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25th January 2017


As I head off to a meeting this morning I can’t help but wonder how all the working mamas do it! Here we asked some of our favourite South African mom-trepeneurs their top tips for work/motherhood balance.

Anna from Umati

“It’s difficult for most mothers to juggle both – at some stage we have the mommy guilt creeping in. I think if you do either, work or being a mommy, don’t do it half-heartedly. You’ll end up feeling even more guilty and disappointed. Do both with enthusiasm, you will feel content that you’ve done your best when you’re spending time at work or with your littlies.”

Liza from Storytime Club and Copy Ink

Find the balance that works best for you! We are all different and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for the way you juggle being a working mama. It’s a tough job!

Rebecca from Fancypants

Spend time at the end of each day/week planning the next (whether it is for work, kids, holidays – whatever it is).  It just helps to free your mind so that you don’t wake up in the night with lists and worries running through your head.  I also find a nice glass or two of red wine when the kids are tucked up in bed helps a lot.

Chereen from For the Beauty of It

Working with a life coach really helped me to establish what my priorities are and to put boundaries into place, especially in terms of my work. Me-time is also really important to me – that saying about not being able to pour from an empty cup really resonates with me! And one last thing: stop comparing yourself to others! This has been my biggest downfall in the past; constantly looking to other moms for inspiration, but finding that all it did was make me feel even worse about myself. You never know what’s really going on in someone else’s life, so quit trying to be what you’re not and just do you.

Kalika of Amavi

Quality time over quantity time, both in work and with my kiddos. Also, I made a decision that I wanted to show my girls that mommy also has interests other than just being their mom. Yes, that is my number 1 job and the most important one, but I want them to see me achieving certain of my own dreams/goals. I’m still an individual even though I’m part of a loving household. Healthy family makes everything else possible.

Leila of Pass the Salt

Try and take a ten minute breather with a cup of tea, coffee, juice, water, whatever. Before you start the tidying up, the washing up, the ironing, whatever it is. Ten minutes is all it takes to regain your thoughts and ensure that things continue to run smoothly.

Lynette from Nicky Arthur PR

Do the best you can, plan ahead as much as possible and enjoy your children – set a good example about work and work ethic, but always let them know that they come first.



24th January 2017

Week 36: Summer is the best isn’t it? You love it when you can take your clothes off and wonder around in the nude, at Kimmy & Bear’s house on a Sunday or after dinner at home. We seem to have gotten into a little after dinner routine with Honor and Jack, they come over and play until we walk home with them again before bath. You love it – you run to greet Honor and follow her around the house showing her things. You try to share with Jack too even though it is hard for you.

We gave you your Christmas present early this year. Your little wooden kitchen on one rainy Saturday afternoon. It really is your favourite thing and we all spend ages cooking in your kitchen. Your favourite story is The Ginger Bread Man and I think one of the reasons why you love your kitchen so much is that your wooden ginger bread biscuit was put in the kitchen’s oven as soon as you saw it and it has not come out since. Each time you ask you say “no ready”.


Week 37: This past weekend we spent at Leopard Creek in the Lowveld, it was just your mama, papa and ouma and you. Your favourite thing was swimming so we would spend most days in the big pool, cooling down and singing all the songs that you know from your swimming lessons with Judy. Then you discovered the water slide with you papa which you loved! You would go on it “again” and “again”. You would get so excited as you climbed the stairs with your papa and then wave “hi” to us while I waited at the end for you.

You also learnt all about mosquito repellent – reminding me to rub you each time we left our room, even lifting your hands as if asked to do so. But the most amusing part of the holiday was that the shower had “no door” which you told anyone that would listen. At first you didn’t even think I should shower with no door but once you got used to it, you knew that your explaination of “no door” was amusing us so you would say it over and over.

You also loved the golf carts and watching the fan go “round and round” but were not a fan of all the animals that we spotted from the house and would say “bye ellie” and go inside whenever you saw them (or hippos, monkeys, buck or anything else you spied).

One night you woke in the middle of the night and asked for milkies, when I said no you asked “just a bit please mama” which of course broke my heart.


Week 38: Some time at home before we headed off on holiday. You loved having your papa around for more than just mornings and you thrived playing with your cousins. We celebrated your papa’s and Honor’s birthday all day on Sunday 18th December. First we spent the morning at Honor’s house, opening presents and having breakfast and then the afternoon at home for tea, dinner and bath time. We hardly saw you, following your cousins around but every now and then (like you do whenever we are at parties or around lots of people) you took a timeout. Coming to sit down with me, with your binkie and your thumpie and having a little break. This moment was caught taking a time out with Granny – your great granny aka Sugar, who you are named after. The days drift away, often not captured so although she is around us all the time I don’t have many pictures of you together – of course one does not snap Saturday morning breakfast or grocery shopping but here you are together and this is one of my favourite pictures.

