24th August 2015

{Robyn Davie Photography}

Gone are the days of when getting ready would take an hour – and that didn’t include deciding what to wear. Now, as a mama, I can shower, get dressed and put on make up and get out the door in less than 20 minutes!

Here are my favourite products:

1. Flutter Eye lashes

Not really a product but a complete life changer. I head to Flutter once every three weeks for my eyelashes and come out overtime feeling like a whole new me. The benefits: no more mascara, always look amazing and wake up feeling fab. The cons: Your first set takes about 3 hours and after that each fill is one and a half hours, so call in your mum or nanny to babysit. I have also recently read a lot about how your natural eyelashes weaken so make sure you also apply Rapid Lash.

2. Incredible gloss

Glossy lips go a long way. I have a whole lot of lip sticks and gloss that you will find all over the place – about 4 in my nappy bag and at the bottom of my pram. My favourites are: Smashbox OGloss or good old Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

3. Smashbox photo finish and studio fix

My go to concealer, which smoothes out the skin and hides any midnight feed evidence from under the eyes.

4. Bronzer

I have had the comment “motherhood suits you, you’re glowing” and it’s true, I am glowing all thanks to my absolute favourite bronzer: YSL Teint Parfait. YSL can be expensive but I’ll let you in on a little secret: I was giving this bronzer from my work team when I was heading to get married which means I have had it for nearly 3 years!

5. Eyeshadow

– I like a “1 pallet/many colours” eyeshadow which is why I use Dessert Twilight Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown. Often I just use one quick colour on my eyes but if I am heading to a meeting or a coffee date then I through in a darker shade for some extra glam.

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  • Reply T 24th August 2015 at 12:16 pm

    You always look so glam!! Thanks for these tips. I’ll be using that eye shadow tip too. This stuff is great even for us single girls xxx

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