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30th March 2016

Week 50: Your absolute favourite thing to do at the moment it to open and close everything… boxes, containers, bottles, doors, Tupperware. You could spend all day opening and closing, refitting lids and calling me to open any item once the lid gets stuck. You play this game on your own in the morning while I sleep for a little longer. Before I go to bed at night I lay out “open/close” entertainment throughout my bedroom… you always start off opening and closing your toy suitcase which is next to my bed, ultimately ending up sitting inside the suitcase while opening and closing something you find along the way. I then find this so cute that I don’t go back to sleep while you play peacefully but rather stare at how cute you are.

Your absolute favourite thing to open, unpack and close is Kimmy’s wallet. You now “ask” her for it each time you see her and then proudly unpack her cards, cash and anything else you find with glee. Of course, she cannot resist your sweet face or polite asking and hands it over immediately.


Week 51: I cannot keep up with you changes and developments, you are talking constantly to me and signalling all the time to show me exactly what you need. You are eating like a super star and your reactions are quick, sweet and often entertaining. Here are 10 things that caught my eye this week in particular:

  • You are standing on your own! At first you were so cautious, just testing yourself slowly and every so often but now it is becoming a more regular occurrence. You don’t last very long standing as you are so proud of yourself and copy my reaction of clapping, so as soon as you stand, you clap and then you fall.
  • Your way of looking at book has also changed this week… you really look at each tiny picture and point to different things on the page, you now see the tiny blue butterfly that I have been pointing out since day 1 of reading or you point at the ladybird on the corner of the page as if you have just discovered that it is there.
  • You have two ways of saying no… firstly waving both hands and shaking your head – this means absolutely not and will never happen, for example at the end of a meal when you have had enough. And secondly just a hand off and a little shake of the head, that means not now, but maybe just now especially, useful when eating and you aren’t quite ready for another mouthful.
  • When you are tired you moan” mama mama mama” until I put you to sleep. When I say the word milkies you drop whatever you are doing and head for my boob.
  • At Clamber Club this week  you discovered and enjoyed the slide for the first time.
  • One morning this week I was getting dressed ad suddenly realised the gate to our two little stairs wasn’t closed, naturally I dashed for it hoping I would catch you before you head down head first. I have been showing you how to go backwards downstairs since you started to crawl and today you did it, no help, no prompting… it’s as if you have always known and know that you faced the challenge on your own you simply turned around and down you went. I shrieked with excitement so the rest of the morning you went up the right way and down backwards.
  • You have learnt to sip through a straw. I can’t take credit as Bailey is the one who taught you but you have mastered the skill now and it’s your new favourite thing to do, especially if the reward of sucking on the straw is more than water – you especially like Tasha’s berry smoothies!
  • You smack your lips together for kisses to say goodbye although not eveyone gets kisses – mama and papa, Bailey, Kimmy and Wigs and Yolanda. And the random builders who shared the lift with us one outing?!
  • You suddenly love shoes and you want them all on your feet, even if they are your mamas high heels or your papas enormous takkies, you want to wear them.
  • And finally, you absolutely love climbing into things: suitcases, boxes, baskets… if it has getting in potential you will do it.

I’m thinking constantly of you and me, I feel like you are my team member, constantly together and in tune of each other. During your morning feeds as we sleep in bed together (from 4.30/5ish) you roll and snuggle up close, your legs get comfy on me and your head rests easily, you move and take shape of my body, snuggling in if I am on my side or legs up if I am on my back. It works, you and I.


Week 52: I am in a constant state of shock that you are turning one at the end of this week. It’s so momentous! You are too little to be one.

Papa was away this week so we decided to pack up and go and stay with Kimmy & Bear for a few days. I felt like we headed on a little holiday. Granny nanny is also staying with Kimmy & Bear so it was great fun – you had a ball and your mama was spoilt with late lie ins. Each morning I would go and pop you in bed with Kimmy & Bear and go back to sleep. You played and entertained them for the morning… And each evening we would bath with Kimmy, you were so excited to share her bath you didn’t even want your usual “bath milkies” instead wanting to sit on her lap. On Sunday the twins stayed for bath time too so all 5 of us bathed together and you got cuddled dried by Kimmy.

You are a very determined little thing, knowing exactly what you want. Sometimes you do not want what I have made you for dinner instead pointing to the fridge until I show you what you want – and I am not talking not wanting savoury and instead wanting yoghurt. You rejected mince the other day and actually wanted chicken and broccoli! You are pointing and signalling to me more and more and you do not stop talking – like your mama, I think! We chat in the car, which makes our drives wonderful.

Baby girl, slow down, there is no hurry. Baby girl, you are amazing. My first year of you has been wonderful. I am so honoured to be your mama.


And that’s it! I cannot believe our first 52 weeks are done. I’ll be starting our 2nd year with Francie and a whole new lot of 52 portraits, thanks for reading my journey this year, it has been wonderful to share it with you xxx



29th March 2016

Have you guys moved your babes into warmer pyjamas yet? Our babes are definitely being dressed warmer and warmer these days – a sure sign that Autumn is on it’s way. But do not despair – Cotton On Kids has the coolest new pyjamas in stock, we love them!





