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31st October 2016

Oh my goodness I wish I had seen these baby baskets before Francie Sugar was born, I definitely would have bought one. Design Dua is really the greatest – they work together with rural artists to make high quality handmade craft. They use modern designs to influence traditional african craft to make the most beautiful products for your home. Visit their Etsy store for easy shopping.








27th October 2016

Lately we have really loved the events that Konfetti Love have put together. I mean, do you follow them on Instagram – serious party envy. With Halloween just around the corner, and many head out this weekend for trick-or-treating we wanted to share this super fun Halloween shoot that Konfetti Love did.

halloween-2016-21 halloween-2016-28




Styling and Decor by Konfetti Love. Photography by Littish Photography. Cake & Biscuits by Koekemakranka. Macarons by Freckled Ginger   



26th October 2016

We chatted to Lara – cofounder of Rush to find out more about these bars. Lara is a business woman and mom who understands and appreciates the need for natural food solutions for growing bodies and minds.

Tell us about Rush and your philosophy.

At Rush we’re led by an overarching obsession to turn the tide against chronic disease by providing access to healthier food and lifestyle choices. These healthy choices we believe should be instilled at as young an age as possible.

Having studied Perinatal Health and Nutrition I realised the importance of nutrition in promoting holistic health and the wellbeing of families. Seeing first-hand the double burden of disease in Africa where 65% of adult deaths are attributable to chronic disease driven largely by society’s addiction to fat, salt and sugar, together with 45% of children’s deaths attributed to malnutrition (with children in sub-Saharan Africa more than 14 times likely to die before the age of 5 than children in developed regions) I felt compelled to do something!

That ‘something’ was the inspiration for RUSH! A range of raw, free-from* (*dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, soy, refined sugars, preservatives, additives), proudly South African wholefood solutions designed to fuel adventure and health rather than addiction and disease. In a society where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take time out and prepare food the way it should be- naturally- I teamed up with old school friend, and now qualified chef and performance nutrition expert, Gavin Memper to develop food solutions that offered on-the-go convenience and ingredients that are free from toxins and are fed as close to their natural state as possible. This ensures the range is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre- ideal for boosting brain and body development!

Tell us about the new kids bars. 

Anel Bruns- a mom of two- joined the team this year and became the catalyst for the launch of the kiddies range. We had heard from so many parents how difficult it was to find healthy food options for their children. We’d also been told stories from teachers who were shocked at what comes to school in lunchboxes and who then have to try and control a classroom after the sugar high of break-time sets in and we’d heard countless stories from dieticians- and more recently doctors- who attest to the benefits of a wholefood, free-from, raw diet in the quest for a healthy gut and the importance of this in pursuit of overall wellness. The gap in the market was very clear to us and having just been awarded PnP Most Innovative Product in their inaugural Boost Your Biz competition for these solutions really drove home the fact that we were on the right track!

Rush Monkey Bars (with their distinct banana bread taste, without the bread;-) were created to provide little monkeys with the raw energy needed to explore their world to the full and to fuel their active and growing bodies.  The bars contain baobab which is rich in bone building calcium and camu camu a superfood known to be chock full of vitamin C for a strong and healthy immune system. They are free from all the bad stuff- preservatives, soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, additives and refined sugars- making them the natural choice in combating hyperactivity. Finally, the fact that they are made with calming (complex) carbohydrates makes them ideal for school lunchboxes where the only ape they’ll be going is for goodness!


Rush Grizzly Bars are designed to RAW with a chocolaty flavour and provide the bare-necessities for active and growing minds. The bars are high in protein keeping free-range kids ‘full and satisfied’ for longer. They contain flaxseed which is rich in Omega 3 and known to promote concentration, whilst camu camu provides the necessary vitamin C for a strong and healthy immune system. They are free from all the bad stuff- preservatives, soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, additives and refined sugars- making them the natural choice in combating hyperactivity. Finally, the fact that they are made with calming (complex) carbohydrates makes them the ideal ‘anywhere-anytime’ snacks- you may want to keep them in your CUBby-hole if you know what we mean!


