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Mamas around the world: Allison from London

17th November 2014
Allison is one of my very best friends from New York. She now lives in London with her Norwegian husband Vegard and their 21 month old daughter Elle Victoria. Allison is Partner and Co-Creative Director of a children’s clothing company, which will be launching in 2015 (watch this space!).  
 Allison, Vegard and Elle Victoria at Chelsea Market in London

Where do you live and how long have you lived there?
I live in London, and have lived here for nearly five years.
How did you ended up living in London?
My position at Estée Lauder Companies in NYC brought me to London for a project in 2009.  On the last weekend of my stay, I was introduced to Vegard, my husband, through a close mutual friend.  I had been planning to attend business school in France, but after some months, he persuaded me otherwise.   I moved to London instead, and the rest was history….  
 In Chelsea, London
What is the best thing about living in London?   
The best thing about living in London is enjoying the gardens, sense of irony and Europe on my doorstep.
The British have mastered the art and science of gardening. As Sir Walter Scott once said, “Nothing is more the child of art than a garden.”  Irony is like the kettle to the British- it’s always on, whistling slyly in the corner of their daily interactions. Who doesn’t appreciate Paris being 1.5 hours by plane and less than 2.5 hours by train?

 Downton Abbey

Describe your house?
We live in a 2 bedroom flat on the River Thames and Chelsea Bridge. The architecture and interior is more typical of something that you would see in Manhattan or Hong Kong, as it is modern building with floor to ceiling glass windows, and and an open space plan.  It contrasts the classical architecture of our area, in South West London.   
We have transformed the flat  a bit since Elle Victoria was born to be more of a family home. For example, the former guest room, now our daughter’s room, has our favorite pictures and drawings from loved ones, and a pink ukulele on the wall.  The open glass shelving in the kitchen that served as more of a bar in the past now includes milk bottles – and rather than hiding these things we have tried to find nicely designed children’s cups and bottles instead.
Whilst we enjoy our cosy flat,  we do plan to move to Wimbledon next year.
Do you have a housekeeper/nanny/babysitter?
We have a housekeeper and a nanny.   Although, I do feel like a housekeeper most days, as every corner I turn there is a new ‘art project’ on the wall or ‘sculpture’ on the floor. And, regardless of an extra hand, there are many things that only mum can do.
 Mama and babe
What is the culture in your city regarding help with babies and child rearing?    
London is a very diverse city, with many parts and cultures that make up the whole – however the norm is our area is for most families to have support from a baby nurse, au pair and/or a nanny. 
At what age do you send your kids to school or kindergarten or play group in your city? Are they public or private? Is it difficult to get into these schools?
 When I started to apply for schools in our area, the first question that I was asked from several schools was when was my child due to be born…  
Schools are very competitive in London, with long waiting lists. The average age for children to attend (nursery) school is 2-2.5 years old. I suppose the intense preparation can be typical in big cities with high demand and ambitious parents.  We have tried to take a proactive but balanced approach.
How do you get around town with your little one? 
Like most city residents, we typically walk almost everywhere. We also take advantage of using the English black cabs as they can easily accommodate a stroller (pushchair/pram). For now, we always take the stroller with us. When we go away on the weekends to the countryside, we take our car.  
Where do you hang out with your babes for play time? 
Our favorite place to spend time is outdoors where Elle Victoria can run free.  Our favorite spots are the gardens behind the Kensington Palace in Hyde Park, the Mediterranean Gardens in Battersea Park, and Holland Park. All of these parks have wonderful gardens and playgrounds.
 The Mediterranean Gardens in Battersea Park
We are also members of a local kids club, Purple Dragon, where we spend quite a lot of time cooking, painting and making music.   Also we enjoy going to local play and music groups, and story hours.  We currently go to Knightsbridge School Toddler play, Pippa’s Poppets Music and Movement Classes and Mayfair Library’s story hour.
 Do you have pets?

No, although there is a new family of ducklings that has just arrived in our pond downstairs which Elle Victoria lovingly sings to every day. She thinks they are her pets. 
Do you have a favourite coffee/lunch spot to head to with your babe?
Elle Victoria is a very active child, as most toddlers are, so lunch and coffee out are always an (unpredictable) adventure.  We usually stay local in Chelsea, namely on Kings or Pimlico Road.  Some of our favorite spots in our area are the cafes/restaurants on Duke of York Square, Joe and the Juice, Bluebird Cafe, Poilâne, Chelsea Farmers Market and Ca-puccino.

