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31st August 2015

We are always super excited to find a new store for our babes and our latest find: Panda & Frost is so cool that we are almost wishing they had a mama section. We absolutely adore their fox, owl, bear and star cushions, their 100% cotton onesies and their fun wall decals – perfect for your nursery.


We chatted to owners and BFFs Lizanda and Annelize to find out more:

Tell us what Panda & Frost is all about.

We are two friends who built our brand and product range together. Panda & Frost is about creating fun, modern clothing and decor items for little ones, but especially for their parent! When we started out, we felt that parents did not have enough choice to express their style when it came to baby goods. Many brands have started up since then, so we are glad to be one of them!

Where did the idea come from?

We worked together as florists in the wedding industry, so spent lots of time chatting and dreaming while making floral arrangements. We have always been able to bounce creative ideas off each other, and soon came up with an idea to start our own brand. What we love about the baby goods industry, is that it is all about fun, joy, new life, good quality and creative, simple ideas. Annelize is our designer and her style suits the industry perfectly.


What is the main aesthetic of Panda & Frost?

Modern, trendy, fun and not focused on a particular phase of a little one’s life. Our idea is that you will love our products (especially our decor range) for many years, and not have to change the look after a year or two.

What can we expect in future collection?

We have many more ideas up our sleeves! Our current range is themed “Camping at night”, with a strong woodlands theme. We don’t want to give away too much yet, but expect more colours, items for toddlers, and more decor options for nurseries and rooms.


Which is your favourite/must have item?

We each have our favourites, but our top sellers are our white onesie with “Be Brave, Be Wild, Be Free” in blue and copper, our “Foxy Little One” onesie in gold, and our Bear plushie.


Although the online store hasn’t launched just yet, make sure you like their Facebook page for updates and start compiling your wish list, we sure have.



28th August 2015


Famous super model Cindy Crawford posed with her two kids: Presley and Kaia Gerber for Vogue. For this issue Cindy showed off her holiday home in Canada… swoon. 

We are back from our great escape to the South Coast – we had the best time. Cousin cuddles, sand castle building, long afternoon beach walks, wave jumping, crazy meal time, over excited bath time… pretty much the ideal holiday for our four babes. We we are back and suffering slightly from post holiday blues but the weekend ahead should bring some fun. We’re off to the Parkhurst Village Fair on Saturday, I love this annual event in our neighbourhood.

Here are some posts from around the web:

Loved these confessions of a new dad and even better was Joanna’s post on boobs.

These look super delicious and super healthy.

A great infographic showing how many clothes you need for a new baby.

Fitness and a new baby – here’s how to balance it.

Breastmilk continues to amaze us.

An irritating parenting cliché – made us laugh, which side are you on?

This video went viral this week.

Are you a Disney fan? Have a look at this Uniqlo collection.

People are giving their babies the craziest names!



27th August 2015


Just before Francie Sugar was born my husband and I (and my very big bump) had dinner with some of our closest friends. All the girls brought something for me or our babe – from slabs of chocolate to the sweetest baby books but one friend bought a bottle of whiskey for my husband because he was the dad to be – I thought that was the sweetest thing. Once Francie Sugar was born, a similar thing happened: a friend came to the clinic with flowers for me, a blanket for Francie Sugar and coffee vouchers for the new new dad – isn’t that so thoughtful?

Here are some ideas for (nearly) new dads:


 Coffee vouchers (I stole this idea from my friend) | Go the F**k to sleep by Adam Mansbach | Converse sneakers for dad and babe | A baby carrier – this one is from Stokke at Yummy Baby | Snacks (i.e. biltong), Woolworths | “I love my daddy” babygro, Spree | A comfy top, Country Road | Raising Girls/Raising Boys (which ever is appropriate) by Steve Biddulph | Craft beer, Yuppiechef



26th August 2015

Thea, a photographer (see her amazing work here), has a keen eye for aesthetics, which is evident in the beautiful space she has created for her brand new baby boy. What I love about this nursery is that many elemnts have been passed down from friends and family, and many were handmade.

“My inspiration for this nursery was a combination of a few things… I wanted to create a space where I felt at peace as I lean toward the notion of “happy mom, happy baby”. I tend to have a very clean, simple approach to decorating and I loved the idea of a modern, minimalist, black and white theme, but I was concerned that it would come across as too cold and clinical, so I teamed it up with the woodlands theme to create some warmth and added a splash of colour with some of the KnickKnacks on the shelves.”

What a beautiful result!


The prints were drawings that Thea found in a book, then scanned and modified with a quote or a texture over it and printed on a matt board, and framed.

Thea made the bunting using felt and glue and some hessian cord to hang it.


The feeding chair was a gift from a friend. It used to be the feeding chair in her nursery.  Thea washed the covers and sanded down the chair to the light wood colour. It is called a Poang Rocker from IKEA (available from Nevada Furniture in Cape Town).



