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28th November 2017


I love Christmas time and all the traditions that surround it. This year, for the first time, we decorated gingerbread houses.




It was such a fun activity to do with my girls. We had a selection of delicious things to use on the house (I think they enjoyed nipping the decorations as much as they enjoyed sticking them on the house!).




For decorations we used:

  • pistachio nuts
  • cranberries
  • a selection of sprinkles; stars, silver balls, gold dust
  • marshmallows
  • hand made chocolate

Some other ideas are: smarties, candy canes, chocolate buttons, jelly tots.






These beautiful gingerbread houses are from Moemas. The intricate icing adds a touch of magic to the gingerbread house, and more importantly, the gingerbread tastes (and smells!) divine.


In collaboration with Moemas and Fleur Norton we are giving away THREE gingerbread houses to our Johannesburg readers. To enter, follow Moemas on Instagram and Facebook, and leave a comment here telling us your favourite ingredient to use to decorate a gingerbread house.


Competition closes: Friday 8 Dec, Ts & Cs apply.



11th October 2017
Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 10.43.54 PM

I know that they have been around for a while but we absolutely love Herbivore products, they are so delicious and super healthy too, making great food and snacks for the whole family.


  • All Herbivore products are raw vegan in formulation, dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure they retain as much of the nutrients supplied by mother nature as possible.
  • All Herbivore products are also free from any animal products, contain no added cane sugar, are naturally gluten free and without preservatives or additives.
  • They strive to use ingredients that are organic, farmed sustainably and harvested fresh.

Here are the products:

Kale Chips in Birds Eye Chilli, Sour Cream & Onion and Cheezy.

*Our fave is the Sour Cream.

birdsEye cheezy sourCream

Super Cereal in Coconut Cacao, Fig & Cinnamon, Gingerbread and Vanilla Pecan

*Our fave is the Coconut Cacao

What’s in the cereal? Sprouted buckwheat, sprouted quinoa, dates, banana, pecan nuts, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, chia, Himalayan salt, vanilla bean

coco fig ginger pecan

And we cannot wait to try the Power Porridge which will be launching soon.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 10.42.53 PM



19th April 2017

My baby turned two! Sometimes I still feel that I am all new at this mom thing, as if I can use the excuse “I’m sorry I have just had a baby”. But here we are – twice around the sun and a whole lot fuller. There she is talking non stop, making up jokes and running almost too fast for us to catch her. But she still hooks on as if she were a baby koala, sucks her thumb to fall asleep and won’t let her dear old binkie out of her sight. She loves parties – specially singing happy birthday, she is obsessed with her ballet clothes and adores her cousins to the end of the earth. Here’s to another year beautiful one.

To celebrate this milestone we threw a morning party in Kimmy & Bear’s garden. We had a Bloody Mary bar and served fresh croissants, French toast and maple syrup and muesli pots. My mama made the biscuits and my sister baked the cake. I made party hats for everyone. The four little girls dressed the same, Bailey drew a huge colouring in picture and the day flew by. We invited family and friends and had a delicious morning under the warm sun surrounded by love and joy.










Pics by Robyn Davie Photography



11th April 2017

Each year us three sisters host a charity Easter play date and tea in Kimmy & Bear’s garden. The afternoon is always fantastic, and filled with joy: there is a delicious tea for the mamas and loads of fun things for the babes like jumping castles and Easter egg hunts. This year we also did bunny mask making and biscuit icing.

This year we chose to suppose Miane Ainslie.

A year and a half ago, then 19 month old Miane Ainslie fell into a porta pool. She was underwater for about 10 minutes before she was found, after 23 minutes a heartbeat was found. Now nearly 3 Miane continues to need extensive medical treatment. Her mother is a single mother who gave up her job to look after her daughter and, without medical aid, relies entirely on donations for medical treatments, physio and medical equipment. 
For more information on how to donate to this worthy cause contact us or visit A Miracle for Miane Facebook page
Special thanks to Robyn Davie Photography for taking pics of the afternoon and capturing each mama and their babes – because really mamas don’t get enough pics of doing what they do!


