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18th April 2017

Meet lovely, super-glam,  Amy, she is 33 weeks pregnant with her first babe. This growing little family live in an apartment in Illovo.

Are you finding out the gender of your babe? 

We haven’t found out the gender as we have always said we would leave it as a surprise. Our feeling is that so much in life is known, planned and controlled and it is the one thing you can leave to surprise. Having said that, every time we come back from a gynecologist visit, I secretly spend hours analyzing the scan photos and comparing them to gender scan images on google to see whether I can determine the gender. I still have absolutely no idea!

Tell us one thing you can’t live without while pregnant and why not?

My pregnancy pillow which was loaned to me by a friend from work. It is the most underrated pregnancy tool and helps me sleep a good eight hours every night. It is incredibly comfortable and takes the pressure off your back, pelvis and legs. My husband has taken a liking to it too and tries to steal it from me at night!

What is your favourite beauty product while pregnant and why do you love it so much?

I am obsessed with the Elemis Japanese Camellia oil, which was recommended to me by an Elemis beauty therapist. I was sold when she told me Victoria Beckham had used it for all her pregnancies. It’s incredibly light, not sticky at all and makes your skin feel beautifully supple and well-hydrated. I have been using it as an all-over body moisturizer in addition to focusing on areas where possible stretch marks may appear. I even use it on my face when I am in a rush to get to bed and don’t feel like doing my whole night-time beauty routine. Apparently you can even use it to massage your new baby. Suffice to say, I am on my third bottle!

What is your favourite food and have you had any cravings while pregnant?

In the first trimester, I craved  potatoes and would take a gourmet baked potatoes to work every day- I think everyone thought I was a bit mad. I have also kept a continuous supply of frozen grapes in the freezer (Woolies has a great deal on these!) and have a handful every night after supper when that sugar craving hits. I think they taste like sorbet and absolutely love this clever little treat.

What preggy books or apps are you using?

I haven’t been religious about following them but I use Nurture to follow my weeks and baby weight and What to Expect for informative articles. What to Expect has some great insight into the different pregnancy weeks, how your baby is developing and how you are feeling. It makes you feel a little less anxious to know that you are going through the same emotions as everyone else.

How would you describe your pregnancy style and where do you shop for preggy clothes?

I have a friend who was about 6 months ahead of me and she gave me a whole bunch of hand-me-down, tight but casual  long dresses from Pick n Pay. She looked gorgeous in her pregnancy wearing these and encouraged me to do the same and show my bump . I have lived in these over the weekends! Dressing for a corporate role has been more tricky. I bought a whole bunch of shin-length, high-waisted skirts from H&M and River Island which I wear with silk blouses and heels to look professional and feel comfortable.

What is your exercise regime at the moment? And how has it changed with your pregnancy?

I used to be a regular runner but stopped running at about 12 weeks. Since then I have done a few gentle walks and lately have been attending pre-natal yoga classes as well as incorporating some pre-natal yoga at home (I use the YogaGlo app). Exercise has probably been the most challenging transition of my pregnancy and in the beginning I found it extremely difficult not to be able to run, have a good sweat and get that post-exercise endorphin high. However, I am now loving the gentle yoga and long meditative walks.

Have you decided on a birth plan, are you going natural or having a Caesar?

I would really love a natural birth but am not hung up on it. If I have to have a caesar for whatever reason, I am okay with it.

In preparation for your baby what are your most over whelming thoughts/ worries/concerns?

Only that the baby will be healthy and well and that I will have a good birth experience.

Dream babymoon destination?

I would love to go back to our honeymoon destination which was Lamu in Kenya. But it is a bit far to travel to and we have opted instead to spend a few days at Oakland’s Country Manor in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

What has surprised you the most about being pregnant?

How well I have generally felt and how much energy I have had. I feel as though I have had a really great and easy pregnancy which I have really enjoyed- I think I have been incredibly lucky not to be sick. I will miss my bump when it is gone!

What is the best pregnancy advice you have received?

To really listen and connect with your body. When your body is tired, let it rest. When your body is out of breath, slow down. When you body needs energy, eat well. And when your body needs engagement, connect.



13th April 2017
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.37.06 PM

Liv Tyler with her babes Sailor Gene and Lula Rose

Happy Easter weekend mamas and bunnies. Wishing you one filled with family, love, sunshine, laughter and Easter bunnies and egg hunting that brings endless joy.