What is in the bar?

Monkey Bar sole ingredients:

  • Dates
  • Almonds
  • Banana
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Baobab
  • Camu camu

Grizzly Bar sole ingredients:

  • Dates
  • Almonds
  • Coconut
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Raisins
  • Flaxseed
  • Camu camu
  • Cacao

All bars are raw, local, paleo, vegan, high protein, high fibre, low GI and free-from all the bad stuff like gluten, wheat, soy, refined sugars, preservatives, additives, eggs and dairy.

As a mom yourself, why do you think this is a great snack option for kids?

They are snack options specifically designed for the day-to-day demands placed on our children’s bodies and minds and are made from real wholefood ingredients whose names you don’t need a PhD in chemistry to read- this gives me great comfort as a mom. The focus is very much on functional foods and away from the need to supplement with vitamins and minerals- which makes this such a convenient food choice, which is a complete thumbs up from me as a working mom…The packaging too conveys the message that by making healthy choices kids are their own superheroes- which is definitely a message we feel should be promulgated in a society where making healthy choices is becoming increasingly difficult as we learn early on to compromise.

What inspired you to launch a kids bar?

It originated from a personal struggle to find Tyler (my 6 year old son) food options that didn’t aggravate his nervous system and thus were free from the bad stuff we find in our food system today that is used to enhance taste and extend shelf-life and this battle to find any food free-from gluten, additives, preservatives, sugars, diary and/or soy is real! In addition to this we have a real heart for children in SA and with the stat you read above- that 45% of children’s deaths are attributed to malnutrition- we’d really like to in some small way change this by looking to provide more awareness around the need for and access to healthy foods for children in this country.

Where are they available?

Wellness Warehouse, Jackson’s Real Food Market, Fuel, and online for now, with PnP, Dischem and Food Lovers on the cards for early next year- just in time for the Back-to-School Rush;-)

Price point? R12 for a 25g bar.

Any other kids products in the works? 

We are always thinking about what next and have been experimenting with different flavours, different formats i.e. nibbles and different local ingredients that foster the upliftment of rural communities like moringa. Our heart is to make this optimal nutrition available to all levels of society so we continue to look for more sustainable protein sources like insect- and pea-protein which we have also been trialling.



24th October 2016

{Robyn Davie Photography for Kimmy & Bear Spaces}

I don’t know about you but I find toys are either a hit or  a miss. Often the things that I think will be “the best toy ever” ends up hardly used while others that are a quick buy keep Francie Sugar entertained for hours.

It’s amazing to see Francie Sugar play with toys in a new way. Now that she is a bit older she spends more time figuring out how things work and then enjoys those toys she likes for longer, remembering them and looking for them in the house – sightly difficult to do toy rotation with these ones!

At the moment these are Francie Sugar’s favourite toys – they have been an absolute hit!

KidO Myland Horse (from Yummy Mummy & Baby)


Well, horses and their clip-clop sound are one of Francie’s fascinations at the moment and this toy horse is fantastic. The little girl rider fits into the horse and then the horse makes a clip-clop noise. Francie Sugar loves being in control of the sound and makes sure the girl fits in correctly. She then excitedly says “mama” to show me that the girl is indeed riding the horse! Much excitement! I was worried that she would get tired of the horse once she worked it out, but she has played with it everyday since we bought this new toy and if you are a visitor to our house it’s the first thing she will show you.

Also isn’t the design great? I want all the items for our collection!

Le Toy Van Ice Cream Sundaele_toy_van_blue_ice_cream_sundae__93797-1412810784-1280-1280I am the biggest fan of wooden toys – they just look fantastic don’t they? And Le Toy Van makes really cool products for kids. This sundae has been an absolute hit. It’s  a stacking toy only better for independent play as the rings can go on in any order ,except for the cherry on top! But funnily enough what makes this toy so great is the straw. Francie spends ages putting the straw in the right place and experimenting by putting the straw through the other holes. This has become our morning toy – I keep it for when  this mama needs an extra few minutes shut eye or time in the shower to wash her hair.