The cot is the very same one that Thea’s Dad slept in when he was a baby – “We didn’t even paint it, it is still in its original colour and shape.”

The stickers on the wall are from Twiggy Vinyl Wall Art  



Thea came up with the design for the compactum and her mom built it  – Isn’t she awesome!

Both the industrial pendant lamp and the tripod lamp in the corner are from Mr Price Home.




Thank-you for sharing your beautiful, tranquil space with us Thea!



26th August 2015

We’re excited to have partnered with Rock a Baby (South Africa’s most beautiful baby fair) to meet some super creative people who are making beautiful products for kids, babes and mama. These vendors will be at the fair on 27 September (diarise it now). 

Meet Asma Dukanda, the creative mind behind the brand Mokopu. Makeup is one of our first stops when buying African inspired products for friends, especially for those who live overseas.

Tell us a bit about your products.

Mokopu specializes in baby clothing and products with an African identity. Our products are made locally using local fabrics. Mokopu products are designed with the intention of creating items with a modern contemporary twist and a unique identity. Thus far our range cater’s to babies and kids up to the age of 6. As we grow and develop we have added play items such as teepee’s to the original range of clothing on offer.

What inspired your business?

The business came about when I made a few items for a friends baby shower, my husband has a background in the fabric and textile industry which gave me access to a variety of fabrics. In many cases the colour, designs and quality of local fabric is in itself inspiring. In combination I saw the potential to create and Mokopu has since taken off. As a business Mokopu is still very new and I look forward to growing and developing as a business and a recognized baby brand.

How does your business fit your lifestyle?

My business works for me in that it allows me to create a work environment where I get to create, I also get to work with my husband in terms of sourcing fabric and manufacturing which works well for us. Overall it allows me an outlet that is both interesting and challenging in many ways.

What is your favourite product and why?

At present we’re working on a few new products that I’m super excited for, but one of my favourite products in the range currently is our teepee’s,iIt’s really entertaining for kids of all ages and comes in a variety of prints. Another favourite is our linen suspender shorts for boys, there’s just something special about a young man in a bowtie.

Also see Mokopu at Rock a Baby on 27 September.




25th August 2015

Belinda is one of our favourite mom bloggers, she shares her journey of being a mama to five year old Rachel and Ben (who is two and a bit) on Making Mountains. Belinda also runs a digital content and copywriting agency with her business partner Catherine Black, called Black Mountain. Here’s an insight into how Belinda juggles it all: 

What’s your work schedule?

I drop both kids off at school and then get to the office at around 8:30. I then work until just after 12 when I go pick up Rachel and head home for lunch. Ben goes to a playgroup near home and either my husband or our nanny Norma picks him up at around 11:30. I then head back to the office between 1 and 2 and work until around 3:30pm before heading home again.

How do you handle childcare?

Norma, our nanny, has been with us since Rachel was born and I couldn’t manage being a working mom without her. I’m also lucky in that my husband works for himself, so his time is flexible and he’s able to pitch in with childcare too. We don’t have any immediate family living in Joburg so things can get difficult, especially in emergencies like when one of us is sick. 

When do you typically hang out with your babes?

Lunchtime is a special time because we chat and eat together and I find out about their days. I also love taking the odd afternoon off work to spend time together and of course evenings are family time, as are weekends.

Do you have any family rituals?

We love having a good old family bubble bath! 

What do you enjoy most about your current set up?

I feel very priviledged that I’m able to build a career doing something I love (writing) and still have the flexibility to spend time with my family. 

What’s the biggest challenge about your current set up?

Owning your own business means you never stop working! So while I may get home at 3:30pm, there may still be clients calling me at 5pm or asking for a piece of work and I’m obliged to take that call and do that work. 

What about time for yourself? Do you take timeouts? What do you get up to and how often?

This is so difficult but I’ve begun to realise that neglecting yourself does no one any favours! Saying that, I’ve started scheduling regular exercise – I do barre classes which I love, as well as going to the gym (if I don’t exercise I get grumpy)! I’m also learning that booking a massage or a facial for myself is completely okay (I used to think it was indulgent). I’ve just recently completed a Mindfulness course that is helping me learn to relax and teaching me to be kind to myself too.

Let’s talk about dinner – who handles dinner in your home? 

Mostly me! I’m a decent cook and I love food, so dinner is normally my responsbility. However, it can get very tiring, planning all the meals and going to the shops, so my husband and I have agreed that Monday night is his turn to cook dinner – and that’s working well so far.

Top tip for the work/motherhood balance?

I would say “don’t sweat the small stuff” and “try and let go of perfection”. Your kids don’t need nutritionally perfect, Pinterest looking sandwiches for their school snack or handmade costumes for the school play. Take shortcuts where you can so you can focus on spending time with them, because in the end, that’s what they’ll remember.