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Love Emily Henderson! Here is her babe’s nursery



7th April 2017
Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.18.09 PM

Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy visit the Grand Canyon.

WOW! What a day in South Africa – it was inspiring to see: matches, protests, and peaceful tributes.

I’m off to Cape Town this weekend for a little family get away… hence the busy bag post coming up next week and keep your eye on Instagram for what we get up to.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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5th April 2017

This gorgeous mama, Natasha, and her husband Mat live in Cape Town with their two and a half year old daughter Pepper (you may remember we featured Pepper’s birthday party on the blog last year). This little family is expanding by one soon as Natasha is 33 weeks pregnant.


As your second pregnancy, how is this time round different from your first?

Not much has been different the second time round. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had two very healthy and uncomplicated pregnancies. If I had to really nitpick, it would be that I have felt a lot more movement with this pregnancy. It feels like our babe never stops moving.

Are you finding out the gender of your baby and why or why not?

Of course we found out! We are thrilled to be having a little boy. I read the end of a book before I read the beginning, so naturally we found out the sex of our babe as soon as we could. 

Tell us one thing you can’t live without while pregnant and why not? 

Without a shadow of doubt, it has been a product called Elemis spa@home instant refreshing gel. It’s like a cold version of deep heat and it is pregnancy friendly. I used this product throughout my pregnancy with Pepper and I am using it again now. It is the most incredible product and instantly soothes sore aching feet and an achey ‘evening’ back, as I call it. 

What is your favourite beauty product while pregnant and why do you love it so much?

I use all of the Mama Mio products as I love how well the creams are absorbed and the gorgeous scents are totally addictive. I also go for regular QMS facials to keep pigmentation and preggie skin at bay.

What is your favorite food or are you having any cravings while pregnant?

I’ve developed a serious sweet tooth over the past couple of months. I live for Chuckles and Chocolate Nesquick and as with my first pregnancy, I have been craving Beer… of all things! 


What preggy books or apps are you using? 

I’m ashamed to say, nothing! I honestly haven’t even thought about downloading a preggie app or even reading a book this second time round. Any spare time I have these days is spent researching ‘how to potty train’ and ‘why is my toddler moaning at night’ 😂

How would you describe your pregnancy style and where do you shop for preggy clothes?

I’ve been living in T-shirt style dresses and Kaftans from Country Road and a few bodycon style dresses from Cotton On. I am not a fan of anything maternity other than gorgeous soft maternity pj’s which I have purchased from both Anna-Louise and Lila-Rose. As I get bigger I will resort to Cotton On tights and Country Road tee’s. 

What’s your exercise regime at the moment?

I am all for taking things very easy when pregnant. You definitely won’t catch me doing anything extreme… I do weekly pilates, walks on the prom with my family and a swim at the gym every now and then. 

Have you decided on a birth plan, are you going natural or having a caesar? 

I had an emergency c-section with my first babe and although I would love to try for a v-bac the second time round, I think, knowing that I have such a big babe on board, another c-section would be best for me. I just hope it will be a planned procedure and not another emergency. 

 In preparation for your baby what are your most over whelming thoughts/ worries/concerns? 

Without a doubt my biggest worry is that I won’t have enough time and energy to do all the things I usually do with my toddler. I don’t ever want her to feel neglected by me and it is something that I am very aware of. 


How did you tell your husband you were pregnant? And when did you break the news to friends and family? 

When I was just 3 weeks pregnant, I had a dream that I was pregnant, and I woke up that morning and raced straight to the bathroom to do a test. When it came out positive, I just literally walked into the bedroom and screamed- “we’re pregnant”. My husband had barely opened his eyes! Haha. 

We told our family and close friends as soon as we had confirmed the pregnancy with our doc and the rest of the world when I was about 9 weeks. I’m not one for holding in such life changing news.

Dream babymoon destination?

A 2 week break on the beautiful Island of Mauritius with my Husband and Baby girl was given to me as a gift for my 30th from some very special people and it literally was a dream. 

What has surprised you the most about being pregnant?

Without the risk of sounding vain… I am super surprised at how much I love my body when I am pregnant. Even though I have put on so much weight and I have what feels like thee biggest booty, I absolutely love it and I love being so curvy.  I also feel incredibly healthy and content with life, which I am so grateful for as I know pregnancy can be very hard for a lot of woman. 