PlayMobil 123 Airport Bus (from Greenbusters Toy Shop)


I love the 123 range from PlayMobil – it is perfect for Francie’s age as she can open and close and manage all the bits. I made the mistake of buying her some PlayMobil which is from the more advanced range and it’s a bit tiny for her to manage on her own.

This airport bus was one of the toys we took on our trip overseas and it was a savior. It’s pretty much the only thing Francie played with for 10days and when we got home she still wasn’t tired of it. The bus comes with 4 little people who can sit in the bus and four suitcases that go in the compartments underneath. Apart from being great fun to play with, I liked having a toy that linked to being on holiday – it was so much fun to play with the bus, then ride the bus and play with the suitcases and then have suitcases of our own. I will definitely be adding some more Playmobil 123 to our collection.

La Fede Wooden Camera


There are so many things I love about this toy: Firstly it is proudly South Africa, secondly it is wooden and thirdly it just looks so cool! Francie absolutely loves it too and runs around holding it up to her face saying “click click” but the reason I think that it is such a hit is it’s long strap which she loves slinging over  her shoulder.

House Chalkboard 


I ordered this chalkboard from Simply Home a while ago and Francie’s cousins loved it from day one but lately Francie has really enjoyed it. It’s a great “toy” that you can use with your little one and we spend loads of time hanging out drawing together – she loves us drawing the people that she knows and I am using the board to teach her shapes, colours etc. She also enjoys experimenting with the chalk herself and drawing better and better. As I said, her cousins have loved it and whenever we have a playdate with other kids things seem to gravitate towards the chalkboard!



21st October 2016

The Obamas

Happy Friday mamas! We are excited for the weekend ahead – Cheska is hosting a friend’s baby shower and it’s Bailey’s birthday picnic on Sunday. We are also looking forward to visiting Beechwood Gardens – if you are in Joburg, this is a must this weekend. Hope that you have a good one.

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20th October 2016

Last year we featured a Work/Mama Balance series and we received such great feedback on this topic so we thought we would do it again. Today we chat to Anna – the mama and brains behind Umatie– which, simply, is described as good food for little eaters! Anna is also mama to a 6 and a half old little girl Lisi and a baby boy, Joe, who is 4 and a half. She was  inspired to start Umatie when Lisi was still a baby and Anna cooked all her meals for her when she started weaning. She took 2 years off from work and could focus on spending my time with her babe and deciding what she wanted to do career wise. My sister and I both wanted to start our own business and it made sense to combine our skill sets… accountancy, graphic design, marketing, a love for babies/family and of course… cooking! Umatie was born in 2012 and since then they have cooked many wonderful meals for many babies.


What’s your work schedule?

As Umatie is my own business (and my third child)… a lot of hours do go into the business besides the usual working hours but I’m precious about our time, especially in the morning when a new day starts. I wake up at 5am to squeeze a bit of work in before the kids wake up. I take my kids to school at 8:30am and have the morning ritual with them – milk in bed and cuddles!

Then the Umatie day continues… I have a busy day at our factory in Stellenbosch – from running errands, doing admin to managing the production of the kitchen, which is done with lovely ladies and happy tunes. After hours, I’m the Umatie designer and photographer 😉

How do you handle childcare? 

I have a full time nanny at home that my children adore. They come from school at lunchtime and spend the afternoon at home. Sometimes they bring friends or go on a play date. I also have a “Tannie Rienie” to pick my kids up from school and drop them at home as I work in Stellenbosch and live in Somerset West.

When do you typically hang out with your littles?

I enjoy our time in the morning before they go to school and when I get home at 5pm in the afternoon, it’s all them until they go to bed at 8:30pm. Weekends it’s 100% family time! 

Do you have any family rituals?

We love to all be in bed on a Saturday morning… drinking coffee and milk in bed. Reading books or magazines, playing games on the iPhone, playing with the two cats that do not want to miss out on the family gathering, taking funny photos or wrestling and playing. Fun! Choas!


