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29th January 2016

Christy Turlington and her family.  

Happy weekend lovely mamas. We wish you one full of sunshine and baby giggles. What have you got planned? My husband is working all weekend so Francie Sugar and I are going on a few girls dates to catch up with old friends. And our granny nanny (Francie Sugar’s great granny) is in town: YAY! Bailey and the twins are in Cape Town, follow her on Instagram (or Kimmy & Bear) for updates, we cannot wait to join them on Monday.

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28th January 2016

Like any mama, Kim always dreamed of being a parent, but on the 8th day after her baby boy Matt was born everything changed. Kim suffered from Post Natal Depression. Here Kim (who also blogs about her story, and now her babe Matt over at Over Coming Mom) shares with us a little bit about her journey.

You’re a mom of a toddler boy. Tell us a bit about him.

He is the sweetest little boy. Caring heart. Loving and a busy, lively little fellow who loves trucks, cars, bikes, and the outdoors.

How did you feel when Matt was born?

I was excited to become a mom. Meeting him was slightly different – my heart sank and I felt numb.

Can you describe, in a few words, what post natal depression felt like to you?

Post natal depression was dark, lonely and cold. I wanted to climb under my bed, put ear plugs in and sleep till it was all over. I couldn’t take this changed life of the unknown, and felt as if this wasn’t normal and perhaps I was the only one experiencing it.

At what point did you realize you had PND? Was there a moment? How long after birth?

On day 8 after he was born, I couldn’t get up out of bed and go about my daily routine as I had been doing. I didn’t want this boring, lonely life where the world was sleeping at night and awake in the day and I was the opposite. I wanted it just to be my hubby and I, and couldn’t take these emotions. I called my gynae who then explained that it was post traumatic stress, or post natal depression. She prescribed some meds, and we went off to physchiatrists who could assist further.

Those first few weeks after birth are very emotional, many tears are shed and your moods are all over the place. How was this different?

Blues generally come at about day 3, last a little while, and come and go. I was great for 8 days, and thereafter is was as though I was physically paralysed, as though I couldn’t do anything. I little just lay in bed and stared at the roof (I get all teary just thinking about it). I wanted a dark room, I didn’t want visitors, and I wanted my hubby and my mom, that was it. I wanted them to look after the little boy, I loved him so much but just couldn’t be with him. I guess this describes how different it was. It’s far beyond blues or the odd tears. It’s buckets of tears, sadness, and lifelessness.

How did it affect your relationship with your baby?

I went about what I had to do to survive. I fed him when I could, the other times my family helped. I loved him but I just couldn’t do it. Fortunately at about 6 weeks things become so much better and I’m glad he will never know that feeling of me not being with him. All the time. As for bonding, I made up for it big time. Post 6 weeks it got better and better. Some good days. Some bad. But the bond grew and grew, and today we have a bond like no other. It makes my heart so happy.

What was the hardest thing about PND?

The darkness, the numbness, the sadness, the change, the fear, the nighttime – dark, cold, lonely, quiet, and lack of sleep. Perhaps the hardest thing is that some people just don’t understand it. I don’t blame them, I don’t think they could understand it unless they have been through something similar. The judgement from people was particularly hard: “pull yourself together and snap out of it” and  “it’s normal to be like this after a baby” were many of the words I heard. But, on the other hand, there were many helpful people, and many who truly understood. Or at least tried to understand.

Who did you speak to about your feelings?

I was open to my family and close friends and landed up going to two physiologists/phychiatriasts. I found an amazing women in panaramo and she balanced my meds and sleep so it helped a lot.

How did post PND affect them?

The friends and family I spoke to had either experienced it themselves, or a family member close to them had experienced it, or otherwise they had experienced depression  themselves.

What would you tell mothers suffering from PND?

Speak. Join a watsapp group. See a physchiatrist or psychologist that deals in PND or women hormones specifically. Don’t lay low and be alone. Try the best you can to get some sort of support around you. The best advice I can give is try do one activity a day that takes you out the house, be it a coffee shop, park, a walk through the mall, gym or a friend’s house for coffee.

Prayer: looking up and simply having faith aided me in my everyday journey. My motto in getting up everyday was ‘one step at a time’. Baby steps. Half a day at a time.

What would you tell loved ones of the mothers?

Gain all the strength you can. Pause before you speak, before you judge, and before you say anything that will add to the emotions. Try get the mommy outdoors anywhere. Help with anything you can. Make sure she stays hydrated and fed and that she is never alone, that she has company, and that all other jobs are taken care of. Seek medical help or advice, and get rest yourself. The sun does shine again. It won’t last forever.

