Kimmy and Bear was founded by three sisters, all in varying stages of motherhood РAlex is mama to four and a half year old Honor and three month old Jack, Bailey is mama to toddler twins Anna and Florence, and Cheska is a first time mama to baby Francie Sugar who was born in last year.

We wanted to create a space which rises above the clutter than can overwhelm you as a mother, and rather focus on the beauty of the mamahood experience. A space which inspires you – be it through nursery decor, a new clothing range, or a quick tip in the kitchen that will make your life a little easier. A space that focuses on style and beauty while carrying a babe on your hip. A space to share a glimpse into the lives of other mamas and mamas-to-be to be that may make you laugh out loud or even cry as you realise that we’re somehow connected through this journey we’re on.

And so we started Kimmy & Bear – the curated mama and babe experience. It is named after our parents whose grand children call them Kimmy and Bear.

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