What do you enjoy most about your current set up? 

I enjoy having my own business but what I most enjoy is to do it with my sister every day! We are both hard workers and respect each other’s professional and personal space. It’s knowing that someone close to you is looking out for you and visa versa. Having your own business comes with a heap of challenges and it’s great to have her by my side – without each other’s support Umatie would not have been possible.

What’s the biggest challenge about your current set up?

To switch off and take a break from work. When it’s your own business you tend to never really stop working – step away from the computer, slowly… slowly… slowly!

What about time for yourself? Do you take timeouts? What do you get up to and how often?

My best timeout by far is to have my hare done… it’s 3 hours of bliss. Reading interior/home magazines whilst sipping on a cappuccino with the hustle and bustle of the salon around me. I always want to fall asleep somewhere between the massage part and the cutting part… total relaxation!


Let’s talk about dinner – who handles dinner in your home?

I cook mostly during the week… or my kiddies will conveniently have Umatie for dinner! Both my husband and I enjoy cooking but he cooks most weekends, as he tends to be away on business during the week. If we’re entertaining for dinner, the two of us can seriously cook up a storm!

Top tip for the work/motherhood balance?

It’s difficult for most mothers to juggle both – at some stage we have the mommy guilt creeping in. I think if you do either, work or being a mommy, don’t do it half-heartedly. You’ll end up feeling even more guilty and disappointed. Do both with enthusiasm, you will feel content that you’ve done your best when you’re spending time at work or with your littlies.



18th October 2016

We have just gotten back from visiting Paris, it’s our second visit to the city with a toddler. So many people thought I was crazy taking a toddler to Paris but it was fantastic. Big cities are really geared up for kids and we all had such a great time.

First things first:

Surrender to the fact that your holiday will be different to pre-baby holidays. We forgot about late dinners or all-monring coffee stops and instead indulged in toddler friendly activities.

Where we stayed: 

As you may know Paris is divided up into different endorsements (areas) and each has a really specific vibe. My favourite androssiment to stay in when I visit the city is the 3rd/4th in the Marais. This area is a very old part of Paris, complete with tiny cobbled streets, great boutiques and even better restaurants. There are many cafes and bistros to try  and is centered around Place des Vosges which is one of the most people spots in Paris. It is also very central so it’s easy to explore the rest of Paris from here.


We have given up on hotels, especially since having a baby so we turned to AirBnB.

The first time we rented this is the one bedroom apartment we chose – it had a fantastic location! And we really wanted an apartment which had a bath – to keep in our bedtime routine with Francie and also wanted a space where the one bedroom was closed off to the rest of the apartment. This one ticked those boxes but I must mention that it was 4 stories up with no lift. We left the pram at the bottom each night but  say those stairs where a killer.

Mainly because of the stairs of our last apartment, this time we rented this apartment which was much more modern and on the first floor which was great. The downside is that this apartment didn’t have a bath would I must say we really missed. This apartment was only 2 blocks from the closest underground which made huge difference.

How we got to our apartment from the airport:

There is a train from Charles de Gualle straight to Paris which we usually get but this time we decided to rather go for a pick up – with a babe, long flight, luggage and a pram we decided a car would be easier. We used Taxi Baby Seat – it was great, you book online and they meet you at the arrivals hall and then drop you off right at your apartment.

What we ate:

Crossiants! Haha. Croissants definitely became Francie’s favourite food while we were there so she had one everyday.


Since we were in an apartment we gave Francie most of her meals at home and then anything she ate at cafes etc was a bonus. We headed to  the supermarkets Monoprix and FrancPrix for daily staples like yogurt, fruit purees and eggs. We used the markets or speciality stores for roast chickens, ham, cheese and fruit and salads and Francie also loved the quiches that we found.

We also used Picard. Picard is pretty amazing, it only sells the frozen food and I found Francie the most delicious meals there for lunch and dinner – think chicken, couscous and mixed veg or meatballs and rice. These we easily heated up on the stove and she loved them.

