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30th November 2015

A few Sundays ago we christened Francie Sugar. We chose the Catholic church down the road – the same church my grandparents founded and my grandfather carved the wooden cross that hangs above the alter, the same church that my dad was christened it. We then threw a garden party in Kimmy & Bear’s garden to celebrate. It was the most special day – our special placed filled with special people.`

I love throwing parties. I love all the prep before hand and the setting up in the morning of the event. I love seeing how everything comes together just the way I wanted. Here a a few pics of how everything looked – thanks for the beautiful pictures Tink Photography – Thea captured everything perfectly.




1.001 4.001







 Bailey did the beautiful calligraphy.


 Kimmy made the christening cake.


Tomorrow we will be sharing more pics of the day.



27th November 2015
kate hudson and ryder

Kate Hudson and son Ryder

Happy weekend mamas! It’s that time of year where we count down until Christmas and long summer holidays… two weeks time we are on holiday and then its so almost Christmas! This weekend is full of fun things, including a 1st birth party on Sunday morning. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to see what we are up to.

Wishing you a wonderful one.

Here are some links that caught our eye this week:

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Does your kid love your tablet? Here’s why they must still read good old books.

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The dry hair shampoo trick that will make all the difference.

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Toys and games to help grasp a pencil (without using a pencil).

WTF? 600 Japanese babies in crawling contest!



26th November 2015

When I saw this birthday party on Facebook my first thought was “I wish I was 6 and invited, that looks so much fun!” Liza West (half of I Heart Your Outfit and Storytime Club) threw her daughter, Bailey a fantastic 6th birthday party complete with a magical cake and a magician but just when you thought itcouldnt get better out came the activity for the day: biscuit drawing! How great is that? Each party attendee got a plain white biscuit as a blank canvas, it looks like they had so much fun drawing on their biscuits.







Liza shared her secret that she got the food pens from Mambos – thanks Liza!



25th November 2015
Cheska & Francie-Sugar-0058

A couple months ago I asked Emma & Dylan of Lad & Lass to pop in and take a few pics of Francie Sugar and I. I really wanted the pics to capture Francie and my days together, hanging out at home. At the time of the shoot Francie Sugar was 5 months old and it was mid Joburg winter. My favourite place to play with Francie was on our big bed. Here some of the pics from that morning – I love them!

Cheska & Francie-Sugar-0014

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Cheska & Francie-Sugar-0034

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Cheska & Francie-Sugar-0039

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Dylan and Emma also snapped my bump, Bailey’s bump and Bailey at home with the twins. 



24th November 2015

Meet the lovely Ana from Super Mom blog. Ana lives in Vienna with her husband, Michael and their one and a half year old son Masen Brooks. Ana has lived in Austria her whole life, she moved out of the city when she was a child but she moved back into Vienna when she was 18 because she loves the city so much.

What is the best thing about living in your city?

The best think about living in Vienna is that you never get bored! You can explore the city everyday and you will always find some new exiting stuff like restaurants, boutiques or just beautiful parks and historical buildings. The people in Vienna are very friendly and we have a lot of different cultures in the city. We also have a lot activities familys and kids.

Describe your house?

We live in a 3 bedroom apartment with a little garden, so Masen can enjoy playing outside.

Do you have a housekeeper/nanny/babysitter? What is the culture in your city regarding help with babies and child rearing?

I don‘t have a babysitter or housekeeper, I do all by myself. For me it‘s important that I can be with my child at home the first few years. So I can rease him the best way to be a good person and a little gentleman. Later on, he will go to kindergarten and then I will get back to work as an interior designer.

In our country you can stay home with your child until they are 3 old and get paid by the country.  So you don‘t have to go back to work imediatly after having a child.

At what age do you send your kids to school or kindergarten or play group in your city? Are they public or private? Is it difficult to get into these schools?

Masen will go to kindergarten when he is two and a half, next September. It‘s an awesome private Kindergarten not far away, with Montesorri principals and english native speakers. At kindergarten the kids can also learn to play an instrument, be more creative, do more maths and gardening. They learn a lot about our planet and the kindergarden also  has a little garden, so the kids can plant outside and take care of their own fruits and veggies… I love that idea.

It was hard finding the right place and the perfect kindergarten, so as soon as you get pregnant you have to get a kindergarten place for your child!

How do you get around town with your little ones?

We mostly take public transport in our city or just walk with the stroller in the neighborhood.

Where do you hang out with your babes for play time?

For playtime we love to go to parks, playgrounds or meet up with other mamas and go to the zoo or aqua zoo. We also often visit indoor playgrounds or go swimming. I do a lot with Masen, we go on an adventure everyday, he loves the bus and underground train the most. He just loves cars and stuff like that, so yeah he is totally a boy!

Do you have a favourite spot to head to when you need some “me” time? 

When I want to have some “me-time“ I mostly go to the mall to meet up with friends. We often grab a coffee at Starbucks and go for a manicure or shopping. What I also love is to do in my freetime is to get creative – mostly I end up redecorating Masens room. I also love to paint a lot,  it simply realaxes me.

Describe a typical Sunday. 

A typical Saturday in our family starts off by getting woken up by Masen. He always wakes me by saying: “mama Masen is hungry”, this boy can eat always. So I make a special breakfast for my family like pancakes or warm buttermilk biscuits. Then we all get dressed for church. Masen loves going to church and singing and playing with the kids and so do we! After church we often get invited or we invite some friends to come over for lunch. Then it’s nap time for Masen and my husband and I can have a little me-time. We often read in the bible cause we take the Sunday off and just spend the day with god! But sometimes we fall asleep with Masen… in the evening usally mine or his parents came to visit us and we have dinner. Sometimes we invite our neighbours and their kids for a playdate.