Photographs by Fiona Clair Photography



11th March 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.15.22 PM

Chrissy Teigen and baby Luna via Instagram 

Happy weekend mamas. There is a strange autumn feel in the air this weekend and I am not sure I am ready for winter to be on its way. We hit the park this morning and convincing a toddler that she needs shoes and a jersey was like negotiating a high level contract – I couldn’t help but think “how am I going to do this all winter long?”

Here are Kimmy & Bear HQ we are busy busy – working hard on Design Joburg and a couple cool Spaces for some fun clients. I am also starting to prepare for Francie’s 2nd birthday – break my mama heart!

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9th March 2017
View More:


We pride ourselves in organisation but Carla, from Pretty Organised, takes things to a whole new level. Over the next few weeks Carla will be sharing her top tips for how us mamas can get seriously organised. Carla is also mama of 2 year old Nikolaas, so she knows all about organizing meals and meal planning. Here are her tips to make things a little bit easier: 

Grocery shopping trip

In my opinion this is the start to feeding your family healthy meals. Choose a day  to plan meals for the week ahead and a time when you are relaxed and calm to plan. I usually plan on a Sunday afternoon or first thing on Monday morning. Keep a shopping list in your kitchen, best on your fridge, and write down what you run out of  during the week.

Organising your fridge

Make a point to clean out your fridge regularly, every two weeks to one month. This will give you more space to organise new and fresh ingredients. Use plastic containers to put certain items together, for example different kinds of cheese. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when your fridge is over-full. Also, things get hidden in the back, lost behind the mustard. Don’t let things go bad. Keep your fridge airy and light, with a sensible, realistic amount of food in it.


Meals are easier and quicker to prepare if you keep your pantry well-stocked. Stock up on basic foods that can be kept like rice and dry pasta.

Collecting recipes

Personally I like to collect recipes from different sources. Create a place to save recipes and keep it simple. Do whatever works easily for you and don’t get caught up in a system. Meal planning is a really personal thing. What works for you may not work for me. The goal, I think, is to find a process that is both enjoyable and effective. Remember to ask your family what they like to eat. I get extra inspired when I feel like I’m cooking a meal as a gift.

Collect recipes that are both easy and a little more difficult. This way you can give yourself a break towards the end of the week with quick meals. Plan ahead to double recipes so that you can freeze some meals for when you know it will be harder to cook healthy meals.

Cooking time

I found that the time I take to cook a meal has a lot to do with how well I prepared the meal. I  set aside time to prepare our evening meal in the afternoon when Nikolaas takes his nap. This way I am focused, quick and efficient with getting the meal prepared. I set the table, fill the water jug and feel excited for our time as a family together.

Having a meal together

As a family we try to have dinner by 18:00. This has been a good routine for us and it has some great benefits. One is that we eat together at a reasonable time, two once Nikolaas is in bed we have the evening to ourselves and can relax together. Some people prefer to cook dinner once the kids are in bed and that is great, if you prefer that way.

Chef night’s off

Having one day a week where you don’t cook can be a real treat and a nice family ritual. If you have bigger kids, let them prepare a meal for the family or have take-out at home. There are so many healthy options these days for takeout and it is great to give the cook a night off .

Let kids help in the kitchen

About a month ago I brought a little plastic step for Nikolaas to stand on. It is not always possible but he loves to help in the kitchen. . Giving a simple task such as  stirring or chopping, putting peas in a pot just before dinner time  can go along way In encouraging a little one to eat. Children enjoy helping to  prepare food and then eating it!

Click here for tips on how to organise all those toys in your house and here on how to organise your baby’s room. 



27th February 2017
Bailey Schneider 16 Weeks Pregnant Maternity Shoot 11

We all know radio and TV personality Bailey Schneider so we were super excited to hear that she is a fan of Kimmy & Bear and even more excited to share her meet the bump story with you – we can tell her little boy is surrounded by so much love and family.

Bailey lives with her husband, Socrates Georgiades (Sox) in Cape Town, she is 22 weeks pregnant.

Is this your first pregnancy?

It is! I’ve been keeping a Pregnancy Journal with my whole experience, the funny things that have happened, the milestones and so on, so that I can give it to Baby G one day.

Are you finding out the gender of your baby?

