies and says “they must be very special” and his mama always replies “just like you”.

3. No Matter What by Debi Gliori. This little fox has so many questions about his mothers love, for example “What if I was a crocodile?” and his mama explains that she will love him no matter what.

4. Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr Seuss. Although it completely breaks my heart to think of this little baby anywhere but right by me, I love the rhythm and words of this one.

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  • Reply Franklinspeaking 2nd February 2015 at 1:50 pm

    Aah this is so beautiful! Great idea! “Guess How Much I love you” Great one to start with! To the moon and back many infinite times over!

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