Do you have a favourite spot to head to when you need some “me” time? 
Typically ‘me’ time is meeting up with close friends for a glass of champagne and a laugh. Once in a while my husband will treat me to a weekend away and I love relaxing on a beach somewhere in the south of europe. 
What is your little one’s favourite food?
Avocado (like her mother) and salmon (from her Norwegian genes)
Describe a typical Saturday.
London is a big city that offers few typical days. That and the fact that both my husband and I are both expats, means that a we tend to travel a lot. However, when we are in London a typical Saturday could turn into any kind of adventure – an all day food festival, an unexpected visit from a friend abroad, a local brunch that turns into a party night (with nanny on-call)….
Regardless, Saturday is usually prioritised as a family day; in particular daddy/ daughter quality time.  Vegard and EV will usually start the day with a long walk in the park. When possible, I try to indulge in an extra hour or two of sleep, read the newspaper with a cup of coffee, go for a run in the park, then meet my family for brunch, and take it from there…. 
What languages do you speak to your baby?
American English
British English (nanny)
Where do you go on holiday as a family?
We typically go to our home in Virginia and to Vegard’s parents home in Norway. They both provide the perfect balance to our city life in London with family, space, quiet and nature.
 In Norway

 At James River, Virginia
What tip would you give a family with a babe the same age as yours if they were visiting your hometown?   What is the one not-to-be-missed activity to do/place to visit with a baby in your home town?     
Embrace the London experience. Enjoy a stroll through some of the most beautiful parks and gardens in the world, visit museums, Harrods and indulge in a traditional tea.  Also, take advantage of using the black cabs as they can easily accommodate a stroller.
If I had to choose one activity I would say visit Hyde Park and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground; ‘A fitting tribute for a Princess who loved the innocence of childhood.’
 At the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground
What is the biggest difference in raising children abroad? What do you miss the most about home?
The biggest difference in raising children abroad, and what we miss the most – is not having our family and old friends around us.
North Carolina

Meet the mama: Lynette

11th November 2014
Lynette Botha is the ultimate magazine mama, after working for Elle for seven years, she finally made the leap to freelance. Currently she is working in a freelance capacity as Acting Beauty Editor for Elle Magazine, as well as working as Copy Editor on Edgars Club Man Magazine. Lynette is also a monthly beauty contributor for Tatler Hong Kong, among other titles. In a nutshell, she is a freelance editor and writer. And now, perhaps her biggest adventure of all: Lynette, fiancé Luke and two baby girls: Chloe Ann (who just turned three) and Coco Ann (who is 19 months) are relocating to the Seychelles. 

Favourite product for moms and why?

Mama Mio and Mio products are my absolute favourite. I fell in love with them before I was pregnant, used them throughout both pregnancies and still use them now. They’re all-natural, they show definite results and they smell amazing. I’m a big fan. If I had to choose a product out of the range, it would probably be the Tummy Rub Oil, but I really love the entire collection.
How has your style changed since becoming a mom?

I have always had a smart-casual way of dressing. In the first few months after having the girls (each time), I was more prone to looser, comfortable clothing – not like track pants and sweaters; more like skinny jeans and loose kaftans, loose shirts and flowy dresses (no cinched-in waists for me!). I also wore pumps a lot more than heels, just because I was on the go as a working mom. I finally feel like I am coming out of that “comfortable” stage and am enjoying more of a chic working wardrobe again – skinny jeans are still a staple, but dresses and tops are more fitted and the heels are back on show!
Favourite product for babies and why?

Epimax Junior, (can be used in the bath and as a moisturizer for sensitive skins), and Eucerin Ato Control Bath and Shower Oil (as a bath oil for babies). They’re not “sexy” products and they don’t have that lovely (albeit artificial) smell most people associate with babies, but they are gentle and effective products that protect and moisturize babies skin, so that gets my vote. Pure Beginnings baby products are also wonderful. And because I do actually love that baby smell, I often dust a little Johnsons & Johnsons Lavender Baby Powder on the outside of the girls’ clothes.

