20th August 2015

I first travelled with Francie Sugar when she was only 4 weeks old. Leading up to the trip away I started to get nervous, at 3 weeks I was ready to cancel, at 4 weeks, I was so excited! And it was fantastic. (Here are the family pics if you would like to see). I travelled again with Francie Sugar when she just turned 4 months old, again it was fantastic to get out of the city and have a change of scenery. We’re off again this weekend.

Are you headed away with a tiny baby? Here are my top tips:

1. It’s all about the wrap. I used my NooNoo Pie wrap for both trips and it made travelling a breeze. Francie slept peacefully on the Gautrain and at the airport, while at the same time my hands were free for tickets, smoothies and nappy bags.

2. Timing is key. Don’t worry if you are at the airport 3 hours before you are supposed to be, time your journey to make it easiest for you. I planned my timing so that I would feed once I had checked through – ensuring I didn’t have a screaming baby while trying to check in, or unpacking my iPad at security. And I made sure that I had enough time to get her to sleep before we boarded so that she barely noticed all the changes from airport to bus to plane.


3. Less is more. Take as little as possible with you, or load your husband up. I kept the contents of my nappy bag to a minimum. I had my “on-the-go nanny kit” and a change of clothes for Francie and that’s pretty much it. The last thing you need is things falling out your bag, your bag being too heavy or unable to find that towel/nappy/distraction rattle when you need it.

4. Give up on all pre-baby travel habits like airport coffees, magazine buying or the like. I still hit Kauai for a smoothie but seriously? When would I read a magazine anyway. Same with refreshments on the plane – make sure you have eaten before you take off. You don’t need to be keeping a baby entertained/asleep and still trying to eat your airplane peanuts.

5. Forget about those around you. Yes, a crying baby is not the happiest sound but I guarantee you it’s the worst for the mama and what makes it even worst if you are self-conscious and stressed out about the crying. No baby died of crying and no one died from hearing a baby cry. Other passengers may offer you advice, again this makes this things worse. Remember that you know your babe so you know what it needs be it sleep, kisses or a feed. A babies’ ears can block up so I fed Francie Sugar during take off and landing but if your baby takes a dummy I would suggest having that on hand too.



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  • Reply T 20th August 2015 at 11:56 am

    Beautiful post! I’m book marking it for future use. Safe and happy travels this weekend. I do enjoy the little photo bomber in your last pic xxx

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