We are so enjoying our work/mama balance series and hope you are too. Missed our first mama balance? Click here to read how Angie of Lucky Pony (and a whole lot of other things) balances it all. 



24th August 2015

{Robyn Davie Photography}

Gone are the days of when getting ready would take an hour – and that didn’t include deciding what to wear. Now, as a mama, I can shower, get dressed and put on make up and get out the door in less than 20 minutes!

Here are my favourite products:

1. Flutter Eye lashes

Not really a product but a complete life changer. I head to Flutter once every three weeks for my eyelashes and come out overtime feeling like a whole new me. The benefits: no more mascara, always look amazing and wake up feeling fab. The cons: Your first set takes about 3 hours and after that each fill is one and a half hours, so call in your mum or nanny to babysit. I have also recently read a lot about how your natural eyelashes weaken so make sure you also apply Rapid Lash.

2. Incredible gloss

Glossy lips go a long way. I have a whole lot of lip sticks and gloss that you will find all over the place – about 4 in my nappy bag and at the bottom of my pram. My favourites are: Smashbox OGloss or good old Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

3. Smashbox photo finish and studio fix

My go to concealer, which smoothes out the skin and hides any midnight feed evidence from under the eyes.

4. Bronzer

I have had the comment “motherhood suits you, you’re glowing” and it’s true, I am glowing all thanks to my absolute favourite bronzer: YSL Teint Parfait. YSL can be expensive but I’ll let you in on a little secret: I was giving this bronzer from my work team when I was heading to get married which means I have had it for nearly 3 years!

5. Eyeshadow

– I like a “1 pallet/many colours” eyeshadow which is why I use Dessert Twilight Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown. Often I just use one quick colour on my eyes but if I am heading to a meeting or a coffee date then I through in a darker shade for some extra glam.



21st August 2015

Beyonce shared this glam snap of her and baby Blue this week. The pic was taken during Beyonce’s March 2013 Vogue shoot. 

Happy weekend everyone. We are super excited as we are off to the South Coast for 5 nights – that means one Kimmy, 3 sisters (one with a bump), a four and a half year old, twin toddlers and a nearly 5 month old. We’re looking forward to mornings in bed together, crazy meal times, chasing monkeys, beach walks, wave jumping and sand castle building.

We’ll be posting as usual next week, so enjoy the posts while we are away.

Here is a round up of links that you might like:

We were last on the South Coast in January – look at Florence and Anna back then, how could they have changed so much in 8 months?

You wouldn’t believe it but perhaps homework is not all that great.

Don’t judge” says David Beckham.

These are super cute pre walking shoes.

To baby proof your home or not to baby proof your home – thanks for sharing For the Beauty of It.

And while we are at it, let’s talk bout the Overprotected Kid and a better solution.

What a great service!

Mistakes we make when praising our kids.

What Kiera Knightley stopped hating after she had her baby.



21st August 2015

My favorite shoes – these little red pumps with bows from Gap Kids.

The twins turn two! Celebrating our birthday in @petitbateau cross-over jerseys and birthday crowns #twinsofinstagram #twinsturntwo #twingirls #petitbateau

The twins turn two! Celebrating our birthday in Petit Bateau cross-over jerseys and birthday crowns

Big babies in pink velvet babygros with white collars

Big babies in pink velvet babygros with white collars.

These boots from #picknpay are as comfy as they look

These boots from Pick ‘n Pay are as comfy as they look

Our go-to look this season bloomers and stockings and cardigans. Bloomers Made By Kimmy, stockings and navy cardigans Gap Kids. I grey long sleeve t-shirts from Country Road.

 Our go-to look this season: bloomers and stockings and cardigans. Bloomers Made By Kimmy, stockings and navy cardigans Gap Kids. I grey long sleeve t-shirts from Country Road.

For more of What The Twins Wore, follow them on Instagram.



20th August 2015

We were super excited when River Island hit SA, it’s a must visit every time we hit Rosebank and now we are more excited because River Island is bringing their kids (3-12years) and mini (0-3years) ranges here too.


What can we expect for our babes? On trend pieces for your babe and little one, mirroring the adults wear, but translating them for the little ones. Girls get ready for 70’s luxe with pops of pink, yellow and geometric prints. We love the rich colour palette of port, fig, tan and navy. Of course no collection would be complete with bits of denim and florals. There are also items which take a modern twist on casual looks – simple colours like oatmeal and white are teamed up with black pink and touches of metallic. For the boys gets ready for a rustic aesthetic – plaids, denim and lots of interesting textures and details.


PS. Don’t forget to check out the cute accessories – the hats are our favourite.

The range is currently available at the Sandton store.

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