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15th March 2017

As your babes get older, they get more and more difficult to photograph as they are always on the move. We asked super star photographer Robyn Davie for her top tips for photographing toddlers:

Be prepared to get moving – toddlers (when awake) are always on the move – get on your feet and follow them!


Get down on their level. Yip, on your hands and knees, as close to the ground as possible. This is super fun for close-ups, and for seeing the world from their angle.


Fill the whole frame with the little munchkin. An attention grabbing pic excludes the background, and pulls all the attention onto your baba!


Let them be kids! Smiling for the camera is lovely, but let’s see some funny faces 🙂


Capture the every day moments. Yip, a posed pic when everyone is dressed up in their Sunday best is gorgeous, but I love the tiny in-between moments – the early morning deliciousness of a just-woken-up baba, the toddler who thinks bath time is as fun as pool time, and the quiet concentration of a little one completely absorbed in a moment of play.


Follow Robyn on Instagram and book a photo session with her – we all know mamas need more pics of themselves and their babes.



14th March 2017

We are all about reading at the moment, before bed and after we wake up, during dinner and lunch and breakfast and all the time in between. Francie Sugar likes the same stories over and over and while I try to mix things up a bit (for her sake as well as mine) but these are the 10 we always fall back on.

  1. Peter Rabbit (or in Francie’s language Bunny Peter) by Beatrix Potter
  2. Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson (she knows this one off by heart)
  3. The Tiger Who came to Tea by Judith Kerr
  4. The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson
  5. Hairy Macular from Donaldson’s Dairy by Lynley Dodd
  6. Mog and Barnaby by Judith Kerr
  7. Tiger in a Tutu by Fabi Santiago
  8. How to Hide a Lion by Helen Stephens
  9. Angelina Ballerina by Katherine Holabird and Helen Craig
  10. Oi Dog by Key & Claire Gray and Jim Field

What are your and your little one’s favourite books? I’d love to hear!



13th March 2017
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Week 45: We took it slow this week as you are still recovering from your time in hospital. We had to head back to the hospital each morning so that you could get your antibiotics via your drip. I was dreading it – knowing how scared you were and how much you hated it there I was anxious about your crying and fear. But I was wrong. We took Kimmy along with us and you showed off to her, calling Park Lane “my hospital” and walking down the passages confidently as you knew the way. You lifted your arm up and said “my drip” which of course broke my heart.

Since being in hospital you are more wary of strangers and new places, sticking close to me and not wanting strangers near us. I understand why. Sometimes when you are out you say “home” just like ET.


Week 46: We are back in the rhythm of being at home but you are missing your twins. They have now started school so we don’t see them as much as we are used to. You ask each morning with excitement “Bailey? Nana? Florence?” and when we aren’t seeing them I see the disappointment in your eyes.

Each Wednesday Jack comes to play at our house while Wiggy fetches Honor from school. It is so sweet to watch the two of you play and negotiate around each other. You try your best to be the big cousin, clutching his hand and saying in your sweet voice “tum Jack Jack I show you” sometimes he obliges and follows you around the house, other times he doesn’t which you don’t understand and you try in a slower, louder voice “I show you”.


Week 47: We went to your first dress up party this week. You wore your ballet dress and a cape. Your ballet dress is your favourite thing I think. You wear it from morning to bed at home and when we leave the house it comes with us in my bag. Your ballet shoes are old slip slops of Honor’s and those come along too. You were terribly excited to wear your ballet skirt and cape out of the house. You walked around at home excitedly and got in the car with enthusiasm but as we reached the party you stripped down to your leggings and onesie and that was that.

Our naps on weekends are often together, I fall asleep while putting you down and we end up spending the entire time curled up in your big chair. I love it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Week 48: It’s been a week of rainy, cold weather. Not the kind of rain that stops for a few hours so you can venture outside, no- rainy, rainy weather. We aren’t used to this kind of weather and days that we cant go outside! We got creative with our indoor play with dressing up and painting, clay cakes and tea parties, teepee houses and so many stories, long naps too.



11th March 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.15.22 PM

Chrissy Teigen and baby Luna via Instagram 

Happy weekend mamas. There is a strange autumn feel in the air this weekend and I am not sure I am ready for winter to be on its way. We hit the park this morning and convincing a toddler that she needs shoes and a jersey was like negotiating a high level contract – I couldn’t help but think “how am I going to do this all winter long?”

Here are Kimmy & Bear HQ we are busy busy – working hard on Design Joburg and a couple cool Spaces for some fun clients. I am also starting to prepare for Francie’s 2nd birthday – break my mama heart!