11th March 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.15.22 PM

Chrissy Teigen and baby Luna via Instagram 

Happy weekend mamas. There is a strange autumn feel in the air this weekend and I am not sure I am ready for winter to be on its way. We hit the park this morning and convincing a toddler that she needs shoes and a jersey was like negotiating a high level contract – I couldn’t help but think “how am I going to do this all winter long?”

Here are Kimmy & Bear HQ we are busy busy – working hard on Design Joburg and a couple cool Spaces for some fun clients. I am also starting to prepare for Francie’s 2nd birthday – break my mama heart!

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Music and your baby’s brain 



9th March 2017
View More:


We pride ourselves in organisation but Carla, from Pretty Organised, takes things to a whole new level. Over the next few weeks Carla will be sharing her top tips for how us mamas can get seriously organised. Carla is also mama of 2 year old Nikolaas, so she knows all about organizing meals and meal planning. Here are her tips to make things a little bit easier: 

Grocery shopping trip

In my opinion this is the start to feeding your family healthy meals. Choose a day  to plan meals for the week ahead and a time when you are relaxed and calm to plan. I usually plan on a Sunday afternoon or first thing on Monday morning. Keep a shopping list in your kitchen, best on your fridge, and write down what you run out of  during the week.

Organising your fridge

Make a point to clean out your fridge regularly, every two weeks to one month. This will give you more space to organise new and fresh ingredients. Use plastic containers to put certain items together, for example different kinds of cheese. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when your fridge is over-full. Also, things get hidden in the back, lost behind the mustard. Don’t let things go bad. Keep your fridge airy and light, with a sensible, realistic amount of food in it.


Meals are easier and quicker to prepare if you keep your pantry well-stocked. Stock up on basic foods that can be kept like rice and dry pasta.

Collecting recipes

Personally I like to collect recipes from different sources. Create a place to save recipes and keep it simple. Do whatever works easily for you and don’t get caught up in a system. Meal planning is a really personal thing. What works for you may not work for me. The goal, I think, is to find a process that is both enjoyable and effective. Remember to ask your family what they like to eat. I get extra inspired when I feel like I’m cooking a meal as a gift.

Collect recipes that are both easy and a little more difficult. This way you can give yourself a break towards the end of the week with quick meals. Plan ahead to double recipes so that you can freeze some meals for when you know it will be harder to cook healthy meals.

Cooking time

I found that the time I take to cook a meal has a lot to do with how well I prepared the meal. I  set aside time to prepare our evening meal in the afternoon when Nikolaas takes his nap. This way I am focused, quick and efficient with getting the meal prepared. I set the table, fill the water jug and feel excited for our time as a family together.

Having a meal together

As a family we try to have dinner by 18:00. This has been a good routine for us and it has some great benefits. One is that we eat together at a reasonable time, two once Nikolaas is in bed we have the evening to ourselves and can relax together. Some people prefer to cook dinner once the kids are in bed and that is great, if you prefer that way.

Chef night’s off

Having one day a week where you don’t cook can be a real treat and a nice family ritual. If you have bigger kids, let them prepare a meal for the family or have take-out at home. There are so many healthy options these days for takeout and it is great to give the cook a night off .

Let kids help in the kitchen

About a month ago I brought a little plastic step for Nikolaas to stand on. It is not always possible but he loves to help in the kitchen. . Giving a simple task such as  stirring or chopping, putting peas in a pot just before dinner time  can go along way In encouraging a little one to eat. Children enjoy helping to  prepare food and then eating it!

Click here for tips on how to organise all those toys in your house and here on how to organise your baby’s room. 



28th February 2017


Honor started grade 1 this year and for the first time I need to pack lunch for her to take to school. The playschool and nursery school she attended both provided snacks, which was really convenient although meant I relied on their interpretation of  healthy choices. Here are my tips for healthy, easy and well-received lunch boxes!