Baby Coco
A baby essential you couldn’t live without and why?

This is a tough one; there’s so much you think you absolutely need in the beginning, which you really don’t. The items I have used the most with both girls are definitely the Philips Avent Bottle Steriliser (used daily and super effective and convenient) and the Angelcare Baby Monitor (to hear them while sleeping when out of earshot). With Coco we bought an electric baby swing chair as she loved to be rocked – we had thought this would be our lifesaver, and it was, for a week, and then she was bored of it and back to wanting to be rocked.
Best gift you have received for your baby and why?

Oooh, I received quite a few: from Bulgari and Chloe Baby beauty products to Country Road and Jacadi outfits, but the best – and most useful – gift was a Podo Baby Compactum given to me just before Chloe was born by an ex-colleague. It’s still in use! Not only was it a huge gift, it was practical and definitely one less expense to worry about. I also love the wooden Treehouse cot passed down through the family.

Chloe turns three

Favourite book to read to your baby and why?

That’s a hard one, as we read different books almost every night. The girls both love “reading” and I love to buy them more books regularly (rather than toys); I have a soft spot for nursery rhyme books and more classic children’s fables, whereas they (or Chloe at least), prefers Charlie and Lola, The Gruffalo and Olivia books – a sign of the times, I guess.
Favourite song to sing to your babe or their favourite song to hear?

When Chloe was still a baby (six months and under) the only way I could calm her down at night was to sing her Corinne Bailey Rae songs (I guess perhaps I played that debut CD too often when pregnant!). She also loves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, although she’s starting to grow out of it. Their Dad has always sung “Kumbaya My Lord” to them at nighttime when it’s his time for bed duty, and they both love that.
Where is your favourite place to go hang with your baby?

In Hout Bay we have The World of Birds, which is a sanctuary for birds (and other animals) made up of many enclosures and paths that you can walk through. There’s everything from flamingoes to vultures, as well as meerkats, llamas, penguins and tiny monkeys that climb on you. We often take them there for an hour or two as there’s a lot to look at and it keeps them entertained. Spiro’s Greek Restaurant, also in Hout Bay, is also great for parents, as it has it’s own kids room – equipped with everything from dress-up outfits and books, to drawing kits and a TV with DVDs (did I mention there’s a dedicated child-minder, so you can actually eat your meal?) I also love taking them to the Aquarium and the National History Museum, but it can be tricky when it’s crowded.

Lynette and her beautiful family

Favourite meal to give your child?

Chloe is a fussy eater, Coco eats pretty much everything. Chloe loves salmon sashimi (yes, really!) and Coco is more a fan of carbs! My favourite meal to make them is a chicken pasta bake type dish, where I disguise veggies within and feel like a super-mom when they eat it without noticing. As they grow older I hope to introduce more interesting meals to them, as I love cooking and food.
Naming your children always has a story. How did you pick your children’s names?

With names like Chloe and Coco and me working in the fashion and media industry, people always assume the girls are named after the designers… not so! (I am not that shallow haha). With Chloe, we were looking for a name with a C (hubby and I are Luke and Lynette, both Ls) and he has an older son named Connor, so I wanted the siblings to have the ‘C’ connection. I loved the Greek meaning of the name Chloe, which is fresh bloom / blossom and symbolizes a new beginning, which she absolutely did. It’s also a pretty, feminine yet strong name. The family all agreed.

Coco’s name originated when we went to the Seychelles – the first time there I was actually pregnant with Chloe – but since our first trip (we’ve now been three times), Luke and I fell in love with the place and everything about it. When I found out I was pregnant again, we agreed that the name should also probably begin with a C (I know it sounds a bit Kardashian, but that wasn’t the intention!). Coco de Mer is a tree indigenous to the Seychelles and after considering Charlie and Cate as options, Luke and I were sold on Coco. The rest of the family were not as charmed with the idea, but eventually warmed up! Both the girls have Ann as a second name, as that is my mom’s second name.

What one thing we will never catch you doing as a mama?

Wow – that’s a hard one, I’ve broken all my pre-conceived rules (no dummy, no sweets, no TV – haha). You will never catch me leaving my children without saying goodbye, giving them a kiss and telling them I love them (even if it is easier to sometimes sneak out). While I do raise my voice every now and then, you will never find me screaming at them. And you will never find me

What surprises you most about being a mum?