23rd March 2016

On Friday we hosted our third annual Easter Playdate for Charity. This year we supported the REEA Foundation and the afternoon was a great success.




The rain abated after pouring for two days, and our parents’ garden was over run by 55 children between the ages of one week (!) and 6 years old.





We set up a variety of activities for the kids, including a bunny ear colouring-in station, a biscuit decorating table, jumping castles, and of course, an Easter egg hunt. Toddlers and five year olds, and everyone in between, were kept busy all afternoon with craft, ball games, catches, and jumping, and went home with big smiles on their chocolate-smeared faces.










16th March 2016
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When we were in Cape Town for the December holiday we had a family shoot done by Lad & Lass. I just love the way that the pics turned out – perfectly capturing our first summer holiday as a family. In these pics Francie was 9 months old, loving playing peek-a-boo through a glass door, crawling like a super star, finding seagull watching fascinating and thinking her mama and papa are the bees the knees.

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Francie Sugar in Cape Town-0012

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Francie Sugar in Cape Town-0062

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Francie Sugar in Cape Town-0072

Francie Sugar in Cape Town-0073

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Funny thing: Lad & Lass also did our pregnancy shoot when we were in Cape Town exactly one year ago… look at the difference! (I think we are going to have a shoot done every year so we can do this comparison, I love it).


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14th March 2016

Leila is mama to a little boy is named Asha who is 13 months old. She is also a freelance food stylist, food editor and writer. Leila is also the creative behind Pass the Salt – a favourite blog of ours.Here we chat to Leila about how she manages to balance it all!

1. What’s your work schedule?

I decided to go freelance about two years ago. Before that, I worked for several magazines so it was pretty much 9-5. Now however, my schedule may vary… On days when I am shooting in studio for clients, it can vary between a half day or full day shoot. When not on shoots, I divide my time between writing assignments and working on my blog – I try to get a whole lot of work done when my toddler is down for his morning nap – along with doing the household chores in between that (how does one baby accumulate so much laundry?).

2. How do you handle childcare?

I’ve been really lucky, my mom has been able to fly up from Cape Town whenever we have needed her help. All the other times, I’m juggling work and a baby simultaneously. I try and do as many shoots from home as I can. *Moms are seriously THE BEST* 

3. When do you typically hang out with your babes?

Because I freelance, I’m with my Asha Bun every single day, apart from when I have a shoot that isn’t home based. Although that’s all about to change – he starts creche next week *cue tears, mommy tears that is* 

4. Do you have any family rituals?

We love going to the Bryanston Organic Market on a Saturday morning for breakfast and family time. Asha has a good toddle about and he gets to spend some quality time with daddy who works long hours during the week. Asha also really loves the live band that has their gig there- Jack Johnson tunes are a favourite.

5. What do you enjoy most about your current set up?

The flexibility… Of course when there is a deadline, it’s always a bit stressful, but I really enjoy being able to spend as much time as I do with my baby on a daily basis. 

6. What’s the biggest challenge about your current set up?

A baby is demanding. When they want your attention, they want your attention and no deadline is going to stop them from getting that attention. In those situations, I simply have to accept that it will be a late night for me, with loads of mugs of hot tea. 

7. What about time for yourself? Do you take timeouts? What do you get up to and how often?

My boyfriend is constantly pushing for me to go and have a facial or a massage. But as a mom, I find that there simply isn’t always time for that… I think now that Asha will be going to creche, I’ll have a bit more time for those sorts of things. I also can’t wait to (slowly) get back into my running, which I haven’t done since before I fell pregnant (It’s time!). 

8. Let’s talk about dinner – who handles dinner in your home?

I do! Food plays a big part in my profession and I can easily whip up a tasty meal for the family. Quick, easy and tasty is my motto – short cuts are great and I use them all the time.

9. Top tip for the work/motherhood balance?

Try and take a ten minute breather with a cup of tea, coffee, juice, water, whatever. Before you start the tidying up, the washing up, the ironing, whatever it is. Ten minutes is all it takes to regain your thoughts and ensure that things continue to run smoothly. 



12th March 2016

Doutzen Kroes & Family By Paul Bellaart For Vogue Netherlands March 2015

Happy weekend mamas! Do you have anything fun planned? My big Saturday night plans include watching Oscar nominated Brooklyn – it’s on Box Office at the moment. And on Sunday we’re doing the Zoo Trot.

Here are some links for weekend reading, enjoy!

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Q&A With Animal Photographer Sharon Montrose

Make your mornings easier: freezer smoothies! 

You won’t believe what effects your babies sleep. 

Get out of a creative rut… I’ve done three classes

Should you mention how tired you are?

The best play school we’ve seen in a long time

Taking a family gap year 

Kim Kardashian shared a new pic of Saint West this week and did you see the royals ski trip?

Packing for the hospital – what mamas around the world take with them

This babe sleeps in the closet. 

An albino baby elephant. 

Where does our ability to speak begin? 