Here are some links that caught our eye this week, enjoy! 

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9th March 2017
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We pride ourselves in organisation but Carla, from Pretty Organised, takes things to a whole new level. Over the next few weeks Carla will be sharing her top tips for how us mamas can get seriously organised. Carla is also mama of 2 year old Nikolaas, so she knows all about organizing meals and meal planning. Here are her tips to make things a little bit easier: 

Grocery shopping trip

In my opinion this is the start to feeding your family healthy meals. Choose a day  to plan meals for the week ahead and a time when you are relaxed and calm to plan. I usually plan on a Sunday afternoon or first thing on Monday morning. Keep a shopping list in your kitchen, best on your fridge, and write down what you run out of  during the week.

Organising your fridge

Make a point to clean out your fridge regularly, every two weeks to one month. This will give you more space to organise new and fresh ingredients. Use plastic containers to put certain items together, for example different kinds of cheese. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when your fridge is over-full. Also, things get hidden in the back, lost behind the mustard. Don’t let things go bad. Keep your fridge airy and light, with a sensible, realistic amount of food in it.


Meals are easier and quicker to prepare if you keep your pantry well-stocked. Stock up on basic foods that can be kept like rice and dry pasta.

Collecting recipes

Personally I like to collect recipes from different sources. Create a place to save recipes and keep it simple. Do whatever works easily for you and don’t get caught up in a system. Meal planning is a really personal thing. What works for you may not work for me. The goal, I think, is to find a process that is both enjoyable and effective. Remember to ask your family what they like to eat. I get extra inspired when I feel like I’m cooking a meal as a gift.

Collect recipes that are both easy and a little more difficult. This way you can give yourself a break towards the end of the week with quick meals. Plan ahead to double recipes so that you can freeze some meals for when you know it will be harder to cook healthy meals.

Cooking time

I found that the time I take to cook a meal has a lot to do with how well I prepared the meal. I  set aside time to prepare our evening meal in the afternoon when Nikolaas takes his nap. This way I am focused, quick and efficient with getting the meal prepared. I set the table, fill the water jug and feel excited for our time as a family together.

Having a meal together

As a family we try to have dinner by 18:00. This has been a good routine for us and it has some great benefits. One is that we eat together at a reasonable time, two once Nikolaas is in bed we have the evening to ourselves and can relax together. Some people prefer to cook dinner once the kids are in bed and that is great, if you prefer that way.

Chef night’s off

Having one day a week where you don’t cook can be a real treat and a nice family ritual. If you have bigger kids, let them prepare a meal for the family or have take-out at home. There are so many healthy options these days for takeout and it is great to give the cook a night off .

Let kids help in the kitchen

About a month ago I brought a little plastic step for Nikolaas to stand on. It is not always possible but he loves to help in the kitchen. . Giving a simple task such as  stirring or chopping, putting peas in a pot just before dinner time  can go along way In encouraging a little one to eat. Children enjoy helping to  prepare food and then eating it!

Click here for tips on how to organise all those toys in your house and here on how to organise your baby’s room. 



8th March 2017



Mom’s come up with the best ideas about what other moms need and this idea is no exception. A former teacher, and now mother, Paula has just launched Bumble Box, a coffee table art book of all your kid’s art. We chatted to her about what inspired Bumble Box, and how exactly it works.


Tell us a bit about yourself 

My name is Paula, I live in Johannesburg and last year in June our Harry was born. I couldn’t believe how much I would love being his mum. So after teaching for the past 9 years I made the emotional decision to take an extended break so I could spend as much time as possible with our little boy.  All this new found “freedom” had me feeling a bit itchy to try something new.


What is Bumble Box?

Bumble Box takes children’s artwork and turns them into beautiful bespoke coffee table books. This can include letters, pottery, short stories or any special keepsakes you wish to display.


What inspired the idea to start Bumble Box?

As a teacher I know the amount of artwork that was being sent home. I know how emotionally hard it is to throw it away. I also know how frustrating it is to take up so much storage space. Children take such pride in their artwork. They often associate memories, facts and feelings when going through their art. I had been playing with the idea for some time, I even tried to convince my husband (who has a digital agency) that this is what parents really needed and that he should do this. After I resigned I knew it was the perfect time to test the waters. The complete wonderment and awe on my 4 year old nieces face when she looked through her own book made me realize just how important the sense of belonging is, and something as simple as seeing your art proudly displayed can be in a little persons life. Not to mention the slick design that will compliment your homes decor.


How does it work?

