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What The Twins Wore This Week

27th February 2015
Black cloud motif leggings from Edgars, bought a while ago. 
I bought the thick striped onsies from Gap before I knew I was having twins and the thin stripe was the closest I could find to match.

Morning snuggles in our moon and star babygros from Country Road at Woolworths. 
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Family Album & this Week’s Reading List

27th February 2015
Happy weekend lovely mamas. This weekend I am going to a baby shower and then doing the final few things before my baby arrives – even though it could be another few weeks (!) Isn’t this pic of Brigitte Bardot and her son Nicolas? 
Links that caught our eye this week:
How to love your postpartum body.
Let’s talk about co-sleeping.
The cutest thing ever: twin kisses.
How this Autistic boy became BFFs with Apple’s Suri. 
15 amazing washi tape DIYs. 
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Boy or girl? What the old wives tales say.

26th February 2015
As many of you know I don’t know whether I am expecting a baby girl or baby boy. We decided to keep it a surprise for birth day. But that hasn’t stop (1) me being so curious especially the last couple weeks and (2) everyone from grannies to strangers in a lift having an opinion about what’s inside. 
So, inspired by this post, I decided to take all the ‘old wives tale tests’ to see what what I may be expecting. I love that Emily (in my inspired post) knew that she was having a girl and yet everything pointed to a boy – at least I know that my surprise won’t be ruined. 
{picture by Lad & Lass}
Old wives tale #1: Tie your wedding ring to a piece of string and hand it over your bump. If it goes back and forth it’s a girl, if it swings in a circle it’s a boy. 
Mine swings in a circle: Result: It’s a boy! 
Old wines tale #2: All about the line nigra (the line of hair that appears on your bump during pregnancy). If the hair runs from your pubic area to your belly button it’s a girl, it it continues past your belly button to to the top of your bump it’s a boy. 
Mine extends past my belly button! Result: It’s a boy! 
Old wines tale #3: Better hair, thicker and more beautiful, you are expecting a boy. Thinning hair means a girl. 
I have loved my hair during pregnancy, it’s thick and lovely (even if I say so myself). Result: It’s a boy! 
Old wines tale #4: If you are craving sweet things, it’s a girl, if you are craving salty things: it’s a boy. 
This one is hard to say, I have had moments of each. Up until the last couple weeks I was all about savoury but recently the with thoughts of milkshakes and cupcakes, I’m craving sweet. Result: Undecided! 
Old wines tale #5: Crazy hormones, crying for no reason: apparently it’s a girl. 
I thought the hormones were just pregnancy. Result: It’s a girl! 
Old wives tale #6: Talking about feet. If your feet are colder than usual it means that you 
are having a boy, if they have stayed the same, it’s a girl. 
Nothing about me is cold, that’s for sure. Result: It’s a girl! 
Old wives tale #7: If you are carrying high it’s a girl, whereas if you are carrying low it’s a boy. 
Although everyone has a different opinion of how I am carrying, I think it’s low. Result: It’s a boy!
The final results:
Boy: 4
Girl: 2
So according to the old wines tales I am expecting a little boy – I guess we will have to wait to see. 

A Touch of Floral Nursery Inspiration

25th February 2015

We love it when nurseries have a sophisticated edge. The floral print in this one, could easily hang anywhere in your house but we think it glams up this neutral palette perfectly.

Jar, Country Road | Round cushion, Lucky Boy Sunday at Collerette | Rug, Mr Price Home | Laundry basket, Country Road | Cot, Ikea through Nevada |  Floral print, Society6 | Utility lamp, @Home | Occasional chair, Weylandts  | Cushion, Country Road | Wooden birds, Anatomy Design |

To see our last nursery inspiration board, click here and remember if you have a specific look in mind or looking for inspiration for a room that you are working on, write on our Facebook page and we’ll add it to our list of up and coming inspiration boards on Kimmy & Bear.


Wednesday GIveaway

25th February 2015

We are so excited with today’s giveaway: a bedtime hamper from Johnson & Johnson.