What inspired you to start your blog OvercomingMom and talk about this?

All I want to do is help any mommy in motherhood. Be it the daily challenges, PND or the reality of life. The good and the bad, and the sun and the rain. I want people to talk about it. Read about it and always be honest.
Thanks for sharing your inspiring story Kim, we love your honesty as a mama.
Follow Kim’s blog Over Coming Mom as well as on Instagram..


27th January 2016
Arthur & Kenneth

We are always on the hunt for great, neutral basics for our babes. Our latest discovery: Arthur & Kenneth available at MonoShop, are pretty much the coolest basics around and all the items are 100%




26th January 2016

I have just discovered Cawi Kids & Co and I absolutely love it. Started by mama Cynthia, Cawi is ‘cool, adventure, wonderful, inspired’ which is just what her products are all about. We love the cool illustrated tees but most of all the handmade animals are our best. The three main characters are Lala the Rabbit, Finn the Fox and Yves the Raccoon. Their story is about travelling the world and meeting lots of new animal friends. All Cawi products proudly manufactured in South Africa.




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25th January 2016
Gender Reveal 3 Oct

Meet beautiful Leanne. She is 35 weeks pregnant with twin boys. Bailey and I were at high school with Leanne and loved that we have been able to follow her pregnancy through Instagram.

Are you finding out the gender of your babies? 

My husband, Dave, and I had always said that we would find out the sex of our baby when we were Pregnant. When we found out that we had been blessed with twins it made it even more exciting to find out what they were. We kept the gender of our babies a secret until I was 20 weeks pregnant when we hosted a gender reveal party for all of our friends and family. It was such fun! We had a ‘What will they Bee?’ theme.

Tell us one thing you can’t live without while pregnant? 

My Havaianas! They are the most comfortable shoes to wear with all the extra weight that I am carrying.

What is your favourite beauty product while pregnant and why do you  love it so much? 

I don’t like to wear a lot of make up, so a BB cream with an SPF is all I wear on my face for a healthy glow. I use the Dermafix medium BB cream, it lasts a couple of months and does not cost an arm and a leg to buy. It is also quite light so it does not look or feel like you have caked anything on your face.

What is your favorite food or are you having any cravings while pregnant? 

I have really enjoyed fruit during my pregnancy – pineapple in particular!

What preggy books or apps are you using? 

I am reading Baby Sense by Ann Richardson. Apps which I use are: What to Expect & Sprout.

How would you describe your pregnancy style and where do you shop  for preggy clothes? 

I have a small frame so loose fitting maternity clothes look horrendous on me. I managed to find a couple of dresses at Cotton On and Woolworths which accommodate a growing belly. Once I found a style that suited me I bought a dress in every colour.

What’s your exercise regime at the moment? And how has it changed with your pregnancy? 

I walked in the beginning of my pregnancy but because I am pregnant with twins my Gynae advised me at about 18 weeks not to do any exercise and rather rest as much as I can.

Have you decided on a birth plan, are you going natural or having a caesar? 

I will be having a caesar (twin B is breach).

In preparation for your babies what are your most over whelming  thoughts/ worries/concerns? 

I worry that my life is going to be a cycle of nappy changes, boobs and crying babies for a substantial period of time. I hope I don’t go insane!

How did you tell your husband you were pregnant?

My mom was in the ICU at Morningside Clinic and Dave and I had popped in to visit her. We had gone for an HCGblood test just before to confirm the pregnancy. I got the call from the nurse to say that the test was positive during our visit. It was really special to have my mom with us when I told Dave the news as it had been a tough couple of months with her not being well.

We told our family not long after we found out that we were expecting and we waited until we were 12 weeks pregnant to tell our friends.

Dream babymoon destination?

The Maldives! We went there on honeymoon and it was amazing, it was just too far to travel with my twin preggy belly.

What has surprised you the most about being pregnant? 

I have been lucky enough to have had a really easy pregnancy with no complications. I did not think I would make it this far with the twins. I have heard the most terrifying stories of twins coming early and spending weeks in the NICU.

What is the best pregnancy advice you have received? 

Rest as much as you can. I believe that this is how I have managed to get so far in my pregnancy.

Follow Leanne on Instagram for more bump pics and for the arrival of her two little boys.



23rd January 2016

Amanda Peet and her babes in her garden, shot for Vogue. 

Happy weekend lovely mamas. Have you got anything exciting planned? We’re going to (at last) try the new Exclusive Books Social Bar at Hyde Park – I booked a table for 2 adults and space for a pram. I am also spring cleaning the house – my moto for 2016 is “less is more” so I’m getting rid of as much as possible, it’s so liberating.

