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27th July 2015

When I was pregnant I felt fantastic – I was fit (thanks Yoga!), it was summer so I wore tight fitting dresses to show off my ever expanding tummy and pretty much all my time was my own – read: manicures, pedicures etc etc were a frequent occurrence. Fast forward to post-birth and suddenly I didn’t feel that fantastic. No, my pre-preggy clothes didn’t look that great anymore (thanks breastfeeding, big boobs), my tummy is not as flat as it once was, I’m over tired, non manicured and certainly not wearing super tight dresses. So what can one do to feel beautiful again?

Here are 6 things that helped me:

1. Get out of the house and walk! I took Francie Sugar for her first walk when she was 2 weeks and we have walked every single day since then, at least once. It’s amazing what the fresh air does, a change of scenery is great too and it felt fantastic to move again. I recommend investing in a carrier for you babe so walking is easy and allows for extra cuddle time.

2. The key to amazing hair when you feel like you barely have time to shower: dry hair shampoo. Trust me, it’s a life saver. My favourite is the Evo (Water Killer Dry Shampoo) but the Batiste one (available at Clicks) is great too.

3. Put your face on. Let’s face it mamas make up works wonders. The one thing that makes me feel the most fantastic are eyelash extensions, Flutter Eyelashes are my go to girls for my eyelashes. Also, do notedness estimate the value of gloss or lipstick.

4. Underwear is important. No, you won’t be wearing your pretty lace bras and panties. Bigger boobs and breast pads are a reality for any new mum but my advice is buy a couple really great feeding bras. Don’t fall for those gigantic ones that may look comfy but are impossible to hide unless you are wearing a polar neck. My favourite is the Yummy Mummy Bamboo Nursing bra, it’s amazing.

5. Go on a health kick. Breastfeeding made me completely focus on healthy food – fruit, vegetables and every morning I drink hot water with lemon – not only are lemons full of vitamin C but lemon water helps wash out any toxins in your body.

6. Go shopping! Hit the shops for new ‘mum’ outfits. Don’t wear your maternity wear and don’t worry if your property clothes don’t look or feel as great as they used to. Embrace a new style of comfy yet, stylish clothes, some flats that are easy to walk in but make you feel great. My shop of choice? Country Road – I pair great jeans with new jerseys and sneakers for a lux casual look.



24th August 2015

{Robyn Davie Photography}

Gone are the days of when getting ready would take an hour – and that didn’t include deciding what to wear. Now, as a mama, I can shower, get dressed and put on make up and get out the door in less than 20 minutes!

Here are my favourite products:

1. Flutter Eye lashes

Not really a product but a complete life changer. I head to Flutter once every three weeks for my eyelashes and come out overtime feeling like a whole new me. The benefits: no more mascara, always look amazing and wake up feeling fab. The cons: Your first set takes about 3 hours and after that each fill is one and a half hours, so call in your mum or nanny to babysit. I have also recently read a lot about how your natural eyelashes weaken so make sure you also apply Rapid Lash.

2. Incredible gloss

Glossy lips go a long way. I have a whole lot of lip sticks and gloss that you will find all over the place – about 4 in my nappy bag and at the bottom of my pram. My favourites are: Smashbox OGloss or good old Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

3. Smashbox photo finish and studio fix

My go to concealer, which smoothes out the skin and hides any midnight feed evidence from under the eyes.

4. Bronzer

I have had the comment “motherhood suits you, you’re glowing” and it’s true, I am glowing all thanks to my absolute favourite bronzer: YSL Teint Parfait. YSL can be expensive but I’ll let you in on a little secret: I was giving this bronzer from my work team when I was heading to get married which means I have had it for nearly 3 years!

5. Eyeshadow

– I like a “1 pallet/many colours” eyeshadow which is why I use Dessert Twilight Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown. Often I just use one quick colour on my eyes but if I am heading to a meeting or a coffee date then I through in a darker shade for some extra glam.



23rd July 2015


A friend of mine just found out that she is expecting and asked me what my 5 pregnancy essentials were. So here they are:

1. The Ultimate LCD (little colour dress) from Yummy Mummy. When I was pregnant it only came in black but now there are a whole bunch of colours. My advice: buy them all. It was my absolute favourite dress – comfy, fitting and made me feel fantastic! Another Yummy Mummy favourite – The Bamboo Ultimate Tank Top. This is a super comfy vest which I wore all the time. It’s easy to use for layering and super comfy. Confession – it’s the one maternity item I wear post babe too.

2. Mama Mio products – especially the Boob Tube, Tummy Rub and Liquid Yoga. Yes, okay, I loved the entire range. I used my products everyday throughout my pregnancy and I have no stretch marks so it must work. The Liquid Yoga is the ultimate addition to a relaxing bath.

3. Fab flats. I gave up on heels quite early on in my pregnancy and rather embraced fab flats. I found fantastic bling ones from River Island and a fun pair with a giant bee buckle at Zara but my everyday pairs came from Country Road. Our current choice? Seeing as it is winter, this pair from Witchery.

4. Books and apps – My favourite being What To Expect When You Are Expecting and Sprout. It’s fun to know what your baby is up to each week and which fruit you can compare your growing baby’s size to.

5. Flutter eye lashes. That’s right! Eyelash extensions are the way to go, especially near the end of your pregnancy when you are feeling a bit bloated and perhaps not that attractive. The eyelashes are one way to make you feel fab. Top tip: My back would ache is I lay on it for too long, so when you make your appointment ask them for a chair instead of a bed, it changes everything and top number two: book your nails to be done at the same time, nothing like a foot massage to help you relax.


5 things I did upon reaching 40 weeks

23rd March 2015

I reached 40 weeks pregnant this week, the bump is bigger than ever and I suppose the arrival of my little one is getting closer and closer.

Here are 5 things I have done to relax and perhaps bring on babe:

1. Mani and Pedi. What better way to feel fantastic than a deluxe mani and pedi. I have opted for Gellish on my feet (colour: Stand Out) and on my hands, I simply went for a buff and no paint. The deluxe pedi has done wonders for my tired, swollen feet and I went for Gellish so that I know the paint colour will look great for quite a few weeks.

2. I had my hair blow dried… twice in one week! And I think I may go again today. I hit the Sorbet Dry Bar for a quick and super reasonable ‘pick me up’ blow dry.

3. I had my eyelashes extended. This isn’t only a 40 week thing. I have my eyelashes extended once a month at Flutter Eyelash but just in case, since 36 weeks I have been having them every two weeks so that they still look great if baby comes. It’s my one beauty luxury I don’t think I could ever give up. Advice: If you are far into your pregnancy insist on a chair rather than a bed, I learnt the hard way that lying on your back for that long is not comfy.

4. I use Jojoba oil every morning and every night on my boobs. Jojoba oil is one of the purest oils and feels amazing on my skin. It moisturises and apparently the rubbing motion will get breastfeeding going when the time is right. I have also packed a small bottle for at the hospital.

5. Acupuncture. Are you an acupuncture fan? I have only ever had acupuncture for back pain and sinus before but on Thursday I went for acupuncture specifically for labour. It was amazing. I feel fantastic. I’m heading there again this week if the babe isn’t making a move. (In Jo’burg I visited Dr Wepener, who is also a Homeopath).

Other fun things I have done: went for a long walk with Hugolyne and Honor, lunch at Koi and played with twins who keep pointing to my belly and saying “pop”.

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