  • Buy a great quality box that is easy for little hands to open and that has a few compartments. We love this one: 3 compartments, easy to open and it fits in the little school cooler bag.
  • Pack a variety of foods that will keep your child’s energy up for the day.
  • Make it easy for yourself! I have a big Tupperware filled with healthy snack foods that I add in to the lunch box. I keep these for school lunches and not for snacks at home so that the novelty value remains. When I’m packing I can grab it and pick and choose, plus I can easily see when I am running low. I also shop for sandwich components and fruit on Monday to ensure I have all the necessities.
  • Send some love. The lunch box itself is an expression of love for our kids and I love that it also gives me the chance to communicate with Honor during her day. I decorate her wrapped sandwich with some cute stickers (kept in above-mentioned Tupperware) and I tape a little note to the lid and sometimes cut her sandwiches into shapes using cookie cutters. These extra touches take less than 2 minutes but I know she loves them.
  • Pack the lunch when you have time. The whole process only takes me about 10 minutes. I pack it the night before usually while I’m getting our dinner ready and the kids are in bed. It’s a hassle-free 10 minutes, which wouldn’t be the case in the morning before school!

So what’s in a typical lunch box?

  • A sandwich: I use a good wholewheat or low GI bread and a topping I know she’ll enjoy. At the moment those toppings include cheese and ham, cheese and marmite, peanut butter, and a berry fruit preserve on
  • Fruit: I fill one of the little compartments with cut up fruit that’s easy to eat, such as nectarine, figs or strawberries, or some mixed berries or grapes.
  • Biltong: I add some soft biltong in the sandwich compartment.
  • Snack: In the other small compartment I mix it up with a snack such as nuts and raisins, a raw bar cut up into pieces, dried fruit roll, small rice cakes, trail mix or savory crackers.
  • Treat: Fridays are for treats! So I pack in a tiny chocolate or another small surprise.

I have found that I love packing the lunchbox and it usually comes back nearly finished, which I take as a big sign of approval!



20th January 2017

Happy weekend everyone! It’s the first one being back back and we are ready for it. It’s also a huge one for the world: bye Obama, hello Trump – we’ll miss the Obamas that’s for sure. Wishing you all a wonderful one.

Here are 10 links that caught our eye this week:

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Encourage creativity in your kids. 

How to teach kindness.

Placenta smoothies. 



27th October 2016

Lately we have really loved the events that Konfetti Love have put together. I mean, do you follow them on Instagram – serious party envy. With Halloween just around the corner, and many head out this weekend for trick-or-treating we wanted to share this super fun Halloween shoot that Konfetti Love did.

halloween-2016-21 halloween-2016-28




Styling and Decor by Konfetti Love. Photography by Littish Photography. Cake & Biscuits by Koekemakranka. Macarons by Freckled Ginger   



26th October 2016

We chatted to Lara – cofounder of Rush to find out more about these bars. Lara is a business woman and mom who understands and appreciates the need for natural food solutions for growing bodies and minds.

Tell us about Rush and your philosophy.

At Rush we’re led by an overarching obsession to turn the tide against chronic disease by providing access to healthier food and lifestyle choices. These healthy choices we believe should be instilled at as young an age as possible.

Having studied Perinatal Health and Nutrition I realised the importance of nutrition in promoting holistic health and the wellbeing of families. Seeing first-hand the double burden of disease in Africa where 65% of adult deaths are attributable to chronic disease driven largely by society’s addiction to fat, salt and sugar, together with 45% of children’s deaths attributed to malnutrition (with children in sub-Saharan Africa more than 14 times likely to die before the age of 5 than children in developed regions) I felt compelled to do something!

That ‘something’ was the inspiration for RUSH! A range of raw, free-from* (*dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, soy, refined sugars, preservatives, additives), proudly South African wholefood solutions designed to fuel adventure and health rather than addiction and disease. In a society where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take time out and prepare food the way it should be- naturally- I teamed up with old school friend, and now qualified chef and performance nutrition expert, Gavin Memper to develop food solutions that offered on-the-go convenience and ingredients that are free from toxins and are fed as close to their natural state as possible. This ensures the range is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre- ideal for boosting brain and body development!

Tell us about the new kids bars. 

