20th November 2015
James, Paul, and Stella. Southern France, 1978.

James, Paul McCartney, and Stella. Southern France, 1978. Photographed by Linda Mccartney, courtesy of Gagosian Gallery. (see the rest of the family album here)

Happy Friday lovely mamas. This has been a strange week, hasn’t it? Filled with sore hearts that terrorism has once again hit our precious world – we can’t seem to shake it off. Will you be talking to your kids about tragedy and terrorism? Here are two posts you might find useful: this post by Swiss Lark is about talking to kids about tragedy and this one gives 10 tips for talking about terrorism.

We wish you a weekend of peace and calmness, fun and excitement. We have lazy summer days planned…

Here are some links that caught our eye this week: 

Lake Bell talks mamahood – months, years…

And another Jimmy Kimmel – this time he talks to kids about a woman being president. 

I made this for dinner on Monday and it was yum.

Make raising kids less expensive!  YES please!

This mama talks about living with every mama’s nightmare.

Men do more at home, but not as much as they think.

Who is cooler than Obama?

Gwen Stefani talks about the motherhood/career balance. 

Being dishonest about ugliness! 

Teens and social media Oh gosh!

Bailey gave me this food idea and it’s Francie’s favourite – her first combination suggestion is a winner.

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