We couldn’t wait to find out the gender and at our 12 week scan on 22 December, Baby G didn’t want to show us. Kept crossing legs or turning away. On 6 Jan, I was in hospital for a night for severe dehydration from vomiting from a migraine and when we had a scan to check that baby was OK, we were able to find out that Baby G is a little boy! So exciting!

Tell us one thing you can’t live without while pregnant and why not?

I cannot live without my Granny Goose Cuddle-up Pregnancy Pillow and visits to my Chiropractor. I have a bad back ordinarily, but with the pregnancy, I’ve been feeling the aches and pains even more.

What is your favourite beauty product while pregnant and why do you love it so much?

The full Mama Mio range, like the Tummy Rub Oil, the Boob Tube and so on. There are certain oils/creams/products you cannot use when you’re pregnant and that’s why I love this range, because it’s especially made for pregnancy, so you know you’re safe. It’s also so luxurious and a chance for me to pamper myself at home.

What is your favorite food or are you having any cravings while pregnant?

In the beginning, I couldn’t get enough fish and olives. The minute I started taking Omega vitamins, the fish craving subsided, although every now and then I feel like it. I’ve had cravings for fresh oranges, glasses of milk, the cliched pickles, popcorn, carbs and sweet things- which has been hard for me since I follow a LCHF lifestyle. However, I haven’t not had – I’ve just tried to be control of the portions. I’ve also had a weird craving for McDonalds McChicken – something I haven’t had in 4 years. I find the cravings come and go.

What preggy books or apps are you using?

I am loving the What to Expect When You’re Expecting (WTEWYE) Book (latest edition) and Baby Sense/Pregnancy Sense. I’ve also got the apps: Pregnancy+ and the WTEWYE app. I’ve downloaded Baby Centre and The Bump apps too, but I go to the other 2 first for weekly updates on Baby G’s growth.

How would you describe your pregnancy style and where do you shop for preggy clothes?

I am loving the pregnancy experience because I don’t have to hold in my tummy anymore. haha! I’m finding I’m wearing tighter dresses, which I wouldn’t have worn ordinarily, but now I am proud to show off my bump. My husband actually spoiled me with a whole bunch of Maternity clothing from MeaMama – I was so impressed with his style and choice! I have also been wearing maxi dresses that are a size bigger from Poetry, Freddy Jeans have incredible maternity jeans, Cherry Melon has lovely leggings, LABEL Collection has a beautiful Maternity section, as does  Mama Meah. Cotton On has comfortable workout maternity wear. I sound like I’ve bought a lot of maternity wear, but I’ve bought a few staples and I’m mixing and matching with my ordinary clothes (well, the ones that still fit.)

Bailey Schneider Emoji Dress and Adidas Sneakers Maternity shoot 8

What’s your exercise regime at the moment? And how has it changed with your pregnancy?

I have always done Pilates at BUC Fitness , so I’ve continued with that and my instructor, Jess, has adapted the class to a Pregnancy Pilates class. I do Preggy Pilates twice a week and on the other days I try to get in a Promenade walk of 4-5kms. I’m grateful that I have been give the all clear to exercise, and while I’m definitely not overdoing it, I always feel so much better once I have exercised.

Have you decided on a birth plan, are you going natural or having a caesar?

I have had a complication with my pregnancy. I was actually meant to go for an operation to remove a rather large Fibroid, however, I found out I was pregnant just before the operation, so we cancelled it. As a result, the Fibroid has grown thanks to the hormones, it’s caused me quite a bit of pain and I’ve been advised that if I attempt Natural Birth, I may rupture my Uterus. The safest option for me is a C-section and being safe and keeping both of us healthy is the best birthing plan for me.

In preparation for your baby what are your most over whelming thoughts/ worries/concerns?

Gosh, I’m going to be 100% honest and vulnerable here. I never realized I liked to control things so much. I have definitely learned that pregnancy and motherhood is out of your control and I’ve had to let go of certain plans or ideas. I’m still learning to surrender, to be honest. I also had a laugh with my husband the other day. We are fully aware (and also not even close to truly knowing) how life as we know it is going to change. I’ve had feelings of being beyond excited to meet our little guy – especially because we have hoped, wished and prayed for a healthy baby, to little fears of: “There’s no turning back. I’m not ready!” Another thing that I’ve worried about, and I hope it’s normal, is trying to figure out how to be a Mom and continue with my career. For 16 years I’ve been the brand “Bailey Schneider” on Radio and TV and my career has been my baby. I am an all-or-nothing type of person, so I’ve been worried about juggling both. How can I be an “All” Mom and give “all” to my career too? Again, it’s about surrendering and knowing that everything is as it should be. My husband is always my voice of reason and the reality is, we won’t know anything until our little boy is here. One day at a time. I really hope it is a normal feeling, because I’ve felt guilty for even feeling this way.

