5th June 2015

How fantastic is this pic of Goldie Hawn and her grandsons for Net-a-Porter.

Winter has finally arrived in Joburg – the days are “icy cold” as Florence says. This means cosy indoor play or wrapped up warmly for chilly afternoon walks. Francie Sugar has an excuse to wear her bear suits – at last!

Here are some links that caught our eye this week: 

Raising kids with positive body images – here are some tips.

Ending the mommy wars, according to Goop.

The sisterhood of birth, I loved this one!

A simple trick to help your kids fall asleep. Not sure if this works for sleep but it definitely works for stopping crying.

Mom knows best, advice from some glittering moms.

Have a new babe? Here’s how to take care of it’s belly button. 

And some Kimmy & Bear posts that you may have missed:

A favourite book

Twin tips by Bailey

A useful snack – and look at that face!

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