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5th September 2016

Natasha Palin, Cape Town mama to Pepper, has just celebrated her baby girl’s second birthday. It was a magical day for the whole family. We loved the beautiful paper details, the gold balloons, the bunny alice bands, and the delicious looking cake – this celebration is full of inspiring ideas. We asked Natasha some questions  about the day. 



What kind of party did you have to celebrate Pepper’s second birthday?

We had about 50 guests at Peppers party. It was a beautiful and hot day so the champagne and Coronas were flowing, kids were running around high on sugar, and cafe del mar was playing in the background. It was a day to remember! 





Where was the venue?

We hosted Pepper’s party at our new home that we had just finished renovating. It was the perfect venue as the house was still empty and there was no furniture in it so everyone was free to roam around as they pleased and I didn’t have to worry about my brand new furniture getting ruined. 


Was there a theme?

Yes! We had a Watercolor Bunny theme.


What was the inspiration behind the party?

My daughter is bunny obsessed. She became attached to a pink bunny that my mom gave her at birth and it is literally her everything, it goes everywhere with us so the theme was a no brainer really. 


You included such beautiful details. What design elements did you include?

The very talented girls at Bash Paperie designed all the stationary for me. They also made the bunny ear alice bands and the ribbon garland. I had a clear vision of what I wanted the dessert table to look like so it was easy to put together.


Did you use any additional decor?

I am a huge fan of using flowers for decor at parties. I go a bit overboard with flowers but I never regret it as it is an easy way to make a space look feminine and pretty. I am also balloon obsessed- the more balloons the better! 



The cake looked amazing. Who was the genius behind it?

A very cool bakery called Billyboos made the cake, cupcakes and cookies and they even ended up catering all the savory snacks for the big people. 


What other kind of food did you serve?

We made big bowls of popcorn, fruit salad, home made rice crispee treats, and a range of savory snacks. 



Babes are still so little at two. Did you do any party activities?

I hired a few kiddy rides which were an absolute hit with the toddlers. I also had tables out with colouring in books and pens etc for drawing, and then lastly we had sand art which although ended up being very messy, was super fun for the little ones. 


I feel birthdays are also such a milestone for the moms – as they celebrate your journey of motherhood too. Can you share a bit about your feelings on your baby TURNING 2!

Absolutely and admittedly, Peppers party turned out to be a party for her parents too. We wanted to celebrate so much this party as we had such an amazing year together and our new home renovation  had just been completed which was the cherry on the top for us all. When Pepper turned one, I was very emotional. I wished I had done so many things so differently and the night before she turned one, I made a promise to myself to make her second year the best one yet. I slowed our life down completely, I stopped making lists and I forgot about all my career aspirations- I just focused on us and I savoured every single second with her and it was the best thing I ever did. There were no tears for my baby turning 2, only huge smiles and immensely happy hearts. I’m excited for her third year!


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