How did you tell your husband you were pregnant? And when did you break the news to friends and family?

We had been trying for a baby, from the day we got married – we had also said we would try for a year, without pressure. I’m so grateful that it only took us 7 months. The operation to remove that Fibroid was coming up and it was the one month, I wasn’t expecting to become pregnant (see what happens when I surrendered – I’m learning.) I was 4 days late, which annoyed me because I didn’t want to be on my period, whilst in hospital. I had said to my husband that if, by the end of my radio show the following day I still hadn’t got my period, I’d buy a digital pregnancy test. That evening, we had dinner and I took the test, not really expecting a positive, because I knew I had the operation the following week. Well, it was a complete surprise (the irony – from all the previous months of hope and expectation) when the test showed: Pregnant 2-3, meaning I was 4 weeks pregnant. We both burst into happy tears, we kept hugging each other, then we sort of laughed hysterically at each other like mad people. It was such an amazing moment. I had blood tests the following morning, which confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. We cancelled the operation. It was serendipity too. My Mom and Dad live in Johannesburg and my sister and BIL live in London. I always imagined that I’d have to tell them via Skype. However, that Friday, I was scheduled to fly up to Johannesburg for a friends wedding that weekend. My sister and BIL happened to also be flying in from London for a visit, so I was actually able to tell them all in person. It was incredibly special and there was loads of excitement as it’s the first baby in our immediate family.

I told my best friend Karolina the next day when we met for coffee (erm, decaf) in JHB and a few others. BUT, because I had a few scares in the first trimester and the Fibroid caused me a lot of pain, we decided to wait for the full 12 weeks and assessment. The scan was on the 22 December, and once we were given the all clear, we made a Christmas Day announcement publicly! It was incredibly special.

Bailey Schneider 16 Weeks Pregnant Maternity Shoot 9

Dream babymoon destination?

Mauritius or somewhere local, like, the sleepy fishing town Paternoster.

What is the best pregnancy advice you have received?

Everyone keeps scaring us by telling us to sleep and enjoy watching series and movies now because you won’t be doing that for a very long time. I’ve been resting as much as possible and not feeling guilty when I have a day on the couch, even when the weather is beautiful outside. The other best advice I’ve received is to get off Google (scary place) and to choose a few close mom friends I trust and chat to them for advice. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas and it’s not that it isn’t right, it just might not be right for you. It can be very overwhelming and with the amount of knowledge available today, people tend to lean on that, instead of trusting our own maternal instincts.


Follow Bailey on Instagram and make sure you have a look at her blog, Vanilla Blonde too.



24th February 2017

Happy weekend. Here is Joburg we are in for more rain – we’ve had cold rainy weather this whole week so we’ve been doing some serious crafts, painting, house making and even shows… rainy days are long when you are a mum. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Here are some links that caught our eye this week: 

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8th February 2017
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

We are so excited to feature this beautiful mama to be. Cara is 29 weeks pregnant with her first babe and lives in London with her husband, who happened to be our cousin!  

Are you finding out the gender of your baby – why?

We decided not to find out the gender, as I have always wanted my first pregnancy to be  a complete surprise. There are such few good surprises in life and we believe this is the best one anyone could experience!.. to see if our babe is a little princess or prince! 

Tell us one thing you can’t live without while pregnant

I’ve been very fortunate to have had a very very easy pregnancy so far and haven’t had to invest in many pregnancy products to ‘ease’ my pregnancy. But I would say living in London and it being winter while I’m pregnant, I cannot live without my pregnancy tights! I’ve been living in them so far as it’s just too cold to wear dresses and uncomfortable to wear jeans all the time. 

What is your favourite beauty product while pregnant and why do you love it so much?

When I became pregnant I noticed my face became very sensitive and started using the Mama Mio 3 Step Glow which really calmed my skin down and cleared it up, along with their Tummy Rub which is amazing! I love trying new products and when I ran out about 3 weeks ago, I started using the Burt Bee’s Mama Bee range- its face day cream, night cream and it’s tummy rub- it’s also been really great and I am really loving these products! I see they also have a Baby Bee range for when the little one arrives- can’t wait to try it! I love both brands and my skin has shown that natural is better! 

