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31st March 2015
How Francie Sugar Got Her Name

Francie Sugar and her great granny, Sugar (3 days old)

Can I tell you a secret? Human and I only discussed name options for our babe 1 month before her due date! People asked us for months during my pregnancy if we had name options and I know that they thought we were lying when we said that we haven’t even discussed it but it was the truth. The reason: well, that’s where the lie came in: we told people we thought 9 months was too long to keep discussing one thing especially since we didn’t know if we were expecting a girl or boy – this is true, but we were also worried that we would’t agree on a name!

So come February we decided that we would have to start the discussion. What we had decided by this time was that we wanted to have family names. This may sound easy but Human is Afrikaans and I am English so the combination of family names could be pretty disastrous. We planned our discussion – we went for breakfast (neutral territory) and each took a list of our family names.

From then, naming Francie Sugar was easy. Franice is Human’s maternal grandmother’s name and Sugar is my maternal grannies nickname. When each name came up, we both loved it and it was that easy. i actually felt silly for over reacting about it and worrying that we’d never find a name.

I love that she is named after some of our favourite people. We both have the best memories of our grannies; reading stories, spending holidays with them, cooking, farm life.

As for Sugar – people may think it is unusual, along the lines of Apple or some strange celebrity name. But I think its wonderful, there is no one I’d rather name my baby girl after than my granny. Someone once said something great about second names: they told me that second names aren’t a given about a person, it’s a secret that you find out about them once you get to know them. Or it’s that thing that you reveal when you want to share something unique about yourself. I love that Francie’s second name has a great story: it’s her great granny’s name and the amount of crazy stories that we can share about her will provide endless love and entertainment. I hope that she she has Sugar’s strength, love and strong will, care and fun spirit. She may also inherit Sugar’s tendency to suffer from FOMO, but she’ll admit it and laugh about it and that’s okay with me.



25th March 2015

Every year we host an Easter tea in my parents’ garden. We ask the guests to bring items which we give to a charity we’ve selected that year. It is essentially a very large playdate of about 50 babies and kids – think jumping castles, a cupcake decorating stand, egg hunts for all different ages, kid-friendly snacks, delicious cakes for the mums, and this year we even had bunnies (they were a huge hit!). Thanks to everyone that came for helping to make it a success. An extra thank-you to Healthworks in Hyde Park Corner for donating ongoing multivitamins for the family-in-need we are supporting this year.




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It’s a girl!

24th March 2015
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This morning, around 7am, Cheska welcomed her baby girl into the world. We are so excited to introduce Francie Sugar, 3,83kg. She is a perfect, beautiful, incredible little being. And her mama is a super star!


A letter to my sister, as she’s about to become a mama

23rd March 2015
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Cheska’s due date is tomorrow so I wrote her a letter about becoming a mama and I thought I would share an excerpt…

To my darling sister

I don’t have much advice for giving birth as I gave birth in a very different manner to you – a planned Caesarian versus an unmedicated natural birth. But I do remember this which helped me remain strong:
– Imagine the entire process in your mind, over and over again so by the time it happened you are already some what familiar with it.
– Step outside your self and imagine another time and place, or even a moment. Something. Or somewhere beautiful that you have a strong connection to… Then escape to this place when you need to escape pain or fear, and find comfort in the moment or association of its beauty
– Believe in the power of your strengths. You are one of the strongest people I know. Don’t forget that. Use it.

And then, when the baby is finally here…
– Be present in each and every moment. The magical new born time is so fleeting. But its beauty lies in its fleetingness. In the way life’s essence is captured in that time – the essence of pure love, the essence of time, the essence of new life, the essence of things coming to an end: pregnancy to birth, newborn to baby. It is rare where you can experience so much of life in one moment.
– Revel in those night time feeds when the nights are still, and you feel that you and your baby are the only two beings that exist in the world.
– Have rules but break them. I make a lot of my decisions and judge many of my actions as a parent on whether I am giving my children the most magical, happy childhood.
– Be your own type of mother. You are surrounded my amazing examples of mamas – let us provide guidance and (hopefully) inspiration but don’t let us cloud your instinct  as a mama.
– Nap with your babe snuggled up close as often as you want. A sleeping babe on you  is one of the best feelings in the world.
– Count. When I’m rocking or soothing I count from 1-60 and then repeat. For some reason this gauging of time keeps my rhythm and speeds up time, and keeps you from getting stressed about the end result.
– Breathe.

…You are about to embark on the most incredible, beautiful, difficult, emotional, wonderful, funny, exhausting, exhilarating, overwhelming, happiest ride of your life. Be prepared to cry out of love, and to laugh out of exhaustion, to think you’ve reached your end, and then keep going, to wake up every morning and feel like the luckiest person in the world to be holding your baby in your arms. Be prepared to miss moments as they are happening. To feel the fear of loss that never leaves you. To feel an unconditional love that makes you feel more powerful than anything on earth.



5 things I did upon reaching 40 weeks

23rd March 2015

I reached 40 weeks pregnant this week, the bump is bigger than ever and I suppose the arrival of my little one is getting closer and closer.

Here are 5 things I have done to relax and perhaps bring on babe:

1. Mani and Pedi. What better way to feel fantastic than a deluxe mani and pedi. I have opted for Gellish on my feet (colour: Stand Out) and on my hands, I simply went for a buff and no paint. The deluxe pedi has done wonders for my tired, swollen feet and I went for Gellish so that I know the paint colour will look great for quite a few weeks.

2. I had my hair blow dried… twice in one week! And I think I may go again today. I hit the Sorbet Dry Bar for a quick and super reasonable ‘pick me up’ blow dry.

3. I had my eyelashes extended. This isn’t only a 40 week thing. I have my eyelashes extended once a month at Flutter Eyelash but just in case, since 36 weeks I have been having them every two weeks so that they still look great if baby comes. It’s my one beauty luxury I don’t think I could ever give up. Advice: If you are far into your pregnancy insist on a chair rather than a bed, I learnt the hard way that lying on your back for that long is not comfy.

4. I use Jojoba oil every morning and every night on my boobs. Jojoba oil is one of the purest oils and feels amazing on my skin. It moisturises and apparently the rubbing motion will get breastfeeding going when the time is right. I have also packed a small bottle for at the hospital.

5. Acupuncture. Are you an acupuncture fan? I have only ever had acupuncture for back pain and sinus before but on Thursday I went for acupuncture specifically for labour. It was amazing. I feel fantastic. I’m heading there again this week if the babe isn’t making a move. (In Jo’burg I visited Dr Wepener, who is also a Homeopath).

Other fun things I have done: went for a long walk with Hugolyne and Honor, lunch at Koi and played with twins who keep pointing to my belly and saying “pop”.


Family Album and This Week’s Reading List

20th March 2015


Doesn’t this snap of John Lennon, Julian Lennon and Mimi make you want to head back to the seventies?

Happy weekend lovely mamas. We have a busy one, Hugolyne is off to London with Honor, Bailey’s brother inlaw is getting married on the Rovos Rail and I am still on baby watch – 40 weeks tomorrow!

Here are some links that caught our eye this week:

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20th March 2015

Our party outfits – another vintage pattern made by Kimmy

Ribbed cream onesies with Peter Pan collars from @gap @gap_southafrica @gapkids

Ribbed cream onesies with Peter Pan collars from Gap


We don’t really wear dresses but these floral print ones from Gap are so sweet

For more of What The Twins Wore follow them on Instagram.

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