The whole process is aimed to make it as simple and convenient as possible for the busy parent. The easy to use step by step online ordering process allows for the box to be delivered to your home or work place. The hard part will be picking which art to pop in the box. Once you have finished selecting and packing a courier will come and collect the box from either your home or work place.  After the artwork has been professionally photographed and creatively curated into the coffee table book, your art and book will be delivered back to you.


Typically how long does it take?

4 – 5 weeks


We are so excited to be doing a give away with Bumble Box. You can win a bespoke, wheatlam hardcover coffee table book customized with 60 pieces of your child’s art, valued at R1,550.

To enter, like Bumble Box on Facebook, and comment below telling us why you would love to win this prize.


For more information on Bumble Box, and to keep up to date with their beautiful creations, follow them on:

instgram: @bumble_box




6th March 2017

As we begin a new month we cannot believe it is March already! Where the heck did January and February go. Here at Kimmy & Bear HQ we are full steam ahead with some exciting Kimmy & Bear Spaces projects, including Design Joburg (coming up in May). Also this month: As much as it is almost impossible to believe (or perhaps I just have classic mama denial) Francie Sugar turns 2!

So, as we start March (and Autumn) here are some of the things that are on our radar for mamas this month:

  • Do you follow Mother of Daughters on Instagram (and her equally funny FOD). I am pretty new to these two and cannot get enough. Confession: I am obsessed with Clemmie’s Instagram videos: she is the only person whose instagram videos I watch. Anyway, she wrote a book “How to Grow a Baby *And Push it out” which I have ordered even though I am not expecting or trying to “grow a baby” but everything I have read about it sounds fantastic that I just had to get my hands on it. So if you are pregnant, or want to be, make sure you don’t miss this one.
  • Bailey discovered the most beautiful underwear that we have seen in a long time: Nette Rose and it is made right here in Cape Town. The design is beautiful and the fabric soft. We want it all.
  • I recently found this basket at the Bryanston Organic Market and love it. It’s so refreshing to use something other than a boring old Nanny Bag and I love taking a basket when I hit a play date in the park and I must admit I love the way it looks.
  • Between the beautiful packaging, and the completely natural ingredients, Aesop products feel super luxurious to use. My favourite product is the facial scrub but I’ve just spoilt myself with the Lucent Facial Concentrate serum and I can’t wait to try it.


1st March 2017


We pride ourselves in organisation but Carla, from Pretty Organised, takes things to a whole new level. Over the next few weeks Carla will be sharing her top tips for how us mamas can get seriously organised. Carla is also mama of 2 year old Nikolaas, so she knows all about organizing a baby’s room for optimum ease and efficiency.

Keep the décor simple and calm

When you arrive home with your little bundle, the nursery is where you will spend most of your time. Feeding, changing and stimulating your baby. When decorating your nursery, keep the décor simple and calm. Invest in a good chair for feeding. Have a small table setup next to the chair with a lamp and a water jug. Make sure when organising your nursery that you keep in mind that in a blink of an eye your baby will be a toddler and the space will need to transform quickly to meet their growing needs.

Changing station

One of the most important areas to organise in the nursery is definitely the changing station. Put together an organised system that is easy for you to use and also to maintain. I found that plastic containers or wire baskets for bum cream, wipes, cotton balls etc. work well. A helpful tip is to fill these up with those items before your little one arrives so you don’t need to worry about running out during the first few weeks.

Keep in mind that you’re going to have to use the changing table at night time as well as during the day, so it’s helpful to have small lamp beside it, preferably the one  beside your feeding chair.

There are usually many necessities in a nursery that can’t easily be hidden away, but that can create clutter. For example, little things like nail clippers and medicine spoons. Store them in cute decorative jars by the changing station.


If you are using a chest of drawers, I would recommend labelling the drawers with  name tags or pictures. For the hanging closet, you can use the same method to divide clothing on hangers.

Nikolaas had a cupboard with a few small drawers. I categorised the clothing according to months with separate drawers for socks, vests and blankets. Once he outgrew clothing I neatly packed it away. After about three to six months I gathered all the clothing together and put it in a Vac Bag.

The Extras

Keep some storage bins in the closet where you store all of the extras and so not to clutter up your space. Here you can put all the clothes that don’t fit, extra nappies and all the toys that your baby is not playing with at the moment. Label all the bins and containers so you can easily see what is in them.

Some tips for older children

Label the closet with days of the week, you can set your child’s clothes out in advance which makes that morning routine run a little smoother.

Storage can be stylish for all ages. You can swop plastic containers for wooden boxes or beautiful baskets as your children grow older.

Click here for tips on how to organise all those toys in your house! 

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