How I think about them 24/7 – wonder what they’re doing, if they’re okay, if they’re happy. That no matter how difficult it is, or how long the day has been, they always give you a reason to smile (even if it is only after they’ve gone to bed!). And mostly, after having two children so close together and it being an extremely hectic, tiring and emotional part of my life, each time someone tells me they’re pregnant, I get jealous and think “maybe just one more” (don’t tell my husband!)

What do you love most about your fiancé being a dad?

Luke has changed so much since the girls. He has softened, he’s become more patient and they have him wrapped around their fingers. He’s really hands-on, and helps (as best as dads can haha), and they absolutely adore him. We work as a team and although I wish he would be “bad cop”, I think that’s me, as they have far too much fun with him!
What one thing do you want to teach your child?

Only one? I want to teach my children Kindness. Respect. How to have a sense of humour. And ensure that they have a love for animals. I want them to understand that hard work equals dreams coming true – no matter your circumstances. I want them to be happy in their own skin and know that they are loved unconditionally. And I want to teach them how to love.
Best piece of advice you could give moms of two under three.

Sometimes I think twins would have been easier, as they tend to develop at the same pace. Two under three is exciting and busy, and tiring and fun and draining and all of those mixed emotions. Just breathe, take it in your stride, try not to get overwhelmed. Forget cooking dinner and rather read them a bedtime story; before you know it they won’t be babies anymore. Hug and kiss them often, love them and teach them how lucky they are to have a sibling (especially one so close in age). When they’re grown up, neither of them will remember life without the other one, so the bond is bound to be strong. Be grateful.


Another Reason to Love Cotton On

10th November 2014

As if we need another reason to love Cotton On for our kids, they go and launch their Kid’s Home Wear collection which will hit stores this month. Expect bursts of prints and colour, get ready for super cool, fun sheet, reversible quilt covers, cushions and the brand’s signature Mike Monkey soft toy. 

For girls it is all about pastel colours, polka dots and watermelon cushions while boys can get ready for nautical themed home wear, colour blocking and bold prints. 


Family album and this week’s reading list

7th November 2014

Stella McCartney and her baby girl… we just love this pic.


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I just love the Mini Rodini kids’ home wear collection

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Mamas around the world: Vy from Amsterdam

6th November 2014

Vy lives in Amsterdam with her husband Boudewijn and their almost 2 year old daughter, Julie. Vy is a children’s psychologist and blogger (see her blog here) and has a seriously cool Instagram account


How did you ended up living in Amsterdam?
Boudewijn lived here and when we decided to live together it was an easy choice to make.
What is the best thing about living in your city?
There’s so much to do around here. Parcs with playgrounds and animal farm, but also lots of places to have lunch or dinner, theatres, and lots of events all the time. 

Describe your house?
We live in a small 2 bedroom appartment. It’s about 50m2 and on the third floor, no elevator. But our place is very light and bright and that’s what I love so much about it.

Do you have a housekeeper/nanny/babysitter? What is the culture in your city regarding help with babies and child rearing?
No none of that. Julie goes to daycare, 2 days a week. And when we want to go out or have other plans, her grandparents come to babysit her.
At what age do you send your kids to school or kindergarten or play group in your city?
She goes to daycare since she was 3 months old. And when she’s 4 years old, she’ll go to school. Almost every school in the Netherlands is public. But you do have different types, like Montessori, Dalton, Jenaplan, or public, Catholic etc. I don’t know which type of school will fit her in 2 years. But I guess we’ll find that out when time is there.

How do you get around town with your little ones? 
Most of the time we go by bike. Julie sits in the front. It’s vey easy and so much fun. She sees and points at everything and we always sing. She loves to put her hands on mine. If we go by tram I carry her in our Ergo baby, she still likes that and if not too far, I still like it too. She hates the stroller by the way.
Where do you hang out with your babe for play time? 
We have two favorite hang outs. The Vondelpark and Erasmuspark. Both have a lovely playground with a little pool in the summer. Erasmuspark has some good coffee and cake too, so most of the time we end up there. 