What languages do you speak to your baby?

For me it‘s very important that Masen can speak different languages. He is ¼ serbian, so I speak that language to him too. So we are raising him to speak 3 languages: German, English and Serbian.

Where do you go on holiday as a family?

We went to Serbia and other places in Austria. But next summer we want to go to Italy or Croatia.

What tip would you give a family with a babe the same age as yours if they were visiting your home town?

They should contact me and I would love to show them my city or write them an e mail. It depends of the season. In summer you can go to the zoo or swimming in children aqua playground. In the winter you can go to indoor playgrounds (like the monekypark), aqua zoo, visit the Christmas markets or go to the children museums.

Follow Ana’s life as a mama on her blog Super Mom or on Instagram.

Some of the pics were snapped by Maximilian Roder for Super Mom. 



23rd November 2015

Yes, I steam, blend, freeze… follow recipes, mush, cut, soften, slice, peel, create finger foods etc etc etc. But lets all just be honest, sometimes one just needs to find an easy, convenient food that comes in a packet. I didn’t want to sacrifice quality or favour for ease and I know that there are many meal options on the market. But Francie Sugar (and therefore I) loves these Pure Organic Mini Meals.

Our favourite flavours are:

  • Apple and Guava puree
  • Beetroot, Apple and Pear puree (I think Francie loves the deep pink colour, I love that she loves beetroot).

Other flavours include: Apple; Pear; Sweet Potatoe and Pear; Butternut, Carrot and Apple


Why I love them:

  • First and foremost Francie loves them.
  • The screw on cap is great as it allows you to easily store them if you don’t use the whole thing in one meal and easy to open when out and about.
  • They are organic – no preservatives, colourants or flavourings and no sugar added.
  • You can get them at BabyCity and Clicks (amongst other places).
  • Proudly South African

If you haven’t tried them I suggest you do.



20th November 2015
James, Paul, and Stella. Southern France, 1978.

James, Paul McCartney, and Stella. Southern France, 1978. Photographed by Linda Mccartney, courtesy of Gagosian Gallery. (see the rest of the family album here)

Happy Friday lovely mamas. This has been a strange week, hasn’t it? Filled with sore hearts that terrorism has once again hit our precious world – we can’t seem to shake it off. Will you be talking to your kids about tragedy and terrorism? Here are two posts you might find useful: this post by Swiss Lark is about talking to kids about tragedy and this one gives 10 tips for talking about terrorism.

We wish you a weekend of peace and calmness, fun and excitement. We have lazy summer days planned…

Here are some links that caught our eye this week: 

Lake Bell talks mamahood – months, years…

And another Jimmy Kimmel – this time he talks to kids about a woman being president. 

I made this for dinner on Monday and it was yum.

Make raising kids less expensive!  YES please!

This mama talks about living with every mama’s nightmare.

Men do more at home, but not as much as they think.

Who is cooler than Obama?

Gwen Stefani talks about the motherhood/career balance. 

Being dishonest about ugliness! 

Teens and social media Oh gosh!

Bailey gave me this food idea and it’s Francie’s favourite – her first combination suggestion is a winner.



19th November 2015

Okay, I’ll admit this book if more for me than for Francie Sugar but I am so excited to find A Great Big Cuddle powers for the very young. Hugolyne reads Honor poems every night before bed and I love this ritual so much, but it made me realise I hardly knew any poems or rhymes to start teaching Francie Sugar. This book has some great ones for all of life’s every day moments and some silly ones too.


Although Francie is a bit young for the actual book – she giggles at the sound of the fun rhymes.

A Great Big Cuddle is available at Exclusive Books, Amazon (UK) (US).



18th November 2015
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When I was pregnant with my twins, Emma and Dylan of Lad & Lass came to our apartment to take some photos. A few weeks ago, I asked them to come back and take some pics of us now that my babes are two. We just hung out at home, played on our bed, went for a walk around our garden, and made dinner. I always prefer to have pictures taken at our home because it documents where we are at this time of our lives (not to mention the fact that my girls felt really comfortable in familiar surroundings). I love that these photos capture an inkling of my life with twins as chubby-cheeked, silly billy, soft-hearted, up-and-down, bare-limbed toddlers.

Bailey & The Twins-0001

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Bailey The Twins-Bailey The Twins-0132

Bailey The Twins-Bailey The Twins-0158

Bailey The Twins-Bailey The Twins-0165

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17th November 2015

Play dough is great on any given day but what makes this recipe even better is

  • It only takes two ingredients
  • It takes no cooking
  • Your babes can make it themselves.

Here is what you need:


  • 1 part hair conditioner
  • 2 parts corn starch flour

Thats it!

The twins were so excited to not only play with play dough for the afternoon but make their own.

We set them out with a big bowl each and a cup. Part of the fun (and learning) is letting your little ones be involved in all the steps.

  • Measure our 1 cup of hair conditioner and empty into the bowl. The girls loved this part.



  • Then measure out two cups of corn starch flour, pour into bowl. We encouraged the girls to pour the flour into the cup and empty the cup into the bowl.




  • Mix the two together, using your hands.





  • And voila! The silkiest, smoothest play dough ever.


*Bare in mind that the quantities might need slight adjusting because all conditioners have a different texture.

  • If you wish, you can add some drops of food colouring for a colourful effect.


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