Here are some links that caught our eye this week, enjoy!

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I hate pierced ears on babies. One Vogue editor weighs in, you will never guess which celeb’s babe’s ears are already pierced.

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Cup of Jo’s new favourite podcast.

Churn from For the Beauty of It rounds up her favourite blogs and Kimmy and Bear is one of them, woohoo!



20th January 2016

Francie Sugar has suddenly outgrown everything! And since it is so hot, she is practically living in onesies. So here is a round up of a couple great ones that I have spied. As you can see, I love neutral tones and firmly believe that girls can wear blue.

1. H&M | 2. Country Road at Woolworths | 3. Country Road at Woolworths | 4. H&M | 5. Sticky Fudge | 6. Cotton On Kids | 7. Earth Child | 8. Country Road at Woolworths | 9. H&M | 10. Little Love Kids | 11. Hey Mama Mag | 12. Cotton On Kids 



19th January 2016


“Help each other.
Love everyone.
Love every weed.
Love every ray of light.
The Tree of Life
Honor’s fifth birthday party. Your perfect profiles, and pretty little bonnets made by Kimmy, watching the older girls jump on the trampoline. Watching, observing, taking it all in. You were very excited for this party because singing ‘happy birthday’ and blowing out candles is one of your favourite things to do.
We went to a farm in Dullstroom for a week. I love that when you go away, normal routines slip away and the days seem to take on a rhythm of their own. I also love the way different family members just naturally take on different roles – bed time stories with Chessie, mealtimes with Francie Sugar, and driving with Human. k and we would start our mornings with you at the kitchen counter nibbling on rusks and helping prepare breakfast. After breakfast we would make our way to see the horses, which Anna named Angelpie Snowflake and Florence named Bow (as in take a bow) Snowflake. We would then go for a swim and meander back home for some home made apple pies (Anna with crea, Florence without). Our afternoon naps with us all on one bed would usually be accompanied by thunderstorms and incessant rain on the tin roof. Following a late lunch we would go for a walk in the hills, or around the dam, with you two snuggling up in the carriers.Evenings ran later as you helped papa with the fire, naps ran longer, and bath time was an eventful affair joined by whoever was staying at that time (Kimmy, then granny nanny, and Chessie). In between you made mud pies and found fairies, you saw a rainbow and went on a row boat. It was a good week.
Me: What do you want for Christmas?
A: (without hesitation) a star!
F: me also want a star!
Happy Christmas baby girls. You make it so special.
We started the year with two toddlers and somewhere along the way we said goodbye to baby cheeks and leg rolls and unruly hair and watched two little girls emerge that never cease to amaze me, delight me, amuse me and full me with such wonder. I love this stage and age with you. Our year had its ups and downs, some scary times and a few tough days. But it was one the best years.
Best of 2015
  1. TALKING Listening to your talking bloom from single words to full conversations, your names, English and Afrikaans, stories, secrets, songs and dreams and I love you’s
  2. EXPLORING Travelling all over with you, to the beach and the bush, to the farm and to Cape Town, to Millstream, to the lakes and to London
  3. ADVENTURE Sleeping on the platform under the stars
  4. BONDING Watching you grow together and distinctly become yourselves
  5. DEVELOPMENT Witnessing your empathy develop with your big, golden hearts and your minds grow with your big, beautiful brains
  6. TOGETHERNESS Nursing you to sleep at night and morning snuggles with all of us in bed
  7. BIRTH Welcoming two new family members into our lives
  8. INDEPENDENCE Seeing you get excited for your birthday and Christmas and parties. And learning to swim. And riding a horse. And doing puzzles. And feeding yourselves. 
  9. GROWTH You continuously growing into two beautiful little beings
  10. LOVE Unconditional love


18th January 2016

The thing about motherhood is that there are so many ways to do it. As you know I am stay-at-home mama and trust me I could write a long list of things to never say to a stay at home mama so when I found this list of things to never say to the working mama I read it immediately.

Do you have a friend, sister etc who is a working mama? Here’s what not to say to her, ever!

1. I could never let someone else raise my kids

2. I don’t know how you do it. I’d feel too guilty.

3. I’d give anything to get away from my kids for an entire day

4. You look exhausted

5. There’s always time to work later, these early years are so precious.

6. Good for you for putting your career first!

7. I’m surprised you went back to work. Your husband seems so successful.

8. Aren’t you concerned about not being there for your kids?

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