10th March 2016


We visited the newly opened Cotton On Kids store in Sandton City with Francie Sugar. This stand-alone kids store is all about the little ones with a fun play area full of giant cushions and balloons, and a drawing station, which makes shopping with babes a pleasure. I also love the comfy chair in the baby section, a welcome rest spot for shopping companions.




Their brand new winter stock is in the store and it makes us excited for the chillier weather around the corner. From graphics onesies, to bright hoodies, a touch a sparkle and great basics, there is something for everyone. Not to mention super hero capes and masks, and magic wands!










You can expect Cotton On’s signature style of cool and quirky throughout the store – with a box giant black and white soft toys, projected graphics on the wall, and of course, very friendly staff.








Well done Cotton On!





8th March 2016


We’re in Cape Town for our annual family holiday. I love bringing you two here as you make us completely embrace the this beautiful city. Our days were filled with riding bikes on the Seapoint promenade, hanging out on different beaches, exploring the Company gardens, going up Table Mountain where we followed fairy paths and looked for dassies (dissies), visiting different playgrounds, swimming in the public pools, trying different restaurants, eating dinner on the beach with sand in your toes watching the still-sweltering sun slowly slide down the sky, and dipping in cool waves while gripping tightly onto my hand. You sleep soundly at night, sharing a double bed, little bodies resting up for our busy days, and little minds swirling with new experiences and reference points and conversation snippets, little eyes visiting a dream world of new tastes and smells and sights, all absorbed with wide-eyed wonder. Cheska and Francie Sugar join us for the second week. We hire a van and drive around the city altogether in a cloud of giddiness and exhaustion as we continue our daily adventures. With happy minds and happy hearts, we’re already planning our return.
You sing “Happy Birthday” a lot in this house. Usually to Anna or “birthday girl” or another on of your imaginary friends, or in fact any lucky family member you’ve selected. You make cakes out of the strangest objects you find lying around (a scrunched up glasses cleaner cloth, a wooden block, an elastic band), you place equally strange objects on as candles, and then you light the candles, cut the cake and make a wish. Mostly you sing the normal “Happy Birthday” but the other day I overheard you singing “Dreams Come True.”
“Happy birthday to you
May all your dreams come true
May you always walk in sunshine
Happy birthday to you”

I feel so privileged to witness these scenes of role play and make believe, a glimpse into your world where your imagine expands every day and possibilities are endless.

Three things abut this picture:1. You are in your preferred state of undress2. We are talking excitedly and often about our new apartment. When I ask what colour you want your bathroom you both tell me “pink, blue and white.’ And the same colour selection for your bedroom. (It is also the colour combination you suggest I request when I go for a pedicure).3. Florence asked which bedroom Charles will have (Charles is the previous owners’ grown up son whom the girls met when we came to look at the house). She thought he was going to be living there with us.

Self styled.
In case you missed it, see January’s round up here.


8th March 2016
The Tiny Store 4

We are always super excited to discover a new South Africa store for us mamas who love beautiful things for our babes. Our latest discovery is The Tiny Store, founded by Jodie Rudd and Candice McGregor, we chatted to them to find out more.

The Tiny Store (Jodie Rudd & Candice McGregor)

Tell us what The Tiny Store is all about.

The Tiny Store is a lovingly curated collection of our favourite baby and children’s wear and organic products, personally selected by us for you and your new arrival. It is a place to find ideas, inspiration and beautiful, locally made goods to make life with your tiny human even more special.

Where did the idea come from?

We were shopping for a friend’s baby shower gift and found that we battled to source beautiful, great quality items online. It’s as simple as that. Admittedly, the idea came to us a while ago and, since then, a number of other online baby-centric stores have entered the fray but we feel that we offer something unique in that we handpick our favourite items from each of our suppliers and all of our items are locally made. South Africa has so much to offer and we want to bring the best of it right to the doorstep of those who have little one’s in their lives.

We also like to think we’re super speedy, in that your order will be shipped the very next day after placing it.

The Tiny Store 3

What is the main aesthetic and what can moms expect of The Tiny Store?

We love comfortable pieces in beautiful and soft fabrics for sensitive baby skin.

We’re less focused on bold colours and big traditional cartoon prints and more drawn to toned down colours, neutrals and classics. Having said that, we don’t box ourselves in at all. If we see something we love, we won’t shy away from it. For instance, at the moment we can’t get enough of geometric prints!

Mom’s can expect baby and child clothing and shoes, organic skin and care products, wooden toys and mobiles and (soon) even more.

Any new exciting developments on the horizon?

We do have a fair number of exciting things stewing in the background. One is a whole new branch of the Tiny Store. But that’s all we can say at this point.

We also plan to keep our offering as fresh as possible so we hope to be able to upload new products often.

We’ve also got some fun collabs with local designers and illustrators on the cards.

What are your 3 favourite ‘must have’ items from your shop?

At the moment, our 3 favourite items are – our wooden toy camera, the beautiful printed muslin swaddle blankets and one of our selection of hand-made, cotton girls’ floral dresses. We are also crushing on the Bunny animal cushions – the perfect décor addition to baby’s new bedroom!


Visit The Tiny Store or follow them on Facebook.

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