Do you have pets?
No we don’t but Julie loves them. 
Do you have a favourite spot to head to when you need some “me” time?
I love to wander through Amsterdam when I’m alone. Looking up makes me see so much more beautiful things. Then have a raw food lunch at SLA and shop a little. Or I stay in bed and watch teenage movies 🙂

What is your little one’s favourite food?
Haha, what not! But if she’d have to make a top 5 it would be: olives, blue cheese, pomegranate, cookies, ice cream.
What is your favourite “Amsterdam” thing to do with your babe?
The parcs and riding on my bike together.
Describe a typical Saturday.
I love to sleep in if they let me. They are morning people. I’m definitely not. When she wakes up we stay in bed and read books with her. Then we get up and have breakfast together with fresh orange juice. Then I get in the shower and they make me a Vanilla Almond Latte. When we’re all done we go out, around the neighbourhood or we go to the beach and have lunch there. When she takes a nap, we nap too, or we do some cleaning. When she wakes up we play around the house or visit friends or family. After dinner she takes a bath, we play hide and seek, read some more, watch Pingu on Netflix and she’s off to bed. Time for us to do the last speedy gonzalez cleaning and watch our favourite series with wine and cheese.

What languages do you speak to your baby?
Dutch. My parents also speak Vietnamese with her and she can say and understand a couple of words.
Where do you go on holiday as a family?
We love our own country. Easy to go by car and there’s so much beauty and rest here. But we also love Italy and France. Our next goal is England and Scotland.
What tip would you give a family with a babe the same age as yours if they were visiting your home town?
A good stroller or a baby carrier, because there’s a lot of walking here.  
What is the one not-to-be-missed activity to do/place to visit with a baby in your home town?
Not very original but the Vondelpark is great for hanging around. And the goat farm in Het Amsterdamse Bos where you can feed little goats. And Big & Belg, the best children’s shop in town.
Where is ‘home’ and what do you miss the most about home?
Home is a place called Zwolle, it’s in the east of Holland. What I miss is more space and calmness. But my parents still live there and Julie loves it. Someday we will find a place like that for ourselves.



5th November 2014

When I first fell pregnant one of the first things I bought was the Mama Mio products. I couldn’t wait to start using products that were especially for mamas-to-be. I am now half-way through my pregnancy (OMG, where did the weeks go?) and I am still using these products every single day. I absolutely love them.

1. The Tummy Rub Butter
What I love about the Tummy Rub Butter is that I can feel it working as I rub it on my ever expanding belly. It’s rich and moisturising and the cream going right in as you rub it on. My yoga teacher told me you must always rub your tummy clockwise as your baby comes out in that way, so that’s what I do. use it after my shower in the morning and at night.
Key ingredients: Organic Shea Butter which locks in moisture and builds elasticity and organic Rosehip Oil which regenerates damaged cells to improve elasticity.
What it does: Increases skin’s strength and elasticity to protect against stretch marks (yes please!0, moisturises and nourishes growing skin and soothes itchy tummies – i haven’t had any itches yet so it must be doing it’s job.
2. Pregnancy Book Tube
One of the first changes I noticed to my body was my boobs! Although my husband loves the new size, it has taken some getting used to for me. This Boob Tube has been great to use every morning and night and it definitely soothes the irritations that I have felt.
Key ingredients: Red & Green Cabbage extracts which help fight radicals and boost micro-circulation to ease swelling and discomfort, CoQ10 which helps prevent collagen degeneration to stop sagging – here is hoping!
What it does: Protects delicate skin during size changes, soothes swelling and strengthens skin to stop post-pregnancy sagging.
3. Lucky Legs
I have loved using the cooling, energising gel especially when I have been on my feet for the whole day or braved heels for a long time. As soon as you apply it, it feels immediately cool.
Key ingredients: V-Tonic which soothes, refreshes and even has a milk antiseptic quality, menthol and spearmint which helps refresh and ease muscle discomfort and tangerine which reduces swelling. I’ve been lucky in that my feet haven’t felt swollen (yet) so I think Lucky Legs is doing the trick.
What it does: Increases micro-circulation to relieve that tight feeling, helps with water retention and instantly lightens and relieves puffy legs.
I can highly recommend all of the Mama Mio products, my best thing about them is that they contain “no nasties” which is really important to me, especially during my pregnancy.