Bedtime Bath Soap | Bedtime Aqueous Cream | Bedtime Bath | Bedtime Lavender Powder | Baby Oil | Bedtime Jelly
We think that Johnson’s 3-step ‘before bed’ routine, using the Johnson’s Baby range with Natural Calm aromas, is a great way to wind the day down. There is nothing like the quite time before bed to get everyone in the mood for a good night’s sleep.
Step 1: Bath time! Yes, bath time is a time for play but it’s also the start of your bedtime routine. Pour Johnson’s Baby BedtimeBath with Natural Calm aromas into your warm water to help relax your baby before bed.
Step 2: Time for a massage. We are huge fans of baby massage. Can you think of anything better than getting a massage every night before bed? Use Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Oil or Aqueous Cream – the mild formula moisturises your baby’s skin while your touch and the Natural Calm aromas help to sooth and calm your baby.
Step 3: Quiet time, last feed and our favourite part: a story. Enjoy this sacred time, it flies by too quickly.
Using Johnson’s Baby bedtime range with your three steps above, you will find your baby falls asleep faster and sleeps better through the night. For more tips on bedtime, visit 
Ready to get to bed? We are giving away three Johnson’s Baby Bedtime hampers (each to the value of R350).
To stand a chance to win, comment below telling us which is your favourite part of your baby bedtime routine.
The twins, Anna and Florence, ready for bed.
Competition closes on 11 March.

Cotton On Kids Pyjamas

24th February 2015
One of our favourite kidswear destinations, Cotton On, has just relaunched their pyjamas and we are loving what we see. The new designs ensure that all items slide on with ease enabling our little ones to move and are super comfy when sleeping. We absolutely love the cool prints and patterns – how cool is that gold bunny? 


Meet the Mama: Mila

23rd February 2015

Mila Proudfoot lives in Craighall, Johannesburg with her husband Christopher, and their daughter Luca Isabella who is 9.5 months. Mila has a very cool job: she is the assistant editor at our favourite decor magazine House and Leisure.

Favourite product for moms and why?

Dermastine body lotion to use during pregnancy to reduce stretch marks. It is literally a miracle cream and worth the price, the proof’s in the pudding. 
How has your style changed since becoming a mom?

It hasn’t actually, while I’ve never been a ‘heels every day’ kind of girl, I’ve been quite adamant that my style shouldn’t change just because I’ve had a baby. Most days you’ll find me wearing skinnies and flats or a high wasted skirt.

Favourite product for babies and why?

Oh Lief. It’s local, organic and free from nasties, plus their products smell amazing. I use their Natural Olive Daily All in One Wash, it’s super gentle on Luca’s skin and smells delish.
A baby essential you couldn’t live without?

Luca’s Baby Sense binky. It’s that soft little taglet blanky you buy to soothe babies. It calms her right down and lets her know it’s time for bed. It’s quite amazing to see actually, the minute you hand it to her (during her last feed of the evening) she snuggles up to it, shuts her eyes and starts stroking the little taglets between her fingers. We also love our Baby Bjorn Miracle carrier, hands free is a wondrous thing when you’re a parent, plus it’s easier on long walks at the park.
Best gift you have received for your baby and why?

The complete box set of Roald Dahl books, gifted to Luca by her Aunty Claire. She can’t read them yet…but I sure can. Also her Quinny Zapp Xtra2 pram, it’s light and folds down to nothing.
Favourite book to read to your baby and why?

At her age she’s easily distracted and can’t really see why I’m blabbering on instead of paying her attention. But books are such an asset in a child’s life, so we have a stack of them lined up for when she’s ready. Some of my own faves include This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers because of his incredible illustrations and Julia Donaldson’s books.  I cannot wait till she’s ready for bedtime stories, it was my favourite part of childhood.
Favourite song to sing to your babe or their favourite song to hear?

Mostly we sing How Much is That Doggy In the Window… cause it’s one of the few rhymes we know the words to!
Where if your favourite place to hang out with your baby?

We walk a lot at Delta Park as it’s so near our home. It just goes on and on that park, and the dogs are usually in tow. When we need our caffeine fix then we head off with her to Croft & Co, the staff are so good to kids there.
Favourite meal to give your child?

At this stage she’s on pureed foods, so we use a lot of Squish. It’s super convenient as they all come in lightweight squeeze packets with twist off lids and the contents are real, with no additives, just pure fruit and veg.
Naming your children always has a story. How did you pick Luca’c name?

Luca means light. I’ve always been into unusual names and would sooner go for something unique than a traditional name (when I was little my name- Mila- was very unusual, now it’s becoming very popular). My previous editor had a daughter named Luca and I just fell in love with it. People know it as a boy’s name, but my common sense tells me that names/ words ending in ‘a’ are feminine, makes for a better girls name methinks. And she shares her second name, Isabella, with her 103-year-old great granny.
What one thing will we never catch you doing as a mama?