High chairs are not a big thing in France. Have you read Bringing Up Bebe? No cafes we went to had high chairs which suited Francie just fine, she sat in a chair and behaved like a little french babe. Laduree (which we visited once for a treat) is geared up for tourists so they had a high chair, as did Le Pain Quotidian, a favourite spot of ours.


We decided to explore the playgrounds of Paris and made sure we hit at least one playground a day for Francie to explore, play and get much needed exercise. Here is a list of some of the best ones:

Place des Vosges: Although this playground is tiny, it is pretty awesome to play in such a beautiful square. There are also two big sandpits here which are great for babes. *Place des Vosges has free wifi, so while your babe plays you can catch up on some internet time.


Also in the Marais, Square Charles-Victor Langois: we loved hanging out here as it was just round the corner from our house and Francie and I would often head there early in the morning while the rest of the city was still asleep. There isn’t much for small babes but Francie still loved to play on a few things and watch the other kids play. This park also had a ping pong table which I imagine would be fun for older kids and Francie found it fascinating to watch.


The best play area: the playground in the Jardin du Luxembourg. There are so many wonderful things about this playground: it’s big, it has loads of play stations – big jungle gyms, play trains, buses to climb on, mini slides and climbing roles, bounce animals and an enormous sandpit. The sandpit also has a house and car in it with a pulley system which was such fun. I loved sitting here and watching Francie play with the little French children. Just outside the playground is a kiosk for coffees and other yum things and there is a carousal too – but its not one of those that you can stand with your babe, so it is better for bigger children.




Francie’s favourite thing to do in Paris: ride of the Carousel in the Jardin des Tuileries. I think this is the most magical carousel. It’s perfect for littles as you can stand with them (and hold them!) We ended up visiting a number of times. Also in the Tuleries is a great playground and a trampoline park! The Tuleries brings back such wonderful memories for me as I used to live just around the corner so I may be bias, but I think it is the most beautiful garden in Paris – with the Louvre at one end and  the Concorde at the other . We spent many hours just strolling through the gardens – Francie found her shadow this holiday which  is pretty much the best thing ever.



One afternoon we head up to the Canal St Martin – which I had never been to before. It was a wonderful area to wonder around and fun to walk along the canal. I also recommend popping into Antoine et Lili – a fantastic kids store on the corner (it’s painted bright yellow so hard to miss), I found some lovely little things for Francie and her cousins. Also in that area is the Jadin Villemin which has a fantastic playground and it is where Francie mastered the art of sliding.


Tourist things and museums: 

Since we’ve spent lots of time in the city we didn’t feel the pressure that we had to do anything but of course being in Paris there are a couple things we didn’t want to miss. The gardens in the city are so wonderful so part of being in Paris was spending time in them, here are the other things that we enjoyed:

The Eiffel Tower – I wanted to get a snap of Francie near the tower – mostly to prove to her when she is older that she had been to Paris. We didn’t climb it though, but once again spent time in the playground on the Champs de Mar – it was quite something to see our little babe playing in a sandpit with the famous structure in the background (although she was, of course, oblivious!)


Museums  – our approach to museums was limited time and to not try and see everything. She is of course only 18 months but I approached showing her the famous artworks the same way we look at any pictures in a book. We chose the fifth floor of the Musee d’Orsay to look at the impressionists. I pointed out the trains, flowers and ballet dancers. Francie liked Degas’s horse sculptures the best. We also went to Musée de l’Orangerie to look at Monet’s waterlillies, which of course are amazing. *I noticed many of the French mums take paper and crayons to museums and their little ones sit on the floor and draw while looking at the pictures, I will do this next time, for sure.


Musee Rodin is also a great spot to visit with kids because once again it has a huge garden yet you are surrounded by beautiful sculptures. Plus there is no need to worry about keeping your babe quiet and there is space to run. We had a lovely afternoon there and once again ended up in a sandpit which is located at the end of the garden.