Meet the bump: Ashley

4th November 2014

Ashley is my very best friend so you can imagine my excitement that she is 34 weeks pregnant with her first baby.

Are you finding out the gender of your baby? 

I always thought that I would prefer to have the surprise to look forward to during labour, but once I started browsing for baby clothes my willpower crumbled and I just had to know whether I should be buying frills or old-man cardigans.

Tell us one thing you can’t live without while being pregnant.

If I had to choose just once thing it would have to be my Yummy Mummy cami’s; the material is amazing and I wear them under almost everything just to make sure that if my top sneaks up no-one is going to get a flash of the bump!

What is your favourite beauty product while you are pregnant? 

I discovered the Mama Mio products a little late in my pregnancy, but the Tummy Butter has quickly become my absolute favourite! It is rich and nourishing and gets absorbed easily which is a combo that is hard to beat. It really is a worthwhile buy.

What is your favourite food or are you having any cravings while pregnant? 

I’ve gone through stages where I’ve had different cravings, but the one consistent thing has been milkshakes – chocolate, strawberry, first thing in the morning, middle of the night, give ma milkshake of some kind and I’m happy. Thank goodness I have also craved a lot of fish (especially salmon) so I feel like they balanced each other out a bit!

What preggy books or apps are you using? 

I’ve been using the What to Expect app, The Baby Centre app and The Bump app, but they all do really similar things. A friend of mine gave me Your Pregnancy Bible by Anne Deans before I was even pregnant and that’s where I go to for more detailed information. I also have the Baby Sense books ready to read in the next couple weeks.

How would you describe your pregnancy style and where do you shop for preggy clothes? 

I’m definitely aiming for comfortable and feminine when it come to preggy clothes and have found that has been the best place to shop; they have a really wide range of stuff that is trendy but appropriate. For basics, I don’t think you can beat Yummy Mummy; their fabric is magical in that it can take you right through your pregnancy without looking silly in the early phases.

What’s your exercise regime at the moment? And how has it changed with your pregnancy?

My exercise routine has changed completely! I used to exercise a lot with my dogs in the park, but I just can’t control both of them now that I’m pregnant and I feel much safer going to classes that cater specifically for mama’s-to-be. Right now I am doing Preggi Bellies for cardio and weights and have just started some preggie yoga to help me focus and breathe.  

Have you decided on a birth plan, are you going natural or having a caesar?

I’m trying not to get too hung up on doing it one way or the other, because I’ve heard that it can be hard to accept when your plan has to change! That being said, if everything falls into place for me to go natural, that would be my preference. My gynea is amazing and hasn’t asked me once yet to discuss caesar or natural, so I will wait until we know more and take her cues to what is going to be best for me and baby Fraser.

In preparation for your baby what are your most over whelming thoughts/worries/concerns?

I think it’s the level of unknown that is scary’ I’v a little bit of a control freak so having some level of understanding that things are going to change completely, but not really understanding how they will change or how we will be as parents is pretty scary. I feel like babies enter this world as perfect as they are going to get and the responsibility of trying to ensure that they stay that way is also overwhelming.

How did you tell your husband that you were pregnant? And when did you break the news to friends and family?

I took the pregnancy test first thing on a Monday morning before work while Rod was still sleeping, so I tied a little card onto one of our dog’s collars with a big ribbon so that when she jumped on him to wake him up (as she does every morning), he would see the tag, which read, “Guess what? Hudson and I are getting a real human brother or sister!” We told our close family and friends very early on and broke the news at 13 weeks to everyone else (although our families are not known for their secret-lkkeeping ability, so I’m pretty sure that the cat was out of the bag long before then!)

Dream baby moon destination?

I would have loved to go back to the Seychelles where we went on honeymoon, but in the end we decided that we felt better going somewhere within driving distance and that it had to have a spa. We ended up spending a super relaxed weekend at Mount Grace.

What is the best pregnancy advice you have received? 

Everyone loves to give a whole lot of advice and then say, “But, don’t listen to what anyone says, just do what feels right for you and your baby,” so I’m going with that – it’s the most consistent piece of advice I’ve received and it’s worked so far!

*Ashley’s beautiful preggy pics were snapped by Christopher Munton.

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