Anel Bruns- a mom of two- joined the team this year and became the catalyst for the launch of the kiddies range. We had heard from so many parents how difficult it was to find healthy food options for their children. We’d also been told stories from teachers who were shocked at what comes to school in lunchboxes and who then have to try and control a classroom after the sugar high of break-time sets in and we’d heard countless stories from dieticians- and more recently doctors- who attest to the benefits of a wholefood, free-from, raw diet in the quest for a healthy gut and the importance of this in pursuit of overall wellness. The gap in the market was very clear to us and having just been awarded PnP Most Innovative Product in their inaugural Boost Your Biz competition for these solutions really drove home the fact that we were on the right track!

Rush Monkey Bars (with their distinct banana bread taste, without the bread;-) were created to provide little monkeys with the raw energy needed to explore their world to the full and to fuel their active and growing bodies.  The bars contain baobab which is rich in bone building calcium and camu camu a superfood known to be chock full of vitamin C for a strong and healthy immune system. They are free from all the bad stuff- preservatives, soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, additives and refined sugars- making them the natural choice in combating hyperactivity. Finally, the fact that they are made with calming (complex) carbohydrates makes them ideal for school lunchboxes where the only ape they’ll be going is for goodness!


Rush Grizzly Bars are designed to RAW with a chocolaty flavour and provide the bare-necessities for active and growing minds. The bars are high in protein keeping free-range kids ‘full and satisfied’ for longer. They contain flaxseed which is rich in Omega 3 and known to promote concentration, whilst camu camu provides the necessary vitamin C for a strong and healthy immune system. They are free from all the bad stuff- preservatives, soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, additives and refined sugars- making them the natural choice in combating hyperactivity. Finally, the fact that they are made with calming (complex) carbohydrates makes them the ideal ‘anywhere-anytime’ snacks- you may want to keep them in your CUBby-hole if you know what we mean!


What is in the bar?

Monkey Bar sole ingredients:

  • Dates
  • Almonds
  • Banana
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Baobab
  • Camu camu

Grizzly Bar sole ingredients:

  • Dates
  • Almonds
  • Coconut
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Raisins
  • Flaxseed
  • Camu camu
  • Cacao

All bars are raw, local, paleo, vegan, high protein, high fibre, low GI and free-from all the bad stuff like gluten, wheat, soy, refined sugars, preservatives, additives, eggs and dairy.

As a mom yourself, why do you think this is a great snack option for kids?

They are snack options specifically designed for the day-to-day demands placed on our children’s bodies and minds and are made from real wholefood ingredients whose names you don’t need a PhD in chemistry to read- this gives me great comfort as a mom. The focus is very much on functional foods and away from the need to supplement with vitamins and minerals- which makes this such a convenient food choice, which is a complete thumbs up from me as a working mom…The packaging too conveys the message that by making healthy choices kids are their own superheroes- which is definitely a message we feel should be promulgated in a society where making healthy choices is becoming increasingly difficult as we learn early on to compromise.

What inspired you to launch a kids bar?

It originated from a personal struggle to find Tyler (my 6 year old son) food options that didn’t aggravate his nervous system and thus were free from the bad stuff we find in our food system today that is used to enhance taste and extend shelf-life and this battle to find any food free-from gluten, additives, preservatives, sugars, diary and/or soy is real! In addition to this we have a real heart for children in SA and with the stat you read above- that 45% of children’s deaths are attributed to malnutrition- we’d really like to in some small way change this by looking to provide more awareness around the need for and access to healthy foods for children in this country.

Where are they available?

Wellness Warehouse, Jackson’s Real Food Market, Fuel, and online for now, with PnP, Dischem and Food Lovers on the cards for early next year- just in time for the Back-to-School Rush;-)

Price point? R12 for a 25g bar.

Any other kids products in the works? 

We are always thinking about what next and have been experimenting with different flavours, different formats i.e. nibbles and different local ingredients that foster the upliftment of rural communities like moringa. Our heart is to make this optimal nutrition available to all levels of society so we continue to look for more sustainable protein sources like insect- and pea-protein which we have also been trialling.

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