Well…that’s a tough one as most of the things we set out not to doare generally all done as a way of coping. But I’d like to try my best not to feed my child junk food. I was raised with very little of it around and I’m aiming to do the same (that being said there’s always a kiddies party to unravel that plan!)
What surprises you the most about being a mum?

My strength. It sounds cheesy but you just keep on going as a mum, no matter how little is left in the reserve tank, it’s like some superhuman quality. Women can cope with anything!
What do you love most about your husband being a dad?

That he’s such a modern dad, he cherishes his role as a parent and doesn’t exclude himself from any part of raising her. And that he makes her laugh like no one else can, he’s very happy to be his silliest self with her and she just eats it up.
What one thing do you want to teach your child?

Open mindedness and tolerance. Bigotry is one of my worst qualities in humankind.
Best piece of advice you could give moms of little girls?

Don’t panic. Level headedness is a parent’s secret weapon. That goes for boys and girls.

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What the Twins Wore This Week

20th February 2015
Wearing “we love you beary much” onesies from Cotton On in the name of Valentines’s Day. 
A casual afternoon in red and white striped onesies from Gap.
Hello Mr Elephant! Short sleeve onesies from CottonOn.
Our granny found this pattern in her mother’s home – vintage 1960s playlet in white – Made by Kimmy

Family album & this week’s reading list

20th February 2015

Happy weekend lovely mamas. I am so excited about this weekend: it’s my baby shower and I cannot wait!
Isn’t this a great pic of Paul Newman with Joanne Woodward and their family.


Here are some links that caught our eye this week:

Amazing pics of newborn babies born by caesar. 
What happens to a women’s brain when she becomes a mother
Tablets and smartphones may affect social and emotional development
Parents have tantrums, too!
What they don’t tell you about birthing classes, according to Vogue.  
And remember to enter our latest competition here.


16th February 2015

Our little family of four went to Cape Town for a holiday at the end of January. My husband and I spent a lot of time there before we had babies but we experienced the city in a whole new way with two 18 month old toddlers in tow so we stayed in a lovely little home in Greenpoint which we found on Airbnb. We found this much easier than staying in a guest house or hotel as we could really settle in with more space and a kitchen.

We took walks around the neighbourhood
And became locals at a deli just around the corner where we would descend for our morning coffee and croissants 

We chose this area because it was close to the Seapoint promenade and the Greenpoint Urban Park, both great spaces to walk, climb, swim, hangout and play with babes.

We rented bikes one afternoon and took a ride along the promenade
It was sweltering hot while we were there so we spent one afternoon at the public pools in Seapoint. And, a great tip, we also went swimming at the Cape Milner Hotel, since they allow non-guests to use their pool.
A visit to the Kirtsenbosch Gardens was high on my list. It is such a wonderful space for kids to explore and run around and worth the drive.
On a drizzly morning, we escaped to the Two Oceans Aquarium at the Waterfront. There is something very tranquil about aquariums and being surrounded by water. The babes were fascinated by all the creatures and they particularly loved the penguin colony and the shark tank and tunnel.
Eating out with toddlers is never easy and you have to give some thought to the places you go such as is there space for them to move, is it outside, and is it relaxed. We had some hits and some misses but here are a few spots which worked well for us.
The Company’s Garden Restaurant. This one one of the girls’ favourite places as it is surrounded by giant swinging nests, animals to climb, squirrels to chase and things to look at. The cafe itself is lovely.
Lucky Fish and Chips in Seapoint. We came across this spot randomly and not only did it satisfy the husband’s fish-and-chips craving, but it was one of our easiest meals as the place is super casual and no one else was there.
On our last day we went for a picnic at The Roundhouse Restaurant in Camps Bay. Unfortunately the wind took away from our experience as we had shelter under the trees but the view is epic and it was good to be outside.
Some other eating places that worked well with babes were:
A picnic in the Green Point Urban Park. We purchased delicious things from the nearby Newport Deli and sat under a tree near a pond which the girls loved.
Lunch at Cafe Paradiso. The babes were very welcome – we sat outside at a large table, the girls picked flowers and mixed ice in the sand.
Breakfast at Superette. There is lots of space inside the restaurant and lots of space in the Woodstock Exchange for kids to explore.
What are your suggestions for places to go with toddlers in Cape Town?
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