The bridges! Aren’t the bridges across the Seine magical. We loved walking across the two pedestrian bridges (Passerelle Solférino is just near Musee d’Orsay and Pont des Arts is further up and deemed the most romantic bridge in Paris). We spent time looking at the boats and listening to the buskers.

Museums with kids:

The second time we visit Paris is was freezing so we didn’t spend as much time in the parks and playgrounds as the first time. I did a bit of research into what the French did in the cold and rain and decided that we would try some new things:

  1. Cite des Sciences et de l’industrie  basically the Science Museum which is the biggest science museum in Europe. Don’t let the far location (on the outskirts of Paris) put you off. In this museum there are two exhibitions dedicated to children. Firstly 2 – 7 year olds and then 5 – 12 year olds. It was amazing. Obviously we went into the 2 – 7 year old space which blew our (and Francie’s mind). The space is divided into smaller spaces:
  • I discover myself
  • I can do
  • I locate myself
  • I experiment
  • All together

We spent the entire afternoon there, exploring and playing. I would highly recommend visiting here with kids.

*tip: the tickets are sold for certain time slots, so book online ahead of time. We bought tickets when we got here and had to wait until an available time slot which was a bit of a pain.

2. Pompidou Centre

The Pompidou also has a dedicated children’s interactive exhibition created by different artists. The exhibition changes all the time. Again, I was blown away and I felt Francie’s energy change as soon as we entered the space. It was great.

* The Pompidou also holds workshops for all ages on weekends and sometimes on Wednesdays so check the schedule before hand and plan your itinerary taking these into account.


I decided that I wouldn’t do loads of shopping while there but of course I couldn’t resist a few little spots. Here are the best shops for babes and all of them had great installations for her to play in.

BonTon – quintessential French brand. Their flagship is fantastic and we loved exploring the 3 floors.


BHV – They have a great kids clothing and toy section with a few play stations set up and some great toy brands which we don’t have at home.

If you are in the Canal St Martin area Antoine et Lili was great. Francie happily played with the toy kitchen with I browsed.

WH Smith – this is the best English bookstore in Paris, if you ask me, and they have a great kids section upstairs. I was on the lookout for some great kids books about Paris to read while we were there and I found some fantastic ones.

Other tips: 

Make sure you take a baby carrier. While we loved using our pram, somehow all you need is a baby carrier. We used Bailey’s African Baby Carrier (from Yummy Mummy & Baby) and we loved it so much we are going to buy one of our own.


We took the opportunity to explore new modes of transport with Francie. She learnt all about trains and buses. Hugolyne gave me the tip of using the app City Mapper and it is amazing. You simply put in your destination and it gives you all the options of how to get there and times. For example: this bus and then walk or that metro and then a bus etc.




17th October 2016

As you know it took me 6 weeks to bath Francie Sugar so I am sure that you won’t be surprised when you hear that I only washed her hair with anything but water at 16months. When it was time to shampoo shop I looked around – I definitely wanted an organic product. A friend told me about Gluki so I decided to give it a try and absolutely loved it! It is fantastic.

The global trend towards organic skincare inspired us to produce a range of natural and organic baby and mother body care products that carry certified authenticity of every ingredient. ECOCERT Greenlife France is the most widely recognised international certification and regulatory body for Organic Cosmetics and are the global leaders in this field. Gluki Organics is an uncompromised, high quality plant-based product range that meets my needs for my babe.


Here is what else I love about it:

  • The delicious smell
  • It still foams, I have found that a couple of organic products I have tried don’t product a whole lot of foam but I want foam when I do hair washing!
  • The result: You haven’t ever seen sweet, soft, silky hair on my babe as after we’ve washed her hair with Gluki. It’s beautiful!
  • Finally you don’t need to use a conditioner too, just shampooing gives me the results. As a mama conditioning after shampooing may be just a little too much for one bath!


I got my Gluki at Yummy Mummy & Baby in Parkhurst and am now going to try out the whole range.



4th October 2016

Although I am no yogi, yoga has been a part of every stage of my motherhood life. Pregnancy yoga was one of my favourite activities do to while sporting a twin bump, and when my babes were six weeks old we did baby yoga. Now that my girls are three, we have just completed a toddler yoga course and it was one of my favourite activities that I have done with my girls at this age as well.




