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January 2015


What the Twins Wore This Week

30th January 2015
Black leg gins and striped onesies from American Apparel, with grey cardigans and white ShooShoo takkies. 

White rompers from Woolworths paired with pink cardigans from Jacadi. 
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Our Favourite Free Printable Posters

29th January 2015

Prints in your babe’s room can make all the difference. We know we spend hours on Etsy and the link picking out prints for our little ones’ rooms. But today we have compiled 5 of our favourite free downloadable prints just for you!

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Going Grey Nursery Inspiration

28th January 2015

Today is the start of a new series on Kimmy & Bear where we share with you room inspiration for your babes – be it a nursery for a newborn or a 4 year old’s big girl room. We will only use items that you can get either in SA or easily shipped here.

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Line we Love: Lucky Boy Sunday at Collerette

27th January 2015
We have been huge fans of Denmark brand Lucky Boy Sunday for as long as we can remember. We love the cool colours, the soft knits and the crazy characters. Now we have the nest news ever: South African online concept store for kids, Collerette stocks Lucky Boy Sunday! Woohoo! 


Let’s talk about Preggy Bodies.

26th January 2015

Pre-pregnancy I had given up bikinis. In fact I gave up bikinis at about 25 and as for full costumes, I wore them to swim, I certainly didn’t hang out in them, run around on the beach and definitely did not even let a camera see me but then I fell pregnant (and got through the ‘is it a boep/is it a belly?” stage) and I have a new found body confidence. I absolutely love. it.

Blogger Oh Joy hit the nail on the head for me, “I realized I am my most confident when pregnant… any body issues or insecurities vanish because the life that is growing inside just makes those thoughts fly away like wind.” I couldn’t agree more, what do you think?

Snapped by Bailey of Florence and my 28 week old bump. 

Meet the mama: Kim

22nd January 2015

It is wonderful to share this “meet the mama” featuring my oldest friend in the world. Kim is mama to 9 month old William and lives in Cape Town with her photographer husband Mike. Previously a primary school art teacher, Kim is now a full time mama and artist. You can take a look at her beautiful work here.

How has your style changed since becoming a mom?
It hasn’t changed much, I’ve always dressed quite casually. Now I just make sure whatever I wear is breastfeeding friendly. 
Favourite product for your babe? 
Oh-Lief baby products – my son has eczema and I really like how they are gentle on his skin, nourishing and smell great. 
A baby essential you couldn’t live without?
Nighttime cotton sleeping bags that my sister-in-law lent us from the UK. Will moves quite a bit in his sleep and would kick off his blankets so these have been wonderful in keeping him warm at night. 
Best gift you have received for your babe? 
Both sets of grandparents have spoiled us so much, it’s hard to choose. This was more for us than baby, but my in-laws who live overseas gave us 3 weeks of home cooked meals delivered to our door everyday when we got home from hospital. Such a great idea. And our car seat and pram combo from my parents – made for off-road adventures in the forest. We use it a lot. 
Favourite books to read to your babe?
Currently Dr Seuss books are a favourite (The Cat in the Hat and Oh the Places You’ll Go). Will is fascinated by the colourful pictures and enjoys the sing-song rhyming of the words. 
What is your favourite song to sing to baby Will or his favourite song to hear? 
I sing to him a lot and often end up making up silly lyrics to Beatles tunes but one song that always gets a smile is “How much is that doogy in the window?”
Where is your favourite place to go hang out with your baby? 
We go for loads of walks around our neighbourhood. We are very lucky to live in a quiet area with a park, forest and coffee shop close by. 
Naming your child always has a story. How did you pick your child’s name?
Since we didn’t know the sex of our baby we made short lists for a boy and a girl’s name. I had some complications towards to the end of my pregnancy which meant we never gave the names more thought in those last few weeks. So when he was born we found it difficult to quickly settle on a name. We tried out a couple names for the first few days – I wanted to make sure I was 100% happy before we told anyone and William (Will) was what we liked the most. It also happens to be a family name which makes it even more special to us. 
What surprises you the most about being a mum? 
How well I can function without my precious 8 hours of sleep that I used to have to have! 
What one thing do you want to each your child?
So hard to choose one. The power of imagination… and to be kind. 
Best piece of advice you could give mums of 9 month old babes.
One piece of advice I’ve been given, by quite a few moms, is to trust your instinct. I’ve found this a helpful reminder especially since one can quite easily become overwhelmed with all the information out there. You are the one who knows your babe best. 

Closed: Wednesday Giveaway

21st January 2015


Today we are so excited to announce our very first giveaway on Kimmy & Bear. in collaboration with Jo-Ann Strauss and Keedo recently launches a Miracles Zippy Babygrow. This adorable babygro was definitely designed with new mums in mind but that is not the only reason we love it. For every one of these limited edition babygros sold (or in this given away) you will be feeding an underprivileged family of six a healthy balanced meal via the meal packaging programme by Stop Hunger Now. That means, in total the 1000 zippy grows for sale will feed 6000.

These limited edition, easy-to-use, baby zip onsies (named Little Miracle) make changing your babe that much easier. We also love the design, by now you know that us Kimmy & Bear mamas love a stripe!

To stand a chance to win a Little Miracle babygro for your babe comment below telling us which is your favourite (pink, grey or blue) as well as the age of your baby. 

Competition on 28 January.

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