What is your favourite food or are you having any cravings while pregnant?

No specific cravings as such but have most certainly given into the carbs and treats more often than usual. If anything I’ve had an aversion to certain foods (unfortunately mostly healthy ones) that I use to enjoy before pregnancy like raw spinach and chicken.

What preggy books or apps are you using?

When I fell pregnant I flooded my shelves with every “must have” book. My main focus up to date has been pregnancy and how to create a easy transition from womb to world for the baby, along with creating healthy and good sleeping habits from the get go. I have read What to Expect When You Are Expecting- Heidi Murkoff , Baby Sense and Sleep Sense- Megan Faure and Ann Richardson and  Secrets of the Baby Whisperer- Tracy Hogg which were all highly recommended! They all seem logical and practical and therefore not too overwhelming! The Apps I’m currently using are: Ovia Pregnancy and The Bump. I plan use Baby Sense when my baby is born.

How would you describe your pregnancy style and where do you shop for preggy clothes?

I haven’t had to shop for pregnancy clothes as such. I have tried to buy oversized tees and flowy dresses that I can continue to wear after pregnancy. My style has always been quite casual and relaxed. My go-to outfit is maternity tights, oversized tees and sneakers. I’m currently out in SA and loving wearing my maxi wrap dresses and sandals. I love ASOS for stylish maternity clothes that you can also wear after pregnancy. 

What is your exercise regime and how has it changed with your pregnancy?

With it being winter in London, it is very hard to get motivated but no matter what, I try to do at least an hour of exercise a day, 6 days a week. I’ve had to change my exercise regime quite a lot from weight training and vigiorous HIT cardio to own body weight exercises and light to moderate endurance cardio. It can get a bit boring so I mix it up between barre, spinning, walking and the cross trainer. For my last trimester  as my body is getting heavier and slowing down week by week, I will only do Pilates and swimming as I have researched that they are the best form of exercise while pregnant

Have you decided on a birth plan, are you going natural or having a caesar?

At the moment natural if all goes according to plan. As long as baby and I are healthy at the end I’m not fussed.  

In preparation for your baby what are your most over whelming thoughts/ worries/concerns?

That I have a healthy baby and that I will be the best mother  I can be in bringing up my child. 

How did you tell your husband you were pregnant? And when did you break the news to friends and family?

I got him his favourite food, pizza, and wrote with some sirracha sauce on the side “you going to be a daddy!”. We were both incredibly excited and filled with joy! but it felt very surreal for a while as on NHS you don’t have any blood/urine tests or ultrasounds to confirm the pregnancy until the first 12 week scan. I took about four home pregnancy tests over the first 8 weeks JUST in case and then went for a private scan at 8 weeks- it was the coolest and most overwhelming experience for both of us to see our little tot and hear it’s healthy heartbeat. We then told immediate family and one close couple at 10 weeks and then broke the news to friends and extended family at 12 weeks.  

Dream babymoon destination? 

I didn’t have a babymoon but my dream babymoon would definitely be a relaxing beach resort holiday- somewhere like Mauritius, Thailand or the Maldives, with just my husband and bump. 

What has surprised you the most about being pregnant?

 How easy my pregnancy has been so far! And that I have felt completely normal. Although I must confess I was exhausted for the first 12 weeks.. I haven’t had to change my lifestyle in any way yet except it’s become bit slower. 

What is the best pregnancy advice you have received?

To enjoy all the sleep and alone time with your husband you can get because that is going to change very soon!

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20th January 2017

Happy weekend everyone! It’s the first one being back back and we are ready for it. It’s also a huge one for the world: bye Obama, hello Trump – we’ll miss the Obamas that’s for sure. Wishing you all a wonderful one.

Here are 10 links that caught our eye this week:

The Japanese art of grieving a miscarriage

Children are eating nearly 200% more fake sugar than they were in 1999

Why Dutch children are the happiest in the world. 

An argument for letting parents bring their kids to work

A lawyer rewrote Instagram’s terms of use ‘in plain English’ so kids would know their privacy rights.

A “big sister” party – best idea!

Everyone is talking about this breast pump.

Encourage creativity in your kids. 

How to teach kindness.

Placenta smoothies. 

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