You are playing more and more games with us, hiding and saying “where me” or asking “where ma thumpie?” after bath. I now wrap you with one hand out of the towel so that it is easy access to sucking. Of course your binkie and your thumpie continual to be your favourite things, resting quietly on my shoulder with you are tired or need comforting.


Week 39: Hello holiday! We made the trip to Southbroom this year – Granny, Kimmy, Bear, Bailey, JanJan, Hugolyne and Guy and all you cousins. We all stayed in one big house and spent the week having long meals, beach visits and afternoon swims. Before bath we would go for long walks on the golf course and bath tubs filled with little bods. You thrived of course – the sea air took over your curls and made you eat well and sleep well. You love having such easy access to your cousins – finding your own way to their bedrooms and jumping in bed with them or playing with their toys and reading their books to your hearts desire.

You loved the plane ride, explain to us on a daily basis that you went “op op op” in the plane with the suitcases while your papa drove mama’s car. You didn’t love the beach. Surprising I know but you would rather we didn’t go, staying hooked on my hip and asking to leave from the moment you saw it. You would put up with it slightly if we were under the umbrella and you were distracted with sandcastles – again the ones that your cousins built were best. But we didn’t dare take you near the sea.

Each morning I would sneak you into Kimmy and Bear’s room and you would spend the early mornings with them, chatting to Bear in bed and Kimmy gave you breakfast. Of course your possession of “ma mimi” was strongly felt and you would leap up to her hip each time you sensed someone else may be aiming for the same spot.

Christmas morning was beyond exciting for you – you knew something was up and though father Christmas gifts were amazing that they kept coming out of your stocking – each one you pulled out was met with an excited enthusiastic “wow”. Then more presents under the tree pretty much blew your mind – even if they weren’t for you, you loved to hand them out and help everyone with the opening.

Our Christmas Day had a sad taint to it – your papa’s papa passed away and you knew something was up. One day we will tell you all about him.



23rd January 2017
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Amanda Watters is one of my favourite Insta-moms (is that a thing?). She is my kind of home-maker: her simplicity in the home inspires me, her three kids are all kinds of adorable, and her insights into the beauty of every day life are thoughtful, well written, and really connect with you.



20th January 2017

Happy weekend everyone! It’s the first one being back back and we are ready for it. It’s also a huge one for the world: bye Obama, hello Trump – we’ll miss the Obamas that’s for sure. Wishing you all a wonderful one.

Here are 10 links that caught our eye this week:

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A “big sister” party – best idea!

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Encourage creativity in your kids. 

How to teach kindness.

Placenta smoothies. 



17th January 2017
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I can’t believe two weeks ago we were probably sitting under an umbrella on the beach, feet in the sand, drying off from a swim in the waves. From the moment you arrive back home, holidays feel so long ago. I think in part because they are a change in scenery, but also because they are a complete change from every day life.


We spent our Christmas holiday with our whole family on the Natal coast. And although we were brought up going to this area, we haven’t all been on a beach holiday together since we were young. I get nostalgic returning here – the smells of the tropical vegetation under foot as you make your way down to the beach through a jungle-like canopy, and the sticky feeling of salt water drying on your skin, and the sight of tropical leaves lining every street bring back so many memories as we create new ones with our own children. Our barefoot days were spent going to the beach with the kids piled in the boot of the car amongst umbrellas and boogie boards and buckets, dips in the pool, late afternoon walks on the golf course, long swims in the sea, juicy litchis and mince pies and Christmas-pudding-ice-cream, little cousins who were barely apart, and early mornings with the smell of the ocean and suncream more than hinting at what the day will hold.


Here are a few snaps from our time away.



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We hope you had a happy break, whether at home or away. One thing is for certain, looking at everyone’s holiday snaps from the passed month, we really live in a beautiful country with amazing places to go and explore.



16th January 2017

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious the time is you have to spend whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savoured.” Earl Nightingale


Welcome back to a brand new year. I love a fresh start, a blank diary, and a full year ahead. It makes me pause, reflect, and think about where I want to focus my energy and attention over the next 12 months. The words above really resonate with me because if there is one thing I have learnt being a parent it is the importance of being present. This idea is not a new one but I like to remind myself of it each year.


May 2017 be a good year for you. A year full of moments that bring you happiness, joy, surprise, challenge, adventure, health, growth, and love. Because it is the moments which make up our days which will make up the the whole year.

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