We did the Mom and Toddler Yoga series at Yoga Warrior. The 5 classes had a different theme each week, building onto one another. Each class involved different animals, different stories, and different ways to explore your breath, balance and strength. Very few props are used in the class, as it is more about using your own body and imagination which I found so refreshing in an age when children are constantly bombarded by things, and stuff, and technics. It was wonderful to see my girls embrace the classes more as the weeks went on, gaining confidence in what they could do. They even started reenacting the classes at home. What I loved about these classes is essentially it was an hour of concentrate play time with my children – a chance to get on the floor with them, lift them, do animal poses with them, dance with them, sing with them, be silly with them, and be still with them. More so, it was beyond just the physical experience of doing yoga poses and movement, it was an intimate time to connect one-on-one.




Some other benefits (for mother and child!) of doing yoga with your toddler are improvement of body awareness, playful stress relief, increased attention span, social interaction, and the nurturing of self confidence and creativity. In fact it is said that “yoga is a gift to children and encourages them to hold onto their childlike mind with wisdom and beauty.”


For more information about the classes, and details about the upcoming toddler yoga series, visit the Yoga Warrior website.





3rd October 2016

Week 24: Spring is here! And we are loving it – it means our evenings have taken on a new routine of garden time and long walks. It is lighter for longer so after dinner we spend time playing in the garden, often you are bare bummed and carrying a bucket or watering the plants. Or we go for a long walk around the neighbourhood – you constantly on the look out for busses, love seeing dogs (woof) and point out every other person by shouting “man” – which is even more exciting if said man is wearing a “hat” or carrying a “bag”. We have spent days at the nursery where you potter around as if you own the place – after you have picked a flower you say “back” and put the flower back in it’s place to continue to grow. On our walks you point out the sun, moon and anything that flies above – aeroplanes or helicopters are partuclaring exciting.


Week 25: I’ve noticed huge changes in you this week – as if you all of a sudden decided to grow up and become an 18 month old. You want to do everything yourself but still want me right there to cheer you on. You call any vehicle bigger than a car (pronounced tar) a bus and you are obsessed with zips – opening and closing them carefully. At night, after bath as I put on your nappy and pyjamas you go through everyone whose name you know to say goodnight (by saying “bye”) including Bitsy, Binkie and lion. Your favorite breakfast is oats with thick yoghurt and fruit on top.

You have learnt the word “done” which you declare when you are finished with anything – playing with a toy, your lunch or dinner and even breastfeeding. One night I laid you down in your cot for the night and kissed you and said “do to sleep” (like I do every night), you closed your eyes for less than a minute and then said “done”!

You have also started using the words, “why?” and “where?” – always using them in the correct context which is amazing to me. You ask “where” for things like the people you love, your binkie or your toothbrush and then “why” for pretty much everything else. I try to answer the best I can.


Week 26: “mine” “mine” “mine” you are all about procession at the moment, everything is “mine” but it’s not just the word that is too adorable it is the hand gesture of a twisted wrist so that you can point to yourself too. One night this evening your papa and I heard you over the monitor in your sleep saying, “mine, mine, mine”.


Week 27: Oh my goodness my baby is 18 months old! How did that happen? To me you are still a tiny baby filling up my heart. You impress me each moment with the things you know, do and say. You understand everything, can tell entire stories with the few words that you know. You want to do everything yourself and repeat “mine” constantly. You give the best hugs and volunteer kisses. You love to hold hands, especially your cousins’. You hold my hair when you are tired and you pat me on the back when you give me a cuddle. You show off your scratches and bruises as “boms” and you love to wear hats, unzip bags and dance to the “shake it” song. Your other favourite things include buses and therefore singing wheels on the bus, mealies, cuddling in the morning and long walks after dinner.

Thank you for being so wonderful, such a light, you are treasured by so many people but most of all by me… no one could love you more.

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