23rd February 2016

The other day we took our babes to the Johannesburg Zoo for the afternoon. Every time I go, I am reminded what a great outing it is for children and adults. Here are nine reasons why it’s one of our favourite things to do in the city:

1. It’s outside. In Joburg we are blessed with close-to-perfect weather we may as well embrace being outdoors as much as possible.


2. During the week there are no crowds. In fact, you hardly bump into anyone else at all so it’s like having a giant playground all to yourself.


3. Aside from the odd zoo truck, there are no cars so it’s a great place to walk with my twins. I don’t need to carry them across busy roads or worry about them running too far. I always take the pram because you can cover quite a distance and walking is less fun at the end of the outing.


4. The animals provide endless entertainment, learning, and talking points. As the zoo is so vast, we only choose a few animals each outing so we can spend time at each one.


5. It’s around the corner from where we live and there’s loads of parking. I always used to think going to the zoo was a big mission that needs lots of planning but it is a really easy outing.


6. There’s plenty of shade, open lawns, and jungle gyms which makes it a great place to meet up for playdates (and to escape the summer heat).


7. Where else do you get to see an elephant when you’re living in the city?


8. I love my kids getting to know the animals and learn their names. The farmyard is a hit with my toddlers and seeing Crown and Tom Tom the horses is a highlight. They also love the owls. We are still getting used to the spider monkeys.


9. You can purchase an annual pass. This is not only a great way to support the zoo, but it also pays off if you visit 9 times a year. Children under three go free. I love having an annual pass as you don’t need to pay each time you go so even short